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  1. I keep finding something nasty in my aquarium. I call it "fish poop". It keeps appearing in my tank. That is probably why I need to do water changes more often?
  2. Out of context your post sounds weird.
  3. I forgot to pick up any tangerines. I also forgot peanut butter. I gave Loki and Summers some watermelon. I didn't ask them for their opinion as they were gobbling it up quickly.
  4. Loki seems to be always wearing Hawaiian shirts as her coloration is calico I think.
  5. I'm looking at my goldfish friend Loki. When I got her, petsmart said she was a goldfish but didn't specify what kind. I think as she got older her body shape has changed a bit. Not going to say my theory so I won't influence the answer. Also I can't seem to explain to Loki I'm taking her photo so she can be easier to photograph.
  6. Now I want a watermelon! But my fridge is full! Its not all my fault as I share a house with a bunch of women which means I have to share the fridge.
  7. Now I want a watermelon!
  8. Great idea for me to try. How do I prep them?
  9. I think that if some stupid mosquito tries laying her eggs in my aquarium, my fish will be happy. Munch! Munch!
  10. I forgot too but at least my fish are still cute.
  11. I think Loki and Summers like to con me into giving them fish food too many times of the day. They might enjoy it, but it increases amount of fish waste in the aquarium. Guess who has to clean the aquarium?
  12. I'm mainly trying to get rid of the film stuff on the glass and most of the fish waste.
  13. Is it okay to do a hundred percent water change? If so, what is the best way to do it? My aquarium walls have a dirty film I guess on the glass.
  14. Loki doesn't like her photo being taken. I think Loki is a she? She also don't like being held for me to look at her vent. I think she is a girl because of her body shape. How do some seem to take good pictures of goldfish? My friends only are cooperative if I don't have my phone ready to photograph them. If I get close with my phone they start swimming around very excited. See how blurry that picture is? This one is a little better. Blurry again Mr Summers decided to enter the photo!
  15. I keep hiding pieces of bananas in my aquarium. I put some about 15 or so minutes ago into my aquarium. I haven't finished my part of the banana but the pieces I put in the aquarium magically disappeared. Might be another topic but my fish don't look hungry.
  16. I got an aquarium siphon from Walmart. I decided today was a good time for a water change. I got a 12 quart bucket and I think a five gallon bucket ready to use to replace the water I took out. I'm using two buckets from dollar tree to put the dirty water in. I was able to fill the two buckets with the siphon. I stopped the siphon so I can dump out the dirty water so I could do a second round. I came back to my aquarium to do a second round of siphoning the water. Now the siphon refuses to work. I put the water from the 12 qt bucket into the aquarium so I can turn the filter back on. This is the siphon; The pink towel is my fish towel and you can see the two black buckets from dollar tree. I'm going to try the water change this afternoon or tomorrow. I don't know what is causing the siphon to stop working all of a sudden. It won't start a stream of the dirty water that goes into the bucket. The vacuum part empties before I could start the flow. I would show you in photos of what happens but it is hard to siphon and photograph it at the same time.
  17. Good because they seem to love the peas. I would ask them their opinion but they would be busy eating the peas. Also I don't speak goldfish. Wonder if it would be cool to understand goldfish or they'll be just annoying as a cat when they want food?
  18. One of my well meaning housemates told me goldfish can't eat peas. She got that info from my roommate who got the info from an unknown source on the web. I thought it was okay to feed goldfish shelled peas. I'm planning to do a water change after lunch.
  19. Do you have a link to it for Amazon? Having difficulty finding it.
  20. What is a general cure? If it is aquarium salt then yes I have. Today I his some mushed up banana pieces in my aquarium. Those disappeared so quickly. I didn't know goldfish love bananas so much.
  21. Is it on YouTube as a regular video? I tried to take pics of my friends but they thought I was going to feed them. Still had difficulties photographing them. I once thought I took a great picture of Loki until I noticed the string coming out from her vent. Not sure where the photo is right now but if you want I can look for it and post it later?
  22. I remembered it two hours before hand then quickly forgot it so I missed it.
  23. I think it is 6 pm my time which is under two hours from now.
  24. Okay I'll try to remember. After I convert PST to EST.
  25. Not really. I did some water changes but forgot to test the water. I did observe Summers sleep swimming. I go near him and he wakes up. Now he is back to sleep swimming. I assume he is sleep swimming because he practically is just floating with some random motion I assume is him trying to stay awake.
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