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  1. I have a test kit, but it isn’t here with me. I’m try To get it back soon.
  2. My male goldfish is not interested in food but he keeps chasing the female goldfish. Does that mean he thinks she is ready? also yesterday he could barely swim. I don’t have my water testing kit with me right now. I woke this morning to see him actively chasing her. Should I expect eggs soon? If so what should I do?
  3. Apparently my moor doesn’t care than the gal he is chasing is actually a ryunkin. I think thay all he cares is that she is a goldfish and apparently he thinks it is time for her to lay eggs.
  4. Mr. Summers wasn’t swimming well yesterday. This morning I woke up to him chasing Lady Loki around the tank. I just fed them but Summers is more interested in Loki than food.
  5. I’m looking at these two foods. are they at a good price? I think they both are sinking kind which might help Mr. Summers?
  6. I sometimes wish a stupid mosquito would lay her eggs in my aquarium. Summers and Loki might like having mosquito larvae in their tank!
  7. I don’t know if I got an answer to this but why does Mr. Summers slurp so much when eating? Also why does he keep trying to eat long after all the food has been eaten up?
  8. No changes noted. At least nothing sudden, to my knowledge.
  9. How can I find out if a fish is egg bound or just fat?
  10. I am starting to plan for something big soon.
  11. My fish survived the night after the move. Mr. Summers is a tad grumpy but still able to swim around the tank.
  12. Hopefully both fish will sleep well tonight. Mr Summers got stuck in the net somehow this evening. He had a stressful day because of both the move and being stuck in the net. Loki seems to be handling things a tad better.
  13. The tank is set up but almost ready for Loki and Summers.
  14. At the new place, but still need to set up my tank. I had to put the stuff I brought into my room. That blocked the tandoori I could use. Hopefully that stand will work?
  15. Moving day! Only can bring my essentials which of course include my fish! Bathe rest of the stuff will come to me later.
  16. Loki is now starting to do active begging dance, but she can do better.
  17. I just got up to adjust my tv antenna and that isn’t working well. Loki and Summers aren’t begging yet but Loki is alert,
  18. Is it possible for a goldfish to see several yards from their aquarium. Last night, I sat up in my bed for a hot minute or two. I could swear that Loki noticed it and started to beg for food. There are other times that it seems Loki could watch me around my room.
  19. Your moor has a beautiful tail!
  20. No clue. It is indeed frustrating.
  21. I hope the move isn’t yet postponed again?
  22. Looks like it is postponed until Monday.
  23. Has anyone ever been catfished by a corydora?
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