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  1. One of my well meaning housemates told me goldfish can't eat peas. She got that info from my roommate who got the info from an unknown source on the web. I thought it was okay to feed goldfish shelled peas. I'm planning to do a water change after lunch.
  2. Do you have a link to it for Amazon? Having difficulty finding it.
  3. What is a general cure? If it is aquarium salt then yes I have. Today I his some mushed up banana pieces in my aquarium. Those disappeared so quickly. I didn't know goldfish love bananas so much.
  4. Is it on YouTube as a regular video? I tried to take pics of my friends but they thought I was going to feed them. Still had difficulties photographing them. I once thought I took a great picture of Loki until I noticed the string coming out from her vent. Not sure where the photo is right now but if you want I can look for it and post it later?
  5. I remembered it two hours before hand then quickly forgot it so I missed it.
  6. I think it is 6 pm my time which is under two hours from now.
  7. Okay I'll try to remember. After I convert PST to EST.
  8. Not really. I did some water changes but forgot to test the water. I did observe Summers sleep swimming. I go near him and he wakes up. Now he is back to sleep swimming. I assume he is sleep swimming because he practically is just floating with some random motion I assume is him trying to stay awake.
  9. I gave my fish a treat of baby shrimp. My black moor goldfish Summers was not moving. He was laying on top of some fake plants. The other fish Loki was busy eating the shrimp but Summers wasn't doing anything. I grabbed my net and went to scoop out the fish. Somehow that woke him up and he swam away from the net. Both fish are now okay and are busy eating their afternoon snack of baby shrimp.
  10. Not sure what is going on with this post?
  11. They might be great in my dream aquarium but I don't have it except in my dreams. That tank is floor to ceiling large round aquarium. It would be a pain to clean, maybe. Also a lot of gallons of water per water change.
  12. Not goldfish related, but I was wondering about arowanas. I think I always think they are bad pets. Is that true? I think they get way to big to be a nice little pet. I saw a story online where a man let his father take care of his arowana but the father cooked the pet.
  13. I gave up trying to find reasons to procrastinate on adjusting the aquarium hood. I finally figured it out. It was not too difficult to snap the piece off. My hood even has a hole for me to put the air hose through. I probably should close the cover but I just put some shrimp into the tank and they are enjoying it. I would take a picture from the top except I'm being lazy I guess. I don't want to get up from my chair to do so. That isn't a clock but my TiVo thing has a clock app.
  14. I decided to soak some sun dried baby shrimp in my aquarium. I don't know how to remove it after being soaked enough. But I doubt there would be any left. Loki and Summers are enjoying eating the shrimp. They seem to love it.
  15. So how can one have a tank with real plants and goldfish at the same time? Won't the fish think the plants are all you can eat buffet?
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