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  1. Where is everyone? My fishie friends are in their aquarium of course.
  2. Loki wants to celebrate thanksgiving with a feast (of spinach and Fluval bugbites.) I get the typical thanksgiving dinner but I don’t think goldfish can eat turkey. Is it true that a goldfish can and will eat a fish version of thanksgiving dinner then still able to beg for more food mere hours later?
  3. I went to Walmart to pick up some food for myself and a bag of frozen peas for my friends. They had the pumpkin pie at a good price. However I couldn’t find any frozen peas but they had spinach.
  4. I am thinking again about snails, but there is a different but similar reason now. I am having major algae on glass problems. The room my aquarium is in has 3 big windows that face the south as it is on the south side of the home. What can I do to help the tank after I add a snail or two? what is a good type snail to put in an aquarium to help with algae?? Do snails live off algae? Or do I need to find a way to feed them? Would choosing the right snail, keep the snail population in check or is any snail that has that issue? Maybe snails like making snail babies? do snails have different requirements than a fish I got distracted writing this post and I forgot point 7
  5. This morning I thought Mr. Summers died. I thought that because he wasn’t really moving. I think right now he is looking for a good place to rest for the night. do they actually sleep at night when the lights are off? I never think to check when I wake up in the middle of the night. Actually I’m more likely to think, why did I drink so much fluids before going to sleep.
  6. Some people won’t spend that much on any fish. I have seen arrowana fish in tanks that look to small for them on YouTube channels. Those are big fish and need gigantic tanks. Probably like the floor to ceiling tanks I have had in my dreams.
  7. I think Loki wants to be in charge of when the fish should be fed. She looks like she is trying to tell me to feed the fish. I don’t know why, but it seems Loki is more proactive about begging than Summers. Is that normal?
  8. How do I tell a cute little Ryukin to stop asking for food so much? it is almost like she is tired of being little and want to get bigger?
  9. Last week I got a vaccine and it messed up my weekend some.
  10. Today I got upset with Loki for begging too much for fish food. My guess now it was her only way of saying thank you for the new fish food. I was just given this container of fish food. I think that was meant for my goldfish and not me to eat.
  11. I have decided to dress Loki and Summers as fish. 0.o
  12. What is a good Aquarium snail? Do they love algae?
  13. I opened my lid to see if I could find Summers. I saw him in the back corner of the aquarium. I closed the lid and sat down to see my fish trying to find the food I didn’t put into the aquarium but they thought I did.
  14. I am thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this year (that is attempt to write a novel in November while other people are attempting the same) I am thinking of one of my characters to be based sort of on my Loki But somehow more interesting to write. As the real Loki has a goldfish life.
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