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  1. I feel like my goldfish are trying to communicate with me. Either that or they like watching me while gapping their mounts like fish. For some reason, I think goldfish are trying to talk when they gap their mouths. Probably they do that as a way to breathe as the water goes to their gills.
  2. Thanks for taking care of all of them. You did find them all right?
  3. I think you might be right about Loki being part Ryunkin.
  4. Is it just me or are grocery store frozen peas better than the dollar tree version?
  5. I got an email saying someone posted a junk thread. I found that confusing.
  6. I forgot to respond to this topic. Thanks for explaining why I need to shell the peas.
  7. I don't eat tuna personally but wonder if the tuna in my home for other residents have oil or are in water? I do know that my mum told me her feline friends don't like the tuna in oil. They prefer to lick the left over tuna in can if it only was in water.
  8. I was just about to ask if garlic is good for goldfish. I was in the kitchen looking to see if I have any frozen peas left but couldn't find any. I found my ginger root while looking in the fridge for a good snack for the fish. (Can I feed goldfish ginger? If so, how?) I was actually looking for garlic but I found this instead. Still can't find fresh garlic but is garlic powder as good as fresh garlic for my fishie friends?
  9. My boyfriend told me goldfish can't eat carrots because those veggies are too hard. I told him cooked carrots aren't too hard. He turned out just assumed goldfish can't eat carrots. I currently don't have any personally to try.
  10. I keep finding something nasty in my aquarium. I call it "fish poop". It keeps appearing in my tank. That is probably why I need to do water changes more often?
  11. Out of context your post sounds weird.
  12. I forgot to pick up any tangerines. I also forgot peanut butter. I gave Loki and Summers some watermelon. I didn't ask them for their opinion as they were gobbling it up quickly.
  13. Loki seems to be always wearing Hawaiian shirts as her coloration is calico I think.
  14. I'm looking at my goldfish friend Loki. When I got her, petsmart said she was a goldfish but didn't specify what kind. I think as she got older her body shape has changed a bit. Not going to say my theory so I won't influence the answer. Also I can't seem to explain to Loki I'm taking her photo so she can be easier to photograph.
  15. Now I want a watermelon! But my fridge is full! Its not all my fault as I share a house with a bunch of women which means I have to share the fridge.
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