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  1. Is Tetra Baby Shrimp Sun Dried Treat any good for goldfish? I’m thinking of buying some for my goldfish as a treat. If so how often should I give them to my fish?
  2. Sorry for late response but the salt on sponge trick worked. The reason for delay of responding was I just found out I have to move soon.
  3. I did get a sponge for aquarium usage but now I misplaced it somewhere in my room. Guess I will use some paper towels to try it out. I will do that soon and let you know hopefully how it works.
  4. Sorry I forgot about the web forum for a bit, but trying to remember it again. Here are some new photos of Loki (with his friend Summers). I think they are not realizing I want their photos not to feed them. I just took the photos right now. They want me to think they are starving but I feel like I overfeed them.
  5. I got a stain on the outside of my aquarium but I don’t know how to safely clean it without hurting my babies. Not sure if is shown in the photos that well. I don’t know how it happened or how to fix it.
  6. Do you still need help? I only ask as this was posted in May.
  7. I got the error too but now it is fine since my browser stopped using www
  8. I got Loki earlier this month but the pet store didn’t tell me what kind of goldfish he was. All I know is that he is an adorable goldfish. (Not sure of real gender either.) Also why is he more closer to the glass when I don’t have my photo app open? Also Summers isn’t anywhere I can photo her. I know she is a black Moore
  9. Just checking in. My goldfish Charley died but now I have Loki. He is small but will grow up sooner than later. My other fish Summers likes to rest during the day. She gets excited about food. I think she stays up late when I am sleeping.
  10. Everytime it seems that I put mushed up shelled peas in my goldfish tank, my Charley and Summers go crazy eating them up. Especially Charley who gets excited when I put my hand over the water. What is so great about mushed up, shelled peas? My goldies love them! Also why do I need to she'll the peas? I mush them up so it is in smaller pieces, is that a good idea?
  11. Is the aquarium my tank or belongs to the goldfish in it?
  12. Summers is cooperating now. Phone battery is getting low so I need to charge it up ASAP.
  13. Summers is doing much better. Now I got a three gallon tank. I was going to use it to quarantine Summers, but Summers is doing well now. I might be able to get something for the three gallon tank this fall when I am allowed to go shopping with my mother at a pets store. Any ideas?
  14. I asked my mum to bring over my 3 gallon tank to quarantine Summers to hopefully help him feel better. My mum just brought it over but Summers doesn't need to be quarantined any more.
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