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  1. I hv 2 and one has major eye issues. I hv an oranda it has very similar fins and body they have stuff on their heads but good eyes . For sure look for small eyes. The eyes are a source of stress for me. He had one good eye and damaged it when he got stuck in a decoration .ed52079eaaf5cc3ece2bf248d32a5f78.jpgThis is my oranda Ladyfish.

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  2. My employer had a molly tank set up for a few years. Once day, her daughter called to say she was going to clean the tank. Mom told her not to touch the tank, but she did it anyways. Mom came home to her kid scrubbing out the full tank with dish washing soap!

    Needless to say, everything in the tank was dead.


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  3. I want to get another oranda and I can't find a place that has a selection. All I can find is white with a red wen and I want a really special one. My Ladyfish is all white and I want a calico or one that's as special as her. I want to go to where the store gets them so I can see alot. I'm in Los angeles it shouldn't be this hard to find a selection of orandas. Anybody have advice about getting to a supplier. I can't do shipping ,I stress out waiting for crickets from ups. Even search advice would be helpful. No offence to white and red orandas. Thx in advance

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  4. Lol. We have 6 tanks 1 is mine. Turns out fish tanks suck. You have no idea what your getting yourself into when you throw that ping pong ball into the bowl. ad8934488139c1bbc89b702d76bd2da8.jpgthat big fish is the result of a perfectly placed ping pong ball. He's up to a 60 gal tank.

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