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  1. Wen trimming is an unnecessary procedure that should only be performed by a trained Veterinarian in the most extreme occasions hanging pieces which risk being torn off, disease, necrosis, etc Oranda have been bred and raised in Asia for centuries and there were never issues with wen trimming until a video was posted a video on YouTube and now everyone has a wen trimming emergency
  2. I spoke with Fred, GFK’s creator and operator this morning regarding GFK and he informed me that he was closing the group because the majority of the members moved over to the Facebook groups which have much more content I personally took a hiatus from GFK due to the lack of knowledgeable members that remained and the few members who would criticize everything and argue so much that it just wasn’t worth my time
  3. Since I can't find anywhere else to ask this, I will ask here. Why aren't I allowed to edit my own content? Thank you, Jim.
  4. Hi Chris, Jim here. It looks like a giant piece of crap to me. My fish pass these jumbo ones every once in awhile. I wouldn't worry about it. If it happens again, feed peas for a few days. Hope your family issues turn out OK. Best wishes, Jim.
  5. I don't know Gary personally, however I do know that he is one of the most respected people in the goldfish community. I have never heard anything negative about him other than his home made goldfish food smells horrible. I think bringing a friend along would make you feel more comfortable and it could be a lot of fun, you could also stop for lunch and make a day of it. Jim.
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