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  1. After months of waiting, my beautiful Betta has finally moved in to his 5.5g home! I was so paranoid to move him after a failed attempt a month prior. After tinkering with the filter flow and a loooooong acclimation period, I'm happy to say that Fineas is officially moved in! 


    He seems so much happier with more room to explore.






    A beautiful Fluval aquarium for my beautiful boy.


  2. Aw, darn! I was too excited and read the package in super speed which said to rinse it before putting it in the tank. I know better now, though - live and learn the hard way.


    It's been 48 hours now and it's mostly settled, still a little murky. I'm picking up some plants on Tuesday when the fresh shipment arrives at the LFS that I work at. I'm quite excited! It should be even better by then.


    Thank you for the pointers, it's nice to know I won't have to buy an extra vac.

  3. Hi all. So I'm in the process of setting up my first planted tank, and I think I've already botched it or I'm just very impatient.


    So I bought some Fluval Stratum, the odd round balls of dirt. Last night, I rinsed it gently in a colander and set it into the tank, then filled it with water. Well, the water is like murky pond mud. The package says it should have settled in a few hours. It's now going on 24 hours and its not any clearer. I'm starting to worry a bit and I'm so tempted to just throw it all away and start over! I tried about 6 hours each with the filter off and the filter running, and its still exactly the same with not much settling.


    Did I mess up the substrate somehow? Is it toast? I'm just worried about using this at all, won't any kind of disturbance kick up the dirt? How am I going to vacuum it or plant anything? I regret everything!


    This isn't for a goldfish tank, by the way (still don't have the room!). It's a 5.5 gallon for a Betta. I'm a complete newbie to planted tanks, and so far I want to run away screaming!

  4. It is pretty sad. There is a vast majority of people who are so set in their ways and think this is fine. I can tell you that working at a fish store and dealing with these types of people just make me want to throw in the towel sometimes. I try my best, but then they turn around and get angry with me for telling them these fish need more space as if it's my fault that they grow.  :krazy:


    On the flip side, there are those select few that welcome the "new" information I give them about goldfish and hopefully go and tell their friends what they learned that day.


    I can't get too frustrated, I guess. My first aquarium consisted of a ryukin and a black moor half his size in a 10 gallon with some god awful decor. We all learn, unfortunately it's mostly the hard way!

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