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  1. Love it! I was thinking something along these lines, if you can ignore how grossly overstocked it is: I think it would make a good temp home in the meantime. I like the wide horizontal space, and it would be easier to maintain opposed to a deep bin. Would it be more difficult for it to circulate? Unless you guys have other suggestions?
  2. Oh, guys. Today was really nerve wracking. Customers kept coming in and pointing at the fish in question, mentioning how big and pretty it is. It's one of the larger Goldies we've gotten in. A woman came in and she was debating on that fish, or two itty bitty red/white ryukins for her 20 gallon. *facepalm* I was freaking out internally. I cannot let her have it! Managed to convince her to get one little guy, thank the fish gods! I'm sorry you had to be a sacrifice, little red and white. I'm off for the next couple days. I'm really hoping my fish is there by Saturday because I think I'm gonna start setting up......... I told the girls to steer people away as much as possible, lol! Do Aquaclears fit on bins? I would assume so? I want to go as big as possible.
  3. I know I could handle the maintenance, I really do enjoy it. It's the only hobby I have that calms me down. I haven't had a goldfish for a few years now, I'm just here with my Betta who is the most low maintenance little dude ever, I haven't even had to scrub his aquarium since December. It'd take me a little while to get into the swing of things again with a messy, bigger dude. I am paranoid about an uncycled tank and if he'd be ok, as I have always done the long haul before coming home with anybody (not just fish, bahahah). I get a pretty good discount where I work so I can get a nice deal on a filter and supplies. I am definitely not ready for an aquarium so my imagination is running wild with a little indoor pond via Sterilite tub.
  4. And it's killing me since I currently do not have the space for a goldie! I'm debating with myself so hard to just get a Sterilite tub so I can take him home and he won't be banished to someone who doesn't know how to care him (albeit I'm always learning too, so...). He's a gorgeous calico ryukin with a fantail and the highest, straightest dorsal that I've seen on a MD ryukin. When I unboxed him, I gasped and exclaimed much to the shock and confusion of customers around me. "LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL FISH, UNNNNGH". Coworkers rolled their eyes at me, "Oh you and your goldfish.." It killed me to put it in the small temp tanks at work. I'm so conflicted right now, I've always been waiting for that one fish to come in and I think it finally did! Almost a whole year of shipments. I will try to get pictures for you guys tomorrow, I hope he's still there. What do I do?! Deep down I know I'm not at all prepared.
  5. Did you visit the facility? I've been searching for a long time for a reputable breeder in my area. Kitchener isn't hugely out of the way for me - this could be bad news!
  6. Has anyone ever drove fish over the border? What was the process like? I'm finding a few breeders I'm interested in just a little ways from the border. I'd feel more comfortable seeing them and driving them myself rather than being shipped internationally (if that's even an option...). Is there certain paperwork that needs to go with the fish? Any insight on this would be great!
  7. Interesting, haven't seen that before. Thanks for the video, Tika.
  8. This is adorable!!! Totally wasn't giggling the whole time scrolling through... Congratulations on your new tiny recruit.
  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry. That was sudden - how sad! She was a beautiful fish. I hope you find out what went wrong
  10. I actually came up with the name because he reminds me of something space like so first came rocket then comet then I was like Cosmo! And I was there is your name! Haha like fairy odd parents She explains how it works in the video (It actually does work because when I removed the polyester filling I saw a lot of brown gunk on it.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I think I must've missed where you linked the video? And that's cute about the name. My dad's cat is actually named Cosmo, but apparently he's named after Cosmo Kramer. I don't even know.
  11. I love his name! And he's one lucky Betta to have all that space to himself What's going on with the bubbling vase, if you don't mind me asking? Is that your DIY filter? Do you have a link to the video about that thingamabob? How does it work!?
  12. This was neat! I've always wondered how "wholesale" of goldfish was done. Going to share this with my LFS co-workers. EDIT: I've also been inspired to be the most caring and attentive goldfish breeder of all time!
  13. She is so beautiful, and one lucky fishy! Congratulations on the find
  14. You should! Not as messy as goldfish, that's for sure.
  15. Isn't he?! I work at my LFS, when he came in I was pretty much floored. I actually tried to SELL him to people! I've never seen one like him. He's like a grey/silver/lavender mix. Me: "Oh, we have an amazing batch of Bettas that just came in!" *holds Betta cup* "ISN'T HE SO GORGEOUS?" Customers: "Yeah, he is really nice.... but I'll take this other one, thanks!" That went on for two weeks until I caved, I couldn't stand to see him in the cup any longer. I had myself convinced I had no money, room, or time for an aquarium, large or small. But that was a lie. Lol. A hundred or so dollars later............ the whole shebang.
  16. Thanks, Dawn!! I'm so excited for him, he's loving life
  17. After months of waiting, my beautiful Betta has finally moved in to his 5.5g home! I was so paranoid to move him after a failed attempt a month prior. After tinkering with the filter flow and a loooooong acclimation period, I'm happy to say that Fineas is officially moved in! He seems so much happier with more room to explore. A beautiful Fluval aquarium for my beautiful boy.
  18. Aw, darn! I was too excited and read the package in super speed which said to rinse it before putting it in the tank. I know better now, though - live and learn the hard way. It's been 48 hours now and it's mostly settled, still a little murky. I'm picking up some plants on Tuesday when the fresh shipment arrives at the LFS that I work at. I'm quite excited! It should be even better by then. Thank you for the pointers, it's nice to know I won't have to buy an extra vac.
  19. Hi all. So I'm in the process of setting up my first planted tank, and I think I've already botched it or I'm just very impatient. So I bought some Fluval Stratum, the odd round balls of dirt. Last night, I rinsed it gently in a colander and set it into the tank, then filled it with water. Well, the water is like murky pond mud. The package says it should have settled in a few hours. It's now going on 24 hours and its not any clearer. I'm starting to worry a bit and I'm so tempted to just throw it all away and start over! I tried about 6 hours each with the filter off and the filter running, and its still exactly the same with not much settling. Did I mess up the substrate somehow? Is it toast? I'm just worried about using this at all, won't any kind of disturbance kick up the dirt? How am I going to vacuum it or plant anything? I regret everything! This isn't for a goldfish tank, by the way (still don't have the room!). It's a 5.5 gallon for a Betta. I'm a complete newbie to planted tanks, and so far I want to run away screaming!
  20. No worries. I saw a YouTube video about the same model of aquarium - he put a few holes into the tubing of the filter to slow the flow for his Betta. I'm assuming this would work just as well?
  21. Sorry for bumping an ancient thread, but I'm looking into purchasing the Fluval Spec V for my Betta. Do you still have these images available on how to tinker with the flow?
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