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  1. Just gonna update here. It’s been a week since I moved the fish to the new pad. The move went well, and we got it done a day before a big snow storm, so yay for that!

    The water doesn’t have a smell, however it is hard. I notice a difference on my own skin (sensitive/eczema).

    The tank kept its cycle and 2/3 fish are doing ok. I’m a little concerned about my Yuan Bao, who is typically my most energetic fish. He is looking a little listless and lost. Sometimes I’ll catch him beside the sponge filter just sort of hanging out there while the other two behave normally, picking away at everything.

    He is still eating and comes up to me when I approach the tank, but he is not foraging with the others. No better way to put it, but he just seems lost. cf29479c7dd3962546d3a5b9e17081ae.jpgI also noticed two little pustules/white bumps form on his wen. Maybe he is having difficulty adjusting to the harder water? He’s also looking a bit paler.

    I can add the params later today when I do a wc, including the pH. But the ammonia/nitrite/nitrates are currently at 0/0/10 ppm.

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  2. Anyone use North fin goldfish and omega one goldfish, omega veggies. Was planning to use these as a standard sinking pellets. Wondering if anyone had advice about this.

    Just chiming in here to say I use Omega One sinking goldfish pellets. I would say they would be fine to use as a staple. I usually give them Omega a few times per week. I prefer to use Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets for an every day staple because I can get a big bag of it for under $30 from my LFS and has slightly higher percentages of protein in comparison.

    I haven’t used Omega veggies, I prefer to just use fresh stuff. Usually on water change days because they can be so messy!

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  3. Hi all. So, I’m moving for December 1st. It’s about an hour away and I’m not too concerned about the moving process. However I am a little apprehensive about the water parameters of my new place. The source of water is entirely different for this city, and it has a distinct smell/taste. I haven’t tested the parameters specifically yet, but I’m worried this might have a detrimental impact on my fish after the move (stress of moving and then new water). Is there anything I can do to ease this process for them? Should I bring a huge jug of water from my current place and try to adjust them that way? Am I overthinking this?



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  4. Good for you!   Any type of goldfish can handle a two week fast.  

    Really? I was going to pop in here and say that someone should test the vacation fasting with other fancies! I’ve been so hesitant to go away because 1) I cannot trust anyone to feed properly and 2) I wonder if they would starve in 2 weeks or more. :(

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  5. Also, since the Moor's sight is not that good, should the LED light on the tank stay on?  Thank you all!

    Nope! Make sure to turn it off at night. They need to sleep, too :) I have a timer on my lights to mimic the sunrise and sunset where I am.

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  6. Hi Marlene and welcome. Hope your moor is still doing ok.

    I’ll give my two cents, and hopefully some more knowledgeable folks can pop in as well.

    I wouldn’t recommend putting a fancy goldfish (ie fantails, moors, etc) in with single-tails for the reasons you’ve unfortunately had to learn the hard way! The fancies are typically slower, more delicate than comets (and also more expensive). Because of the sizes that comets can reach, I wouldn’t typically recommend them for strict indoor keeping. They do great in ponds and, boy, do they GROW.

    Unfortunately I’m using my phone right now so I can’t produce links, but there are wonderful resources on this website to get you sorted. Please take some time to go through the recommendations and threads, there is a wealth of knowledge here from very experienced keepers.

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  7. How did it go?
    You guys ever see Nachos so big before?

    I had a nacho plate that rivals your nacho plate!!!


    Maybe not in height, but when the plate came out I literally burst out into laughter because it was only for two of us. We ate most of it though! [emoji23] biggest nacho plate I’ve ever seen

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  8. My yuan bao is being nippy with both my ranchu and my ryukin/oranda. Mainly the ranchu, chasing all over the tank. I gave them a little bit of live food earlier (small butterworms, as a treat) and the yuan bao just went into hyperdrive afterwards, nipping at everyone’s caudal fins.


    I don’t think I’ve even heard of an aggressive goldfish before? Is live food an aphrodisiac? Lol.






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  9. They are doing great! They bring me so much joy. I wonder if I can push a fourth sometimes. My LFS sent me a video of some panda butterfly moors they just got in and are in quarantine.... it’s so hard to stay away from there!!

    If anyone in Canada is interested in some great, hand selected goldfish from knowledgeable folks, check out Proaquatic in Toronto. https://www.proaquatic.ca

    They ship throughout Canada now as well.

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  10. On 8/22/2019 at 6:01 PM, koko said:

    I'm sorry you have had a rough time 😔

    One question did you QT them before putting them in the main tank?

    My LFS is pretty good... they go through a quarantine/deworming process when they arrive and then put on the floor after two weeks, sometimes up to a month. After I purchased them, I had them isolated and did my own additional quarantine for another 2 weeks. I know we typically recommend a month here, but I trust my LFS for health and quality, their fish are top notch. Took a risk! Everyone looks pretty happy and healthy :) 


    Been a rough month. Both at work, personally, and for my poor lonely fish after losing its tank mate!


    A few weeks ago, I ended up purchasing some new tank mates. They bring me so much joy! Thought I would introduce them to you all...


    The calico is a very energetic yuan bao just FULL of personality (couldn’t resist, made me laugh so much) and I also picked up a lemonhead ranchu. Absolutely in love [emoji3059]




    Finally time for the introduction...



    A friend for me?!?!



    Yuan bao






    Demanding food already.



    Three amigos





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  12. So my power just cut out this morning... seems to be pretty random, not sure why. I don’t have a backup on my filtration, however I was just thinking about this last night.... sometimes I feel like I manifest these scenarios into my life, lol.


    Just wondering how long I have until I need to start to worry. I am just getting ready to head to work :(



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