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  1. Don’t be sorry! I’m glad I wasn’t too impulsive today and start ripping trim off. Seriously procrastinating and tinkering with the tank a lot.
  2. I did a bit more research, and apparently that middle brace is structural, and helps keep the tank from bowing! I guess I will not be removing the trim after all!
  3. This is reassuring to hear! I don't know anyone in my area to fish-sit for me. There is a local aquarium service who can feed and do water changes, but it is over $70/visit. The longest I've left my fish without feeding was 5-6 days and they seemed fine when I returned, but I DID worry the entire time.
  4. Hey guys! I really love the look of trimless tanks. I was wondering if anyone has removed the black plastic trim from their tanks. I've seen a few tutorials on Youtube on how to do this, but they all are smaller tanks (20g or less). I have a 75g I would like to remove the trim from. Will this affect the integrity of my aquarium? Is it a bad idea? Would love to hear your thoughts. I want to completely revamp the look of my tank over the winter, and going trimless is part of the plan. EDIT: Adding pics. My aquarium has these glass covers over the top, with plastic trim running down the middle. I'm not sure if the middle piece is structural or just simply to hold the glass covers in place. I want to get rid of the glass covers as well (they are looking pretty gross with a couple years worth of calcium buildup and I'm too lazy to scrape it, plus they are a pain when doing wc's). Hoping to get a couple gooseneck holders for my LED lighting since right now it just rests on the glass.
  5. Guess I shouldn’t be worried! She is a beauty and will look great in any colour. Her tankmate is a white ranchu, and I started thinking about how old couples that grow old together start to look similar..lol.
  6. She’s losing pigment. Is this normal? Had goldfish turn orange before, but not white!
  7. What qualities makes a ranchu TVR vs SVR? As a ranchu-parent myself, this never crossed my mind?
  8. Beautiful! Personally, I haven’t seen white fade, just black and grey fading to orange. Maybe those colours would actually last! Where do I get one? 😉
  9. Is this still happening? I'll add one.
  10. The lighting in my apartment today is frustrating. It's a gloomy day. First image is by the window, second is under artificial lighting.
  11. I should warn my friends tonight for NYE that my emotions mixed with wine might cause some waterworks, lol.
  12. Thanks Shannon. Been a rough day for me, I feel really terrible. I almost cried to the lady at the grocery store while picking up items to make a charcuterie tonight. I have a couple buckets sitting out right now for my next wc. I will empty out one of my big tubs and keep it in the closet, I guess. Limited for space in my apartment. I will also look into using baking soda. The other two have been doing awesome since I moved. They haven't given me any warning signs yet. Not sure why the other had such a hard time, he was always so energetic.
  13. He's gone. That was my big mistake. Happy New Year to me. Big sigh. Thread closed.
  14. I think I made a BIG mistake and might have just killed my fish. I'm fairly certain its the difference in pH that he's sensitive to. Well, I just added him to a tank fresh with LOWER pH water. He's really not doing well. This is what happens when you wake up in a panic and try to do good before you've had any coffee. I really messed up and feel pretty badly. He's leaning on one side now and barely hanging on. I'm not sure what to do, he seems to be really wanting to hang on. He's producing slime like no tomorrow and the water already smells. I can either euthanize or treat. I'm leaning towards the former. I added 1/4 tsp per 10 gal of epsom to the tank for comfort.
  15. I called around for some Metroplex, but the Ontario government banned it in stores December last year... I might be able to get some from a vet if its required.
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