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  1. I did see these videos but they are 2 years old! I feel like her stock has changed a lot sense she filmed these vids!? If I do decide to get some of the pet shop grade ranchu from her I will make sure to make a I boxing video for you guys! It won't be that great just filmed with my phone! But I'm sure there are lots of people that would like to see the quality of the pet shop grade ranchus she sells! I still feel like she could put up some pictures of some that she has just to show us!
  2. She is very firm on the policy! I have been talking to her about a purchase and she will not send pictures until payment is complete! I told her I wanted at least 1 limon head and she would not conferm if she would be able to do this or not! One reason I'm asking is because there are different prices on the "pet grade" as well $20 for a 3 inch Pet Grade ranchu $30 for a 4 inch Pet Grade ranchu $40 for a 4 inch plus (upto 5 inch or more) And here are her shipping prices Medium Box (fits 1 goldfish, size 3 to 4+ inches) FedEx Overnight ~ $68.72 FedEx 2Days AM ~ $57.13 Large Box (fits 2 goldfish , size 3 to 4+ inches) FedEx Overnight ~ $95.16 FedEx 2Days AM ~ $71.99 Extra Large Box (fits 3 to 5 goldfish, size 3 to 4+ inches) FedEx Overnight ~ $129.87 FedEx 2Days AM ~ $99.55 This is coming straight from a email sent from her to me! And some of her high quality ranchu are 30$ + so I'm just courous and for these shipping prices I want to get exactly what I want! In the end after shipping they will still be 60$ ranchus and I would like to see some! I wish she had a page on her websight that had some of the "pet shop grade" ranchu examples some that have been sold already! so she does not have to continuously take there pics after they sell, but just so we can get an idea of there quality!
  3. She also sells some for not as much some which may have small deformations like a not so even tail or a crooked mouth you know some youmaybuy from the pet shop! You have to buy 3 or more at a time this is what I'm courous about! I love her hobby grade those are like her show fish but she has the pet shop grade as well!????
  4. That's is what I was looking for as well! Some pictures of the pet grade ranchu I have talked to Cynthia lots of times because I love how much passion she puts in her ranchus! I'v just never seen any of the pet shop grade that she sells! I'm sure they are almost like the hobby grade she has a rule though where she only sends you pictures after you pay for them and I'm just curious! I'm sure they are beautiful! I was just hoping someone on here has experience and pics. with the pet shop grade ranchus!
  5. Hi everyone! Hope everyone has had a great week so far! So for my question is has anyone ever gotten the pet shop grade ranchus from east coast ranchu? If so what are they like? I'm sure they are beautiful I'm just curious to others experiences in this situation?! Thanks all!
  6. I just hate it if there is a small chance for it to harm anyone's fish then I feel like it's not safe and should not be recommended! I guess the people who are recommending it hasn't lost ther fish over it either! So could I run the plastic pieces of my filter and I guess some of the filter media like the bio not the sponges they smell like they have just soaked up everything! In the dish washer with some of the powder cleaner u recommended? Or even just run everything with no cleaner in there the dish washer should sterilize everything?
  7. Believe it or not there are many people out there that are trust worthy that recommend this stuff! That is the only reason I used it because they say that have used it for years building them and so on with out any problems. Most recommend letting it cure for 2 days and I let mine cure for a week Ina half! I just wish I wouldn't have listened because now here I am! ???????????????? I'm pretty sure I have some of the powder site then you show! Ok thank you all so much!!!!
  8. Thank you! I will get more in time I have to get all new filters! Any suggestions on cleaning the tank that they were in that wasn't the poison tank? The poison tank is going to the trash!!!!
  9. Well I just went to check on them and Mia has passed away:( her belly was hard as a rock:( sense Yoshie was doing so much worse and is now belly up and showing no signs of improvement I have decided to end his suffering as well! So they can be together in fish heaven and buried together as well! ???????????? this has been the worst 3 days I have had in a wile! Thanks everyone who helped me you just don't know how much it means to me and I will be forever grateful!!!! I worked so hard to try to save them and you guys were there for me throug the million questions I had thanks so much!!!! Rip Mia and Yosh Yosh (a.k.a. Yoshie!) hope you have a big and beautiful pond in goldfish heaven!!!!
  10. I think I will see how the day goes! I don't wanna give up too soon! I don't think I'm giving up! Just making a tough decision! I'm trying I just do not want them to suffer any more than needed
  11. I want to give them a chance if there is one! I'm trying so hard I have changed there water so many times and done everything I can! They just are not doing any better! I do not think the damage is reversible I think I don't know!???????? I hate everyone who recommended I use that stuff!!! I was trying to improve there home not kill them!!!!!! Here it a video tell me what you think! They have been in clean water for over 24 hours! Sorry the video is dark but you can see them I'm trying to keep the light off of them as much as possible and I just turned off the filter cause Mia would just get sucked to it!
  12. I think I'm going to have to put them to sleep in peace?!???? I got up and my belly up fish well now they both are but the one that has been this whole time was sucked to the filter intake and my other fish he is trying so hard to keep himself up right but if he stops moving any he goes belly up very extra floaty. I do not know what to do they have just gotten worse and I know they are in clean water! There is nothing in the water at all I have not added any salt and I do not want to with out anyone telling me to but I gosh this is so tough????????????
  13. So if there are no signs of improvement in the morning, when do I say they have suffered enough? how long do I let them go like this? they have gotten worse sence getting them out of the toxic tank. I know whatever is going on internally has gotten to be painfull so should I euthanize in the morning if there is no change? Gosh that breaks my heart to even think about I wouldn't be able to do it I would have to get my husband to! I have done everything in my power to try to make them feel better and it's just not working! ????????????
  14. Now my other fish is now belly up and he has been swimming
  15. Ok thank you so much! I'm going to try to get some sleep now! Try anyway! I will let you know how they are in the morning!
  16. sorry if I'm confusing I'm very tired! Water changes all day no break for real! Anyway after I buffer the tap it goes to 7.4 no matter how much baking soda i add and I could put a air stone in it and Waite 48 hours it stays at 7.4 then I add it to the tank and its resting point is 8.2 then after the 50% water change with the prepped water with a ph of 7.4 it droped maby to 8.0 I take it very slow when I add it. Should I put them in this little bin with holes all in it to keep them from getting pushed around to much? For over night I guess to make me feel better it just floats in the tank and keeps the flowing water off them but there water will be staying clean from the tank around it and thank you sooooo much for all the help I do not know what I would have done without you all helping me!!!!
  17. Yes it is still at 8.2 I have been checking it constantly even in the middle of the water changes. So my ph in the tub of water is at 7.4/7.6 it is at the high end on the low ph test kit and the low end of the high ph test kit. Ok I can't get the water above 7.4 in the tub no matter how much baking soda I add so I just add just enough to get it to 7.4 but after I add it to the tank it always goes up to 8.2 even if I add a air stone to the water I fix is this ok do the fish notice the ph dropping to 8.2 for I'm guessing about 30 min.? Don't some people add the buffer after they add there water to there tank how would they do that with there being a huge change in the ph
  18. Please let me know should I do another water change
  19. I just saw a amazing sign I think I hope! My belly up fish that was not moving any fins at all this morning just swam th the bottom she was upside down but she swam for the first time all day! I can not believe it! I actually have prepared myself to loose her cause she looked dead but still breathing when I flipped her she would not move or even try to right herself and she just swam to the bottom upside down she went right back up but omg I have hope now! All this work may pay off!
  20. The last water change was 2 hours ago and I have done 2 50% so far and am wating on go to do another what do you think? The water is not smelling like decaying fish just fishy now
  21. The last water change was about 2 hours ago. I have these tubs around my house every where with water! Just in case I am doing my best I really hope they will be ok! So I have done 2 50% water changes today!
  22. Now that I have all the media out and in a buket by its self it does not smell like all the other things do. Should I do another water change now?
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