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  1. Hey before I use this stuff in my tank I want to be absolutely sure I'm not going to poison my fish with it. Does this stuff look okay to you guys?
  2. Someday I fully intend to get a non-asexually reproducing snail or two, but there's already dozens of tiny snails in my tank, and there will soon be more. Not only are they breeding like mad, I live near many creeks and rivers. If even one of these suckers gets in the local waterways and starts asexually reproducing, it could be DEVASTATING to our local ecosystem. And on top of all of that, they're decimating my plants. As someone who whispers "I'm sorry" every time I kill a mosquito, and is terrified of spiders but still catches them in cups and releases them outside where they'll be safe, this has been a pretty upsetting decision to make. But like Spock said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". If it were just a matter of me going "ew snails" , I'd let them get on with their lives in my aquarium. But I absolutely CANNOT risk them getting into the local waterways. So, unfortunately, they must go :'(
  3. Yeah I wasn't as gentle in adding the water in initially as I should have been... Quite soupy for the first day hahaha
  4. Oh that's... That is WAY out of my price range! Nope. Alright, I guess it's back to the organic potting mix then... Is there a particular trick to get all the floating chunks out? Maybe run it through a sieve or something before putting it in my tank?
  5. So I was halfway through my fishless cycle on my new 55 gallon dirted planted tank, when I found snails. So I'm tearing it down and starting all over. I was using organic potting soil, but honestly it's been more trouble than it's worth. So now I'm looking for a good, cheap aquasoil. Does anyone have any suggestions? I intend to cap it with small gravel, sloping up in one corner to make a sort of "hill".
  6. Well I've got bad news, I'm gonna have to start all over. I had some untreated plants that I introduced to the tank a few weeks ago, only to find that they were infested with snail eggs. Sure enough, last night I found 3 snails. So I'm going to drain the tank, disinfect it, boil my gravel, disinfect my filters, bleach dip all my plants and driftwood, and start from square one. It's ridiculous, but I'd rather just deal with it now than go through the wringer later with a full infestation. And this time I'm not going to do dirt below the gravel, it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm gonna spring for some decent aquasoil (Anyone have any recommendations on what type/brand?). I've got work the next few days, but I hope to have it restarted by the end of the week. When I start over I think I'll make a new post and just log my process there. Anybody know how far into the fishless ammonia cycle you have to go before it's safe to add plants? *sigh* What a hot mess.
  7. I'm trying to keep my ammonia levels at roughly 1 to 2 ppm, closer to 1. And that's good to know that too much can impede progress! I'm really glad now that I didn't give in to temptation and take it up to 4 ppm to try to cut corners hahaha! Thanks Shakaho, I'll go top it off with conditioned water confidently now
  8. Hey guys, quick question. I'm in the middle of fishless cycling my new tank, and it seems to be chugging along just fine, but I find myself needing to occasionally top-off the water. My question is, is it better for the cycle to just use plain, untreated tap water? Or should I use Prime-treated water, and then add more ammonia after an hour? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  9. So I've ordered some Java Moss & Watersprite from AquariumPlants.com, and I was wondering what's the safest way to do a bleach dip on them? I can't afford to get potassium permanganate, and I already have bleach, so that's what I'm rolling with. I'm assuming a 1 minute dip in 1 part bleach/19 parts water, then straight into 5x Primed water, then rinsing under the tap, and then soaking in 5x Primed water to wait as I go through all the plants and to watch them for any melting. Do you guys feel this is sufficient? Will this kill any snails/parasites without killing the plants?
  10. That happened to me years ago with home made Gel food. My filter was a mushy mess lol I honestly wish I had taken a video of them. I've never seen a fish look so SAD, so defeated. Like "Ugh. Well this was great for the first 45 minutes, but after hour 6, I tell ya I'm getting mighty sick of the smell..." Lol poor fish! Lesson learned XD
  11. Pro tip: Don't leave the Repashy in the tank and walk away unless you are positive that your fish can quickly eat every last bit. Otherwise, it will dissolve and turn your water into soup lol! Had to do a 90% water change on the little tank after that *facepalm* Lesson learned!
  12. SUCCESS! They actually freakin' ATE IT! Oh I'm so happy I could sing hahaha! I first put the rock in Asimov's tank, as he's the pickier of the two, and as soon as it hit the water he started flitting about desperately searching for it! He found it on the rock and tried to eat it from there, but he's still feeder-fish sized and wasn't strong enough to pull it off into chunks. This seemed to REALLY upset him, and he raced all around the rock trying and failing to pull the food from it. So I pulled the rock out, and pinched off some little crumbs of it, and that seemed to do the trick just fine. Similar results in Kritlaq's tank: Couldn't find it, desperate for it, wound up just crumbling some. So next time I'll make an even smaller batch, and just crumble it as needed. I'm so happy they like it! Today is a good day *skips off into the sunset*
  13. I swear, I must have the pickiest goldfish in the tri-state area! I've probably flushed a good $40 down the toilet on foods they won't eat. Dried baby shrimp? Nope. Blanched spinach? Nada. Seaweed sheets? Nien. Sinking shrimp pellets? Nande. The only things that they eat are goldfish flakes, freeze dried bloodworms, and one of them enjoys duckweed. But not the other. Because that would be too easy lol! I bought some Repashy Soilent Green, and this is my last-ditch effort before I say "Fine! You can live off of the freaking flakes!" So I made my first batch last night, and shmeared it across two rocks last night and popped them in the fridge. And now, the moment of truth. I'm gonna plop one in each tank and pray that they actually eat it! Wish me luck! I'll let y'all know if this works or not :/
  14. Thanks guys. For now I'm going to quarantine the plants as Acro suggested, and down the road if they DO pop up, I'll get a couple of those Assasin Snails. Thank you all again!
  15. *steps back, takes a deep breath* You're absolutely right Mikey, my apologies. As you can see, I'm rather upset. If my language is an issue, I'd be completely willing to delete this whole post and start-over. Wouldn't be any skin off my back. As for completely removing all the substrate and starting over, that's simply not an option for me unfortunately. I used the very last of my money only this afternoon buying some more gravel (as I did not have quite enough). At the very least, I've used my net to scoop out every last piece of Water Sprite and Duckweed I could find. I pray this is enough... *shakes head mournfully*
  16. So I bought some floating Water Sprite about a month ago, and quarantined it in case of snails. Sho'nuff, pond snails popped up. So I removed what I *thought* were all the snails and plants with eggs. For the past week I've been watching for any signs of activity, but saw no signs of snails. So today I finally set up my 55 gallon, and added in my plants. As I'm running my hands through the Water Sprite, I feel something squishy. I looked, but didn't see anything, so I got out a powerful shop light, and lo and behold, eggs. I'm so P.O.'d right now. I did my best to remove all affected plants, but I fear the worst. I spent ALL DAY setting up this dirted/planted 55 gallon. I won't be introducing any fish for sometime, so I was wondering if there was a way to poison the little [CENSORED]? I'm not concerned about rotting bodies messing with my cycle, because I don't even have a cycle to speak of yet. I don't want to fool around with waiting for them to grow and trying to catch them with blanched veggies in a bottle, I want nuclear holocaust on these [REDACTED] before they have a chance to grow. Anybody know any good poisons? I'm ready for war here! XD
  17. Well I tried reintroducing Asimov & Kritlaq, but it failed miserably. Kritlaq spent all night hounding and harassing Asimov, so first thing in the morning I separated them. Since then, he's been clamping his fins again. It's been several days, and I've been salting him again, but to no avail. Tonight I've put him back on the General Cure. Is this a bad idea? I've been doing 80-90% water changes every other day, too.
  18. Okay what is this "Python" thing people keep talking about? Some sort of siphoning device?
  19. It's only a 10 gallon. I started this crazy journey with a free 5 gallon tank, and went out and got a 10 gallon as a reasonably-priced upgrade that I could keep as a quarantine tank down the road. Kritlaq has been in the 10, and I tried to add Asimov, but no dice. I'm doing everything I can to get the 55 up and running and cycled, but I may just have to keep them separate until then :/ When I put them both in the 55 though, I'll definitely try that colander trick!
  20. Ooookay that failed miserably. Kritlaq immediately started attacking Asimov and hounding him all around the tank when I put them together last night. I hoped that they'd calm down by morning, but when I checked on them Asimov was cowering in the corner clamping his fins -_-" Sooo I separated them again... Asimov is about 2/3 the size of Kritlaq, who is about thumb-sized. Should I just wait until the 55 gallon is set up to reintroduce them? Does anybody know what would make a good tank divider? *sigh*
  21. Awesome! Okay, yeah I was worried it'd be like trying to introduce new cats XD That takes a load of pressure off my mind!
  22. So I've had my two goldfish separated for just over two weeks while I've been treating one for... I'm not quite sure but it was definitely some sort of parasite! Anyways, he's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again, and today is his last day of medicine. So, day after tomorrow, I need to reintroduce him to the main tank. I've never done this before. He and his former tankmate are very young, and were only held together briefly, so I doubt they'd recognize each other. What's the safest, calmest way to reintroduce them?
  23. This past Winter something mechanical to do with our heat blew, and we had to get a repairman to come in and fix it. I have no idea what it was, but for the three nights or so we had to wait, that room got down to the thirties! Fahrenheit, mind you. That was pretty miserable! So just if something like that should happen again I'll get them their own heater, but if the temperature stays warm enough that I can sleep down there with blankets I'll let them be. As for the GFCI adapter, that certainly looks doable! I'll make sure to pick one up before the tank gets fully set up & plugged in. I'm saving all of this information for someday if I possibly get another goldfish. Right now, I *just* got Asimov feeling better, and need to figure out how to reintroduce him to Kritlaq in the 10 gallon -_-" Don't worry! They're each only roughly the size of my pinky, and I'm already taking steps towards getting them settled in the 55! But I've got this thread bookmarked, and I will definitely be returning to it for reference! Thank you all so much!
  24. I honestly have no earthly idea what I'm going to do about lighting. Right now in my 10 gallon I've got it crammed full of low-light plants like anubias. The room I'll be setting the 55 gallon in has a relatively decent amount of natural light, more so than the room they're in now. I really have zero desire to go hyper-aquarist on the plants with fertilizer & co2 & a bazillion watts of light, but I am hoping to get them some sort of dedicated lighting. It honestly all depends on how much the circuits in that room can handle. It's an old room with very little dedicated power, that already has a t.v., Xbox, Roku, lamp, & space heater going. Yikes! Filtration comes first though. If I have to unplug my entertainment & run power from another part of the house for it instead, so be it! I also need to think ahead and be aware that come Winter they'll need their own heater. That room gets MURDEROUSLY cold! I should know, I sleep there lol! Anyways, I'm going to talk to my father about what the house can handle in terms of wattage, and work from there. I've heard that your basic fluorescent shop light with a special daylight bulb would be a good, and cheap way of lighting. Though, that being said, LEDs are supposed to take less power, but are supposedly less desirable for plant growth, and are pricier. Any advice on that would be appreciated. On the issue of water quality: If the standard is 20 gallons per fish with a weekly 50% water change, and I put 3 fish in a 55 gallon, should I increase the water change to 60%? Or higher? Or perhaps 40% twice weekly?
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