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  1. So it worked pretty good, though I just made a 5-minute upgrade. I used a plastic Tupperware that sandwich meat comes in, with the bottom cut out, flipped upside down, and with styrofoam strapped to the side with plastic cable/zip ties. This gave more area above the water line rather than underneath it, because my fish have been knocking their scales off every time I feed them when they go up inside their Eheim feeder.

    This seems to work out better. The rounded lip of the Tupperware seems to be gentler on them when they flip away after grabbing their pellets. The cut portion is well above the water line. The clip ties catch pellets, so I've removed them and hot glue gunned the styrofoam to the Tupperware instead. I'm going to let it cure 24 hours and then try again.

    But so far, it seems to be working nicely!

  2. So I've cut up a Tupperware to make a diy feeding ring, and I was wondering if it was safe to strap some scrap Foamular pink styrofoam to it to make it float? I ran a heat gun over the pieces to melt them slightly to prevent them from flaking off into itty bitty pieces willy-nilly. This whole contraption will only be sitting in my tank a few minutes a day. So, do you think it's safe? I wanted y'all's esteemed opinions before I go tossing anything iffy in my tank!

  3. Oh snap, that's true. I wasn't thinking about lighting at all. Hmmmm... I'll probably go with some of the low-light needs plants, I do want to keep this as simple as possible. Depending on how they do, I'll more than likely grab a couple of clip-lamps from Home Depot and pop in some specialty bulbs. That way I can clamp one on each end of the steel frame I'm building and give them some cheap and easy light.

  4. Seriously? That is WAY more than I thought possible! That's almost too many choices for someone like me lol! This is going to require lots of tea and internal debate XD


    As for the sponges, thanks for the heads up on that! That's the last thing I need lol. Do you think rinsing and squeezing them out with my weekly water changes will be adequate to prevent this? I'll probably replace it every other month or so as well. Maybe more often, maybe less, depending on how it holds up.


    Man, those plants though. I am just SPOILED for choice!

  5. Thanks guys! I'm glad to hear that it's not poisonous in the way that, say, antifreeze is, in that it's enticing yet deadly. So that's a concern laid to rest. I think I'll go with pothos. I saw some the other day at Home Depot for pretty cheap, and haven't seen any lucky bamboo or spider plants around, so pothos it is!

  6. Hey guys, I'm in the process of making an overhead sump filter for my 55-gallon aquarium as a supplement to my canister (and because I love a good project). I'm basing it on a video from The King of DIY on YouTube, I'll leave the video below. Basically, it's going to be a 2-foot plastic planter suspended above my aquarium, with water pumped up from the aquarium below coming in one end, flowing through some filter pads, then through lava rock, and then back into the aquarium. I'll probably do a separate post going into more details on the specifics of this build later on.


    Here is the video:


    My setup will be slightly different, but the core concept will remain the same. Also, if you've never seen his videos, they are SO worth checking out! 


    ANYWAYS my question is this: What plants would you all recommend I grow in this filter? He suggests pothos, and I was considering lucky bamboo as well. The roots will be submerged in the water and lava rock, but the actual plant will be sitting normally in the air. I'm looking for a simple, hardy, "drop it in and leave it" plant, preferably a cat-friendly one. Pothos is apparently poisonous to kitties, so if I go that route I'll be keeping it well-trimmed.


    It has to be legal in Virginia, the cheaper the better, and preferably have low light requirements, though I may be able to attach a couple of basic clip lights to the frame I'm making, if absolutely need be. Oh, and it needs to be able to live without high humidity/heat, spray bars, fancy things like that. Again, drop it in and leave it!


    So! Any suggestions? Any of you have something similar running on your tanks? Let me know!

  7. Thankfully I just did a massive water change a few days ago, and I'm building an aquaponics system with my father that will be running in the next week or so (will do a separate post about that soon!).

    Tomorrow I'll do a smaller water change and gently rinse my filter. That's due in a week anyways so I'll just step it up a bit. 


    As as for the salt, there's a permanent page here on the correct procedure and dosage, right? What section is that under?

  8. I just received an Eheim feeding station in the mail on Thursday. I have two goldfish, Asimov and Kritlaq. At first I was very pleased with the new feeding station because it allowed Asimov (the smaller one) to get food without being shoved aside by Kritlaq/having to chase the food all over the tank. The problem is, Kritlaq has rammed himself into the feeder whilst I fed them twice now, each time knocking off a scale. Tonight, I sneezed while feeding them, frightening Asimov, and causing him to knock off two scales as well.


    Now I know for a fact that these wounds were caused by this and not by flashing, because you could clearly see the differences immediately before and after. I'm not ready to give up on this experiment yet, because Asimov understood it so quickly and because it has allowed him to get his fair share, AND it has significantly reduced the amount of excess food waste being introduced to the tank.


    So my question is this: Should I go ahead and add some API Stress Coat to the tank to help them heal? Or salt? Or should I just leave well enough alone? I'm giving this one week, and if they can't figure it out without hurting themselves by then I'm calling it quits on the feeder.


    What do you guys think?

  9. So the other day I saw this bizarre fish "agility training course" online. It had things like a little soccer pitch complete with net & ball, and little hoops to swim through. It got me thinking again about entertainment for fish. I know bettas enjoy hoops and mirrors and such, but is there anything to entertain a goldfish? I try to mix up my tank decor regularly, but I can't help but feel I could be doing something more.

    So my idea is this: A large hoop made out of airline tubing for goldfish to swim through. This would NOT be left in the tank unsupervised, I've read way too many horror stories here on Koko's about fish getting stuck! I figure a diameter of about 6" for the hoop should suffice (my fish are still quite little). I'm going to use a "T" connector to attach the tubing end to end to form the loop, and then attach it to another piece of tubing running straight down to attach to a rock. This way I think (hope) it will float in place.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?

    Oh, and does anybody know of any airline tubing in uncommon colors? Something that would stand out so the fish can see it more easily?

  10. I know it's been several months since I've posted anything, but I'd like to let everyone know my friend's betta is now happily living in his own 10-gallon, filtered, heated, lighted tank! We're all amazed at the difference in appearance and behavior. I had begun dropping "hints" here and there, and she herself took the initiative to research betta care, finally culminating in the tank described above. Thanks for the input, guys! This one had a happy ending!

  11. So my best friend is an absolute peach pie, and truly loves all the animals she keeps and tries to do right by them. Unfortunately, due to common misconceptions, her betta sits in an unfiltered, unheated bowl in the center of her table. She changes his water every few days, maybe as long as a week. The bowl is filled 1/4 of the way with large, smooth river rocks, and has one live plant dead center. She over feeds him as well.

    Now the thing is, her cats, birds, and 20+ other fish are living in pretty sweet digs. She goes out of her way to provide them the best, most enriching lives possible. It's just this poor little betta. Every time I go over there I take a moment to see if he's even alive. He just kind of drifts, fins all limp and straggly. I want to say something, but I don't want to go about it the wrong way and make her feel as if I'm attacking or accusing her. Idk if she really even has room for a bigger tank at this point anyways, but her family is making plans to move to a larger property within the year.

    Should I say something? Is it even my place? If so, how? I don't own bettas, so I can't point to mine for reference. Should I show her a video of a happy betta in a proper setup, let her see the difference? We often like to wander the aisles in Petco together, maybe linger by the bettas and comment on how sad it is that they keep them so poorly, and launch into a brief rundown on filters, heaters, and gallonage?

    Any advice would be most appreciated, fellow fish-nuts!

  12. I keep anubias, swords, and water sprite in my goldfish tank.  They've only really damaged the plants from crashing through them. 

    Before I bought goldfish I thought they could not be kept with plants, but I spoke with a member on another forum who told me including veggies in their diet keeps them from eating plants.  That person keeps a lot of delicate plants successfully and uneaten.

    My guys get repashy soilent green for 2 of their 4 meals a day, and always keep cucumber slices in the tank.

    Cucumber, really? Raw, or blanched? Not to high jack the post :P I too am eager to hear of more plant options!

  13. looks wonderful :) 

    1 question,how does one clean,siphon a dirted tank?

    Very carefully! Hahaha! From what I understand, if you have a good gravel cap over the dirt you can siphon that gravel without disturbing the base layer. IN THEORY. I have yet to try this, so hopefully everything will go according to plan :P

    I like your method of dealing with bullying! I will have to try it out soon.

    It seems to be working thus far! I was really afraid I'd have to buy a divider. I'm glad they've calmed down.
  14. So I just finished cycling my new tank and have added my fish, and I'm watching my water parameters like a hawk. Ammonia & nitrites are at 0, but nitrates are between 5-10 ppm. Should I do a big water change? At what point do nitrates become dangerous?

  15. Good news! They seem to be settling in just fine, and playing nice together. I really think that having so much room to move around in is helping to keep the aggression down. So without further ado, it's picture time!


    Here is the full tank shot. It's an Aqueon 55 gallon, with a Fluval 406 canister filter, an ATI Filter-Max I Pre-Filter on the intake tube, an Aqueon Pro 250 heater, a Petco brand air pump bubble thing (can't remember the exact name), and a Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Striplight. The plants are two types of anubias, Java sword, Java moss, water sprite, and water wisteria. The substrate is roughly 1 inch of organic potting mix, capped by your standard aquarium gravel. The gravel gets deeper on the far end, where I've made a sort of temple/monument out of Quartz.


    Here's Kritlaq in the front with Asimov in the back. Asimov's coloring has stayed exactly the same, but Kritlaq's has changed drastically. He was gold with a ton of black before, but now he's almost entirely golden, with only the barest trace of black on the edge of his fins. If I didn't know better, I'd think that he was a completely different fish!

    And now just some vanity shots (note the Spice Girls DVDs in the background hahaha!)





    So there you have it! My little fishy kingdom. I'm relieved to have them settled in properly, and excited to watch them grow :)

  16. Hello again everyone! I haven't been around much lately, and interesting things are happening here, so I figured I'd go ahead and start a blog! Warning: The likely hood of me keeping this updated on any sort of regular basis is very slim XD

    So to briefly catch up, I got my two very first goldfish ever back in Feburary. It was on a whim, and I was in no way prepared for the undertaking ahead. In the months since then I've had drama with sick fish, broken filters, snails & bullying. But today I am pleased to announce that my 55 gallon dirted/planted tank is 100% cycled, and Asimov & Kritlaq are in their new home!

    They've only been in their new tank for about an hour and a half, but thus far things seem to be going relatively okay. Kritlaq wanted to be a little bully and chase Asimov around (who is 2/3 his size), but I was having none of that! I stood in front of the tank for more than half an hour straight supervising, and any time Kritlaq starting copping a 'tude I'd reach in and touch him. Not hard, not wiping off his slime coat, but a definite touch. It seems to have gotten through to him. "You touch him, I touch you."

    I suspect there'll be more drama in the days to come, but as of right now I feel comfortable leaving them together until tomorrow. If Asimov is clamping his fins come morning, then I'll have to take more serious action. Let us pray they learn to get along!

    Anyhow I'll try to keep y'all updated, and get some good pictures for you too! :)

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