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  1. Can I feed a small portion of nori to my betta? I put a piece about the size of a dime in there and he was eating it, is nori bad for bettas? Or would it be ok in moderation?
  2. Here's stormrage. He is a petco find, looked slate gray in the store. Found out he's a copper, not sure what type of tail yet as it has a split but could be a tear (he came like that) just decided to start a true betta thread for him since my original post was about lighting. Let me know what you think of my beautiful boy!
  3. From really digging about, I found out the bulb I have is actually one of the better t8's for plants too, took me reading up about the light spectrum. Didn't understand half of what I read but did find a thread about t8's hidden deep in google and my bulb was mentioned and even put up against other bulbs and proven to perform better than more expensive lights! So I'm pretty happy about it and I'm actually thinking about getting some for the goldfish too, they blow my LED's out of the water! I need a better fixture for the t8 but this one was only $7 and I was on very tight budget. I've just put a piece of foil shiny side down to reflect some of that light back down into the tank until I can find a true hood for it.
  4. He is amazing! Look at this guy!!! I've found out he is a copper (not sure if halfmoon or delta or double tail though, his fin has a split but not sure if it's a tear or not as he came with it). I'm so googly over this fish!
  5. Here is my new boy! He spoke to me at petco, didn't go in expecting to buy, you know how it goes. Apparently they had their betta shelf too close to the door and it has been cold here for Texas (freezing) and all their bettas were dying or dead and this beautiful boy saw me and started swimming in circles and flaring for me and I almost cried. Wife gave me the OK and now he's happy in his 10gallon forever home. No name yet but we're thinking on it. Of course the picture of the tank is his home ?
  6. Hey y'all! Been awhile but I had a question I couldn't find an answer to. First off want to update on the Goldies. Ru, Hiro, and ChuChu are doing fabulous! I've recently added a lot more Java fern and even split my anubias into two plants! All is going great! But my question pertains to my new betta tank I set up today (seeded from the goldfish filter media), I found a t-8 fixture for real inexpensive at Walmart and bought it. I got a GE 9265k 15w freshwater/saltwater t-8 bulb and I was wondering if it would grow my low light plants? Or if it's too much? I know t-5 are better from research I've done but I already have this t-8 bulb/ballast. Any suggestions/tips would be awesome! Thanks! (Wasn't sure if I should post here or in betta forum so I came here since it was pertaining to lights). Hope everyone is doing great in the new year! -chris
  7. Was thinking about getting a medium piece of mopani to attach some Java fern to eventually but I've been reading up a lot about it releasing tannins. These are great for certain species, but how will goldfish react to them? I was planning on getting a piece probably too big to boil but will soak for up to a month in a plastic storage tub changing water often. Anybody with experience? Or anybody know of other types of wood that leech less tannins? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey y'all, as I mentioned before I wanted to add some Java fern and some anubias to my tank but I am having an incredibly hard time nailing down which light I should buy for my 40 breeder. Right now I just have a cheap generic 24" LED with white/blue LED's. I've been looking at the Finnex planted plus 24/7 in the 36" size but some of the reviews are scaring me away from it. I'm hearing the same issues from the current USA lights too (basically the remote stops working right at the end of warranty and they won't replace and you can't turn on the lights without remote). I really prefer LED's over fluorescent fixtures but really this is all new territory for me, so any suggestions or reviews of some of your current set ups? I would keep the light I have now on it as well, what should I do about a full spectrum LED for those types of plants? Thanks in advance!
  9. I also had just cleaned my hospital tank out the day before and left it out that morning to dry in the sun. Well while we were down in Austin to get her, a severe hail storm showed up right over our town and destroyed out back yard, and unfortunately my hospital tank too... hence why she was just put in with the others so soon. We got them from the same store (Austin Aqua Dome) as the other two. The owner has a BS in Zoology from the University of Texas at Austin, and he is the past president of the Austin Aquarium Club, former member of the Fish Judges Registry of Texas, past Master of Ceremonies for the Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies (FOTAS) convention in San Antonio. Studied at Dr. Gratzek's Fish Disease Workshop at the University of Georgia, attended the 2nd Fish Health Symposium at the University of New England. He's very passionate about his fish and I trust they are all healthy.
  10. Thought I would post a couple more pictures in this section and get a few opinions. This is Lore, our new telescope. She was labeled as a Panda Butterfly Telescope and we payed $12.99 for her. However, I don't think shes a butterfly tail first off, and she is showing white on her belly and gold under the black from what I can tell. Really leads me to believe she is just a regular telescope? maybe a tri-color? I know there's no telling until she starts losing the black. Any opinions?
  11. Ru and Hiro are doing great, we got all the salt out of the tank and have added the bamboo back to the filters. Everything is going great now! I will end this thread
  12. The other two are doing amazing. Doubled in size from when we got them, they are eating like champions. I'm going to start taking the salt out soon, giving it another 24 hours for good measure. I started slowly lowering the temp today.
  13. He was stuck on the sponge wrapped around it. He was already gone. So weird because he seemed fine yesterday.
  14. Don't think we will ever buy another fish from petsmart
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