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  1. Ammonia level is 0ppm in tank Nitrite level is 0ppm in tank Nitrate level is around 10ppm in tank I use RODI water due to my tap water containing 40ppm of nitrate. As of this is remineralise the water with seachem goldbuffer, seachem Equalibrium, and seachem safe just incase there are any chloramines. I leave this in a large 200l tub for 24 hours before I place any of this water in my aquarium. Due to this, there is 0ppm of Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. My Ph is 7.4 in both the tank and tub. I use the API master test kit-drops Water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius 40 gallons and been running for about 9 months I change the water every 4 to 5 days at around 60 to 70% Friday, 17 the of March 2016. I changed 70% of the water. I have two goldfish I dose Easy life carbo, and easy life profito. I feed my fish a variety of foods. Repashy soilent green daily, blood worms every other day, algae wafers every noun and then, as well as some Saki Hikari sinking lion head pellets every noun and then. I also feed them tank nibblers randomly as a snack as well as peas, seaweed, spinach; etc. I feed them around 2 times a day or 3 times a day with smaller portions. No new fish added to the tank No medication present in the aquarium now. I treated around 6 to 8 doses of praziquantel, with gaps in between. ParaGuard for about 2 weeks. Salt dips every week for about a month, as well as Epsom salt dips every week and ParaGuard dips every two weeks. I have also treated anti ulcer from interpret. There is fungi growth on one of the fish, which is easy to cure as of this it is my last resort, as I want to get rid of any effective and bad parisites or bacteria present in the tank first. One fish however, does seem to have strange scales. As if they are being eaten. They seem to be slightly eroded. There is occasional scraping on the aquarium floor. Thanks for your help as I've tried everything. I just hope they get better
  2. I purchased my goldfish quite a while ago and when I brought him I wasn't experienced with fish at all. I had two goldfish in a small biorb which was 45 litres. Over time I realised that his Gill covers or flaps were completely gone. I did research and considered it to be due to poor water quality and ammonia burns. I then decided to get an external filter and do frequent water changes. They have now been in my new aquarium which is a 40 gallon for quite some time now and I have noticed that his actual gills have started to become eroded. The tank is fully cycled. I did a fish less cycle with pure ammonia. There is also two large filters, one external and on sump like filter in the back of the aquarium. I have tried all sorts of medications and dips, from fluke solve, ParaGuard, salt dips, Epsom salt dips, and I have also fed them inch shield from new life spectrum. I do regular water changes and the nitrates are never over 30ppm.
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