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  1. Looks like I’m off work for a while. More time with aquatics!
  2. He sounds brighter than my moor who took at least a week to realise his new pellets sunk straight away… and that vegetables were edible.
  3. Yes, unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there. However I have learnt things from groups on social media There is some good information, you just have to fact check and research more in depth yourself to verify it.
  4. Were there any sudden changes? Is the fish more floaty than usual?
  5. From my understanding, nitrifiers utilise CO2 with the exception of some that can utilise carbon converted from urea. The active ingredient in Seachem Flourish Excel is gluteraldehyde which is effective as an algaecide to spot dose with but not so much a carbon source for plants, for example. This does, however, reduce the CO2 uptake via algae, leaving more available. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than myself can input.
  6. She was most confused about the fish. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. Yeah, I remember talking about bunnies… years ago
  8. I keep forgetting to get photos 🤦🏻‍♀️ I use the 410L Laguna Tub, which is about 45cm deep sunk into the ground about 30cm. 60cm deep will probably be a safe bet above ground in England/Wales.
  9. Definitely share the finished result! I’d love to learn to build my own stands. How are your fish doing?
  10. I’ve had an oranda outdoors for nearly 5 years, also had fantails and ryukins which have overwintered fine. Depth is important, as is keeping snow out of the pond. All I do is throw a tarp over in winter and in heavy rain. I can’t comment on ranchu however, I’ve only ever kept them indoors.
  11. Thanks Koko! Aw, I’m sorry for your loss.
  12. Welcome back! How are you?
  13. I have a Tidal 75 I bought back in May and I love it. Definitely the best HOB available in the UK, the selection we had before they were released was pretty poor. They hold a fair bit of media and maintenance and set up are super easy. They’re self-priming which is a plus. I prefer it to any canister I’ve ever owned.
  14. No not Fluval. Sadly no green setting!
  15. Got 2 nerites today… they’re munching through the diatoms like no tomorrow!
  16. Yeah, I didn’t read it properly it seems. If I remember correctly they originate in areas that dry out seasonally. I did read somewhere that putting them in a bag, keeping them damp for a while then returning them to the tank can prompt them to sprout again. Might be worth a quick search.
  17. Definitely looks like Nymphaea Zenkeri. The original bulbs may just be dormant (if they feel firm). If they feel mushy they’re dead.
  18. A LED plant light… but my plants got destroyed which doesn’t help the situation.
  19. Yeah, they’re doing great, it only bothers me that I can’t see them properly until they come up to the glass. Salem says thank you! He’s a broadtail moor, my lucky £20 find! Yup, the only spot I had was right by a window. After a big water change and rinsing the filter floss it clears up, then we’re back to square one the next day.
  20. Kind of accepting the fact this tank is never going to be anything but pea soup. 🤣
  21. Medaka fry is still doing great! Also I pulled a tonne of plants out of my 10G, now I have diatoms. 😭
  22. I have to move soon too, I’m dreading it! At least I’ll be back in an area with hard water again, no more having to buffer soft water.
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