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  1. I know mine get pouty over silly things sometimes. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious!
  2. Today’s been eventful. Six hours off finishing my back tattoo which has been 18+ months in the making! Also sold my first bunch of aquatic plants yesterday and got them posted out today! On a sad note I lost a female guppy today after losing my male which now leaves just the one female.
  3. Goodeid livebearers may be an option, it’s generally easier to keep their numbers under control than species like guppies and endlers.
  4. I’ve probably owned around 10+ “orandas” and of those only 3 actually grew wens. All came from pet shops and garden centres. Of those, 2 I bought at about 4”, paid probably 5x what I did for the red cap pictured and grew out in a pond, the one I still have has significant wen growth. These fish are both around 4 years old and one has been kept indoors. The red cap is the only young oranda I’ve owned that’s actually grown up to look like an oranda!
  5. Fish tank water is great for plants. Free fertiliser!
  6. I like them! I definitely see what you mean about the wens.
  7. I’m a huge fan of DIY pond style filters. The surface area for biofiltration and volume you get is much better value for your money than any aquarium and most pond filters on the market. There’s also the capacity for nitrate removal via phytofiltration that’s a huge advantage, meaning less maintenance for you!
  8. Personally I’ve kept telescopes with other varieties including singletails successfully, problems only usually arise when occasionally a more aggressive or territorial fish comes about. You’ll probably have a while yet before having to worry about an upgrade.
  9. The uneven pineconing is making me wonder if there’s something else going on internally in that area. Is there any way you can get him to a vet that’s knowledgeable about fish?
  10. Seed shrimp perhaps? They’re just another food source for the betta so in which case if they are, they’re harmless! You could try some blackwater botanicals like Catappa leaves and alder cones for your pH, but I’d be inclined to say it may just be his time sadly.
  11. Guppy and medaka besties!
  12. I was so confused opening the forum already tired from 3 12 hour shifts… It looks great!
  13. I’ve just started an aquatics channel, it’s fun.
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