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  1. Thanks. I'm super happy he's a male. He constantly moves things around in his tank so I had to make some adjustments today.
  2. Well it is easy to tell when the cold is getting to them. Weaker less tolerant fish will flip upside down and float if they cannot handle the cold. This will be followed by cold water stasis which I will describe next. Breeders often leave these flippers to die as it signals weakness. Strong fancies can weather the cold like single tails and these are the ones breeders want to keep. Also, very cold fish will move VERY slowly and not breathe much, some may even sit on the bottom... BUT their basic survival instincts are still there if they are okay. They should quickly swim off if you approach them with a net or stick etc. If they are barely able to move when approached, they are in a dangerous state of shock and will not last much longer left in the cold water. Also, they shouldn't excessively sit on the bottom. This also signals intolerance and it'll lead to belly sores and death. Housing the pools and tanks in a greenhouse is a good option that will protect them from extreme temps, falling leaves and debris, pH changing precipitation, and predators.
  3. Plenty of bumps on Shion's lovely thick pectoral fin rays spotted today. Male fish. As I had been hoping and referring to him as. Yay!
  4. I used to keep 4 out there but it became too much so cut down to 1. The last years even in direct sun. The goldies do well in them too. My climate is mild and winters are only occasionally very cold, in cold cold areas... I would definitely pay attention to ensure the pond doesn't freeze over. I have had fancies do just fine under ice when I first began but it isn't ideal at all and it'll often kill a few of them.
  5. Mine are kept outdoors year round as well. Just keep the water from freezing and they'll typically be okay. Can't say about Ranchu tho. Many have reported them being weaker than other types. I have Ryukins, Orandas, and Shubunkins and they do just fine. I have some that are 3, 4, and 5 years old and spent their entire lives out there since babies. At the end you'll see their little pool holding.
  6. He has torn them up all over the tank. He hadn't really done that with any of the other plants. I want to kinda remove the rest and try and clean up the mess but I will just do his 90% water change tomorrow and leave the rest alone. I think he will have his fun then leave them be. I hate to toss them. I got a net and scooped out a bunch of the mess already.
  7. Thank you. Just gotta get it to fill in a bit... the wisteria is a miss. The goldfish is really into tearing it up.
  8. I'm done with the base plants. He has ripped up the new wisteria all over the tank so I think that plant will be a no. Pulled them outta the weights and everything. Made a mess!!
  9. This is my little man's tank. All sorts of random plants that IDK what they are. We shall see which ones do okay and which ones don't.
  10. Everyone can feed what they want, we as longstanding members just warned against something we noticed over the years. This is not to say to feed your fish whatever you like, but to throw a known caution in the air. Hikari doesn't cause problems instantly - so just keep an eye out if you feed it.
  11. I always put 2 filters on my tanks anyway. This way if one dies/breaks, my tank/cycle won't crash before I can replace the dead one. And it also offers extra filtration. I've heard good things about the Tidal as well, but haven't tried one.
  12. This lily thing is exploding in growth way more than the others. I am sure they're all the same kind of plant so... it's odd. Either way it looks super cool.
  13. Lol nearly anything except Saki Hikari. Expensive bag of wheat and cheap fillers. They'll make your fish big and fat quick by filling the fish with carbs and junk, which is why so many fed it for growth... but in the process of doing that, it also caused many many people to also have swim bladder issues. I feed my indoor fish Cobalt Goldfish and Ocean Nutrition Formula Two as pellet staples. The outdoor fish I feed Blue Ridge pond food.
  14. Why thank you! He sometimes moves around some of the weighted plants but not too much. Had him about a month and he's grown a LITTLE bit and gotten a little bit more color and a little bit more wen, so I think all is well for now. Mary is just a big stinker!!
  15. Shion today on water change day... with a bit of MARY at the end. I only use the VITACHEM for Shion btw. And by the time that bottle is gone - he will be old enough to not need it I think.
  16. No you read it properly. I didn't explain well that ONE of the two bulbs did begin to sprout eventually but the other didn't. My bad lol
  17. Only one bulb never sprouted. The other 3 definitely are. I will take out the one that isn't sprouting and feel it to see if it is still alive. Didn't know that little tip! If it's dead may as well remove it.
  18. @hannah Here are those lily bulbs now. I had gotten 2 more since one of the original ones didn't sprout at all but the other one went crazy. I think they ARE the plant you spoke of. Hopefully they keep doing well.
  19. A strong UV sterilizer will clear it up, to the detriment of the fish. Goldfish always do better in green water.
  20. I never found that gel foods caused issues with the filter - I just hate making it. It takes time and it's hard to get correct sometimes... and it stinks. It may be nutritionally superior but it isn't worth the extra effort to me.
  21. Nothing is wrong. They had some parasites when I got them and his tank mate didn't survive... but I treated him and he seems totally healthy and doing well. Just hoping it continues.
  22. Thank you!! I sure love him - I hope he grows a cute wen and whatnot in a few months. So far he is doing quite well.
  23. Gosh don't jinx me lol. He's just one small goldie so hopefully he will be a good boy. The reddish bacopa he doesn't like. He only likes the broad leafed plant and the water sprite... so maybe he won't eat everything and be bad like that
  24. Looks like the key to plant retention is to just put too many for him to eat lol. Made a few changes to his tank. He seems a happy little dude for now. I don't feed him much at all. I never feed for growth, he gets 2 small feedings per day. He can eat anything else he wants from the plants in his tank.
  25. I have the same issue with diatoms so I get it lol. I got some Nerites and they got up a lot of it... but they can't get it off everything and it always comes back. Oh well! Doesn't harm the fish so I don't stress about it. Little Shion and even Mary seem oblivious to it.
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