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  1. This fish was BADLY dropsied, and your fish is in far worse condition than even this one. This fish was also behaving fairly normally. It still was easily identified as unsavable and euthanized. Found with severely damaged kidneys upon necropsy. There's no way being this bloated can be comfortable and these fish often don't show signs of illness until the VERY end. I would think they are actually suffering when in this state. If this were my fish, I would euthanize it immediately. This level of dropsy is nearly always incurable and caused by irreparable organ damage. This is why he isn't responding to treatment.
  2. I actually don't agree. The adult fish need more veggie matter than protein. I'll never understand why people constantly feed peas to goldfish as if that's something they would be eating in the wild. No. They would eat more algae and underwater plant matter, and while spinach isn't identical to that... it's closer to that than PEAS. Peas are legumes, goldfish simply wouldn't be eating any legume type foods in nature. Period.
  3. And we have another - Chewy. Today spotted many many bumps along pectoral and a few on the gill plates. MALE confirmed as well!! So there are 3 confirmed males so far. Can't confirm Crunchy yet.
  4. Yes they sleep at night when the lights are off. Most fish just hover in one place in the water column. Some will sometimes rest on the bottom - but this is rare. When you turn the lights on - they tend to kinda JERK awake.
  5. Your fish seem to be doing okay - keep up their water quality and upgrade when you can comfortably do so. That's what I always do. I have 4 little ones in a 55. I plan to keep 2 or 3 there permanently but for now the tank can easily sustain 2 small and 2 medium sized fish. It has 4 filters and plenty of plants. I do 90% water changes weekly and I barely even see a trace of nitrate on WC day. And the fish are small so there's PLENTY of room to swim and exercise. Two of them were gotten as TEENY TINY PetSmart fish for $3 or so. Anybody who says I need a 100 gallon tank for the 4 fish can do a few things... #1. Go buy me one plus the stand #2. Find me the space to put it in the den (can't be done) #3. Maintain it for me weekly #4. Pay part of the high water bill it would cause If they can't do all that, then I don't much want to hear it. The PetSmart Duo wasn't planned but I'm sure they are happier here than had they remained at PetSmart.
  6. Clove oil is usually good. I have seen a small percentage of fish struggle at the very beginning but they usually slowly fall asleep calmly and it's over that quickly. Once he completely stops moving, leave him in the solution for another 30 minutes and he won't wake up. You don't need to freeze him. A swift decapitate and pith or a PROPERLY done blow to the head also works and is humane - but those methods are harder on the aquarist. At this point - it's pretty clear he won't recover and it's probably best to euthanize him. To let him die naturally is an option of course, but not one I would choose.
  7. From what I gather - this disease is treated like KHV is in Koi. Once confirmed in fish - all the fish are deemed losses as they all are possible carriers even if asymptomatic. This disease is uncommon in goldfish - were you able to pinpoint the source of the infection?
  8. I agree. They love ponds. Even fancies love ponds. Big ones with all the trimmings. But again not everyone can do this or lives in the right climate etc for this so we all just try to do what we can.
  9. I've gotten frozen brine shrimp and daphnia and whatnot and been feeding that to the goldies along with the Emerald Entrée - and the skinny shrimp petsmart goldies (Chewy and Crunchy) are putting on weight nicely. I actually don't feed frozen bloodworms much - as they really aren't that nutritious. Blackworms are better but I only have those in dried cubes. Shion is still the size champ but it'll be interesting to see how they do over the next few months.
  10. That side looks better but the issue has gone bilateral now so it's hard to know if he's actually improving.
  11. I agree. This is an internal issue and he's clearly not fighting it. He may be too old or it may be too late. There may be nothing you can do for him beyond this point. How are you treating him with the Kanaplex?? These fish are tough and sometimes take a long while to show pain and discomfort, but being this swollen can't possibly be comfortable for him. I think that if he continues to show no improvement or if he begins to show signs of feeling ill - euthanasia would probably be the best option.
  12. Definitely not good. Highly unlikely to be a parasite - more like a bacterial infection that his little immune system can't fight. What have you been treating him with?
  13. I currently have a 55 gallon tank with 4 goldfish. None anywhere near the size of yours but I have 2 confirmed males. These are the largest ones. Trying to confirm the gender of the other two. If they're BOTH females or BOTH males, all good. If only ONE is female, I will remove her because 3 males VS 1 female could be bad if they decide to spawn. Moving forward, if I were you, I may not leave this fish in there to be beat up/stressed to illness again. Ranchu are notoriously fragile. She needs salt and I would treat for infection at this point. I would put her in hospital and treat the fish internally and externally. Because if she stops eating, treatment gets that much harder.
  14. Even her anal fins seem to have fin rot so I think this is bacterial in nature already. I've had vigorous spawns with SINGLE TAILS getting at my girl who has large fins, and she never ends up beat up anything like this. Ranchu have tiny fins and as such the fins wouldn't take this much damage anyway during a spawn. She doesn't even seem to have any scales knocked off so I don't think the spawning caused the fin rot. Also my girl never loses her vigor. The bottom sitting and lack of vigor also spells a brewing bacterial issue. And I think a panda oranda and a calico ranchu would make a ton of weird deformed fish, and some that look like passable orandas. It isn't a spawn I would keep any eggs from.
  15. We have to balance realism with the fishes needs. As you say - not many people are going to be able to get an 80 gallon tank for two fish. And honestly I don't think it's necessary. If not overfeeding, the fish won't outgrow a 40 gallon tank... And very few are going to even get a 40 gallon tank for a 25 cent standard goldfish. I preach water quality, feeding regimen, and cycle knowledge over tank size. Have enough room for your fish to swim around comfortably and monitor your water quality and get the largest tank you can afford. The rest, just do your best.
  16. Now THAT is a cute story. Makes total sense. Goldfish do just fine when blinded so long as they don't have too much competition. I've had a few blind orandas with wens covering their eyes in my outdoor system and they stayed just as chubby as the others.
  17. Also - after looking at your dude closely... he may be completely blind. The mutation that causes this color and wen type causes many black Thai Ranchus to be completely blind. If they aren't blind - they often have extremely poor vision. So if you got him a friend - I would highly recommend a fish of the same exact type.
  18. https://www.koisale.com/KoiStore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=69_184&products_id=9269 Why is a deformed fish missing a pelvic fin and with a crooked spine being sold for $900? https://www.koisale.com/KoiStore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=69_184&products_id=10054 And a totally FUSED and curled deformed tail AND dorsal fin is being sold for $600. If I tried to sell deformed fish like this for $$$, people would rip me to shreds for trying to scam buyers with my junk fish or true breeders would clown me for not knowing how to cull and pushing poor specimens into the hobby.
  19. Lol btw what made you name him Taco? Never heard that name for a Goldie. My new one is named Ziggy, off of a character on an old video game I used to like. Lol the character and the fish.
  20. Ranchu don't swim well. Their shape and tiny fins along with their lack of a dorsal gives them extremely poor balance in the water. The way their eyes are set doesn't tend to help either. He looks quite tiny as well, so with time he should become a stronger swimmer.
  21. What a handsome guy. Lovely velvet matte color. I hope he does well. He's very cute.
  22. I love blues as much as you. Always have. They are hard to find and many turn white with lemon heads and don't keep the blue... so we shall see how this little one does. Many also have those olive patches on them. This one has no olive bits, pure blue. I feel much better today. I don't think it's COVID. No cough or fever... just some nasal congestion.
  23. Dinky fish are in - now to observe and feed and whatnot. Now that I have some days off, I have gotten sick with a cold... which I never get. So that's excellent!!! Hopefully it isn't the COVID. I don't feel BAD BAD though, just a little congested.
  24. He's the ONLY person I know actively breeding Kirin patterned fish. They're my favorites by FAR and this one was nice and small and stood out to me. He had up so many healthy and nice looking Orandas that week. But then sometimes I wonder... because he posted these this week: https://www.zhaosfancies.com/online-goldfish-shop#!/2-Pack-Blue-Phoenixtail-Lionheads-4-75”/p/409352651/category=0 The one on the right especially has red and completely tattered fins. Looks like a bacterial infection/fin rot to me not just a fin deformity. Either way - it's a really bad specimen and definitely should not be sold. And the notes only say MINOR tail flaws. They are quite MAJOR actually. I can't blame someone if they see this and don't wish to buy from him. Many of his Phoenix tail fish often have sloppy finnage but this is something else.
  25. The two scrawny PetSmart weaklings will be with them next week. They've been doing so well. I'll probably put the young Wakin outside in spring if he makes it through the winter in the tank. The tank won't have any trouble handling the bio of 4 small fish for 6 months or so. I'll still do the 90% weekly changes in there so I can feed them as they need.
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