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  1. Goldfish don't need super tiny pellets. I find mine usually do better with sort of medium sized pellets. They find them better and less gets lost and they weigh more so they don't get sucked into filter etc. Unless your goldfish are TINY.
  2. I mixed the Cobalt ones as they were the tiny packages and were bought together intentionally to mix. The long pellets are around an ounce per bag and the goldfish rounds were around 2 ounces. With expiration dates in 2023 and less than 6 ounces of food, I don't see the freshness being an issue before they are all eaten.. With the other pellets, I just leave them in their original containers usually.
  3. The Fluval Bug Bites are said to be good... I have never tried them. Definitely would give them a shot over Hikari though.
  4. I've had success with Omega One before, as well. Never really Iiked the New Life Spectrum. I only tried the Thera A and I had a tank with 4 fish at the time and NONE of them liked those pellets but loved the Omega One. They also say Northfin is good, but as it is manufactured in Canada, it can be tough to find for a decent price in America and the UK.
  5. I really like the Cobalt line for the indoor goldfish. I mixed these together for him. I also feed Ocean Nutrition Formula Two to the indoor goldfish. I feed both floating and sinking type without issue. I also have some blackworm pellets I get off of eBay. I've seen and heard so many problems with Hikari, that when I went to the goldfish show and got free Hikari pellets for coming in second place in the show - I tossed them when I got home and didn't feed a single one to my goldfish! Some keepers swear by it - but quite literally, you couldn't pay me to feed it to my fish! The outdoor goldfish get exclusively Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish floating pellets. Nothing else.
  6. Entire setup given away - thread CLOSED.
  7. Lol I have had Moors before. They are often nearly blind due to their eye deformity and as such take longer to find food and figure out how best to eat it - but once they find a routine, they're good to go!
  8. So I got Shion's little food. I mix all 3 of these together for his "sinking mix". Cobalt sinking goldfish pellets, sinking spirulina pellets, and sinking mysis pellets. I also have a "floating mix" which has the Cobalt floating goldfish pellets, blue ridge floating pellets, and floating blackworm pellets. I alternate between the mixes to keep him on his toes lol. He always finds all of it regardless.
  9. Me too. I don't need him to be a big fish or have a big wen, a nice medium sized fish with a nice medium sized wen would make me happy. I love his coloration and everything. Just gotta fill in a bit. Slowly and steadily works for me. Hopefully in 6-8 months he's a cute little man.
  10. You should get this behavior on video so that other keepers can see and determine if its normal.
  11. Now I just need him to grow a little more dinky wen and I will be happy lol
  12. Aww so many cute dinky fish. I took a few photos of Shion earlier today.
  13. The first one KINDA has a Bristol type look to his tail. But not really. But at least he's a shubunkin! They're both great though.
  14. Awww cute. A shubunkin and comet looks like
  15. Thanks. I'm super happy he's a male. He constantly moves things around in his tank so I had to make some adjustments today.
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