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  1. The GFK site wasn't really getting many posts so I guess the ADMIN let it go or closed it. Sucks all the useful info there was lost. Forums are just dying. It is what it is. As for my fish - I have one system left. The goldfish I have left are Diva, Boss, Rangli, Elizabeth, Piccolo, Limbo, and lovely Bayana... my last little white Ryukin. There are 4 baby single tails from a spawn left too. I won't be running any other systems. Don't have the time or patience. And after these go, I'll likely set goldfish aside for a while.
  2. @spider man I did not even know she had Guppies. I have not spoken to her in a very long time. I got these off eBay as tiny fry and they bred out of control!! It's nice to see you here tho. I lost any way of contact with you since GFK no longer runs. If they keep this up - I may boot all of them and try a different species because omg
  3. I gave these away today - but I have more to give away. I'm also giving away fry as well. I will likely still have some come May.
  4. Got 15-18 tiny fry guppies in December. First time keeping guppies. They're grown up now and I have too many males and their numbers are increasing. The boys sometimes fight etc. If you have a good home for them please let me know. I'm in Atlanta but I have shipped fish before and can if absolutely necessary. I have like 4 extra males at least. They're mixed breed but the boys are lovely with big colorful tails. I haven't posted here in a while but figured to post this just in case. Thanks!
  5. I don't truly post here anymore... But want to sympathize with you here. I got a fish from that same importer, and though I did a standard QT... It wiped out every single fish in my pond. Nearly 30 fish, half of which I had nearly 2 years with no issues. I've met SEVERAL more people who had nasty issues with that vendor. He doesn't quarantine and his fish aren't healthy or to be trusted at all. If you email Bo Zhao of Zhao's fancies... He may be able to accomodate you. He is VERY nice and accommodating. His fish are known for good health and they are not imports. I bought this big girl and he threw in the dinky one for free. Still a good quality baby fish. He often has dinky fish he doesn't sell laying around. No reports I have seen of ugly disease from his fish. He recommends you don't mix either, but if you HAVE to (say, for owners of a single pond who have no choice) he will give you instructions to minimize issues. He's great. I have several fish from Chuchugoldfish on eBay. No imports and been nothing but strong healthy fish for years. Even a total pH crash that killed several strong single tails could not kill his fish. Zero chance of vicious disease. He often has small fish for an excellent price... But they sell out quick so gotta keep an eye out. I avoided Cynthia when I went looking for a new Oranda for some of the same reasons you did. She makes it seem like you'll kill her fish instantly if you aren't an expert.
  6. Tell me about it. But my issues lied with imported fish. Never had a vicious outbreak from fish I bought locally. They all come from the same farm down here that supplies all the southern mass merchandisers. But fish from sources that I don't know, I would definitely be careful and wait the extra time.
  7. As it turns out... The cats can't stand that food. Neither of them. I guess I see now why it was cheap. I would have been beyond furious if I bought that food at full price only for my cat to hate it. Today I did a clean of the mud pond. Kosmos, my favorite, is gone. All the other 6 were found doing okay. Some of them really are getting quite a bit chunky and I they were visible from the top. I did decide to net it finally properly... Was a pain but will definitely prevent any birds from hunting in there now. I'll post an update on the blog about it... But I also found something else at the bottom What a cutie pie... I want to find out what kind dude he is and see if I can care for him. He was looking quite pekid.
  8. Man that is HOT, but you guys get mild winters so there's the exchange. Your goldies should be happy and growing lol. Mine are totally annoyed. Today was 62° as high. In two days it'll be 20° at night. Crazy.
  9. Last night it was 24° outside. I covered my mud pond. It'll be 28° tonight and its very windy. I left the cover on. I'll take it off tomorrow. Gave Mary and her minions another 25% water change. So she's had her 50% now. Everything looks good there. Her Barbies are getting so big. It's crazy. I've done some more research and it seems like the Barbies might get 3-4", which I had no idea because when I see Barbies in videos, they're always super dinky little fish. I hope mine don't get that big. Yikes. They're already little bastards.
  10. Well she doesn't get good quality food usually. You see that giant bag of Special Kitty food that she usually eats. But our last two dogs lived to be 15+ years old and Blue there is about 20 years old. My other cat that ran away was over 10 years old. We've never really fed high quality foods because we really didn't know about it until we got my previous cat, because she had urinary issues and we had to search for different foods. Still, our pets have always seemed to do pretty well on standard foods thankfully. But I'm sure the higher quality food won't harm Blue and she's happy to have something different.
  11. And I also found this Instinct cat food for $2 as well. It's the Kitten formula but I'm sure 20 year old blue doesn't care XD. She wishes she was a kitten again.
  12. Petco had a sale on its less popular foods that were set to expire next month. I got these 3 bags, 13 lbs of food for around $5. Pretty great deal when that bag of Blue Wilderness is usually around $26 by itself. My dog is 100 lbs so the food won't sit too long and so I'm not pressed about the nearing expiration dates on it. They're sealed bags and all is well. He's sort of a chubby man and so I don't suspect that he will have any issues as far as taste goes. I also decided to do a pH test on a bottle of water that we buy just out of curiosity, and the pH was 8.8 off the charts high... Same as my tap water. Very interesting indeed.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I fully think that the methylene blue will be useless. I don't have any reason to believe that this is fungal... So I believe ALL antifungal approaches will be useless. I did say that. Yes the acriflavine does have much stronger fungicidal etc effects, but that's also what makes it much harsher of a med in general. The OP is free to do what she wants. I simply cannot stand behind medicating this fish with those meds in this case and so I decided to add my opinion this time. I've seen medications recommended on nearly every disease thread recently when I wasn't sure that they were needed and I decided to say something this time. If the bumps are fungal, much like most external fungal infections, they should begin to worsen/intensify fairly quickly if left untreated but are still not generally life threatening until left for quite some time. That's just how fish fungus usually works. This is why I advised to wait and see before the fish is attacked with medications. If they begin to worsen, then try the meds. If they respond, then that's great. You know what works. If Taryl stands behind this treatment and recommends it, then I say go for it. She's always been a great help to me and I trust her judgment on this issue.
  14. I don't think your maintenance is the issue here but if you find that your filter pads are extremely dirty each time, upping maintenance won't hurt. A prefilter sponge also isn't a bad idea if you notice food being sucked into the filter. I have them for my tropical tank and it really helps food from going into the filters. I don't think this is fungal. I mean I could be wrong but there's nothing here that supports that this is a fungal infection. It doesn't even look fungal to me. The streaks are very mild and they make sense alongside these bumps. To me it's not a concern either. With methylene blue, you MUST NOT dose the tank with it. It'll stain everything a dark blue color and ruin the inside of the tank. You mix the solution in a bowl and you dip the fish in it for a few seconds and then you put the fish back in the tank. This can be done daily for a while to see if it helps. And unlike Acriflavine, methylene blue is very very gentle. Now - I don't expect it to help because though methylene blue is extremely effective on fungus, I don't think this is fungus. If the issue is stemming from your filter, and you seek to kill whatever is in your filter, understand that by treating your main tank, you may very well kill the good with the bad. Acriflavine put on my fish in a paste completely crashed her cycle almost instantly. I cannot recommend trying to use it in your main tank. No way. I've never used Pimafix myself and haven't seen success with it on goldfish, only tropicals. You said the fish appears to be behaving normally and so I definitely cannot and do not recommend hitting him with any meds or placing him in hospital. If anything, I would simply observe for a while and do nothing unless I see any change in behavior or the bumps get much worse.
  15. This user does not claim to feed gel foods. Even so, many feed gel foods and never have these issues. They definitely don't do 100% water changes after each feeding. That's pure insanity. I don't think those bumps are fungal either. I agree with Taryl in that the bumps are likely viral. I think we are much too quick to use medication these days. I don't want people to think the answer to everything is meds. If they are fungal, why not start with something more gentle such as methylene blue dips? Acriflavine is a harsh medication and Bi-Furan probably isn't much gentler. Even if the meds DO help the issue, if the cause is what the person who recommended that thinks it is, the issue is likely to return again and again. The OP hasn't had the tank for long, it isn't heavily stocked, and the water parameters don't spell poor maintenance. I don't post in this section much anymore, but I can't agree with this medication route. To me it's excessive to start with and IMO it isn't a true solution anyway. I doubt the bumps will respond to those meds. The bumps may go away on their own, but it will take quite a while and if they are viral in nature, they will return... And so will any secondary issues that go with them. The streaking that I see is extremely mild and in a fish with that coloring, doesn't indicate any issues to me. I would wait and monitor the fish and see if the issues resolve themselves. At most I would do gentle dips, I definitely would not hit the fish with Acriflavine yet. I can't agree that multiple weeks of the recommended medication can't cause any harm. The fish might be fine, but making a habit of this and just being quick to use medications in general is why they are working less and less.
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