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  1. It's been only 2 days since I replaced the black sand with this white one, did a water change 1 hour ago.
  2. Got some new artificial plants to make it looks like a salt water tank [emoji2] . The tank is still cloudy because of white sand [emoji20]
  3. Tee hee I bought them for about 1.5 $ each at the local fish store. I'm so lucky.
  4. It's been two years since my last post on Koko. Just want to keep you guys updated. Bought a new tank to replaced the old one, new one is 53 gallon but with thicker glass, I have also replaced the black sand with white sand and to be honest I love this more than the black sand that I used to have for almost 2 years. This gave me an idea of decorating my tank with artificial corals to make it looks like a salt water tank but with goldfish in it. Currently housing 3 ranchus and 3 otocinclus. Hope everyone like it
  5. Beautiful !!! May I ask what kind of sand are you using for your tank ?
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