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  1. This is going to be one of the weirder questions i've asked in my life but..


    Do male goldfish get, for lack of a better term, blue balls? I KNOW, it's silly, but I have a young male ryukin/butterfly absolutely covered head to tail in breeding stars. He is a stud! Super dominant and feisty. He is only kept with another male of his size because he chases all the females and small males endlessly. I have no females who are in breeding mode, who can stand his...enthusiasm. 


    So, do you think a male who is ready and geared up to mate is going crazy not ..mating? I just wonder if I had a female with eggs and let them do their dance..that he would maybe calm down? I've tried for months to keep him in a room temp tank, no heater, 68-72F and he is still in mating mode. I really don't want to keep him solo, he has been recently separated from the other male because that male's stars have faded and he's calmed down as well. So he gets bullied basically...


    Anyway, im rambling..I just wonder if anyone has experience with jacked up young males :P Should I rehome my baby to someone with a pond and lots of lady fish he can chase? He just seems like he has too much energy to be in an aquarium of any size. BTW he's currently in a 40B all by himself.

  2. Wow the parents are stunning and that fry is just  :wub:


    I know! Right? Haha


    I did research back when he was smaller, about color change and genetics. I wanted to know when he/ if he would change from "wild" green/bronze.




    "In recent decades a special sort of calico called 'kirin' has been developed.  Kirin offspring and traditional calico calico offspring tend to segregate differently.  As noted above, when two traditional calico goldfish are crossed, 50% of the offspring are calico, 25% are metallic and 25% are matt.  When two kirin are crossed there are fewer true metallic.  About 25% look metallic at first glance but many, if not most, have a few clear scales.  Likewise, about 25% appear matt at first glance but most have a few scattered metallic scales.  Kirin goldfish often have significantly more black than traditional calico.  The black can can be diffuse across most of the fish and it can occur in dense, distinct patches.  Kirin goldfish also tend to have more metallic scales interspersed with the clear scales.  But, the kirin characteristic does not breed true and many or most of the offspring will look more like traditional calico."

  3. Im new here and wanted to share my lone fry baby :)


    I never had the right combination of circumstances to breed my fish in the past. I actually had a very fertile female purple telescope, but never a male that could get the job done.


    Well, I brought home two new little telescopes 9 months ago. The calico started chasing my large female ryukin after being introduced to the main tank. She released eggs but I figured the little calico tele was too young to fertilize the eggs. I did several water changes following the event, attempting to maintain good parameters after all the activity/mess. You can imagine how surprised I was to spot the tiniest little specks swimming behind one of the plants! 


    Here is the video of my little calico doing his damndest to help her out ;)



    In total I found 5 fry. After two weeks there were only two. I tried not to get my hopes up, knowing the odds of getting strong healthy formed fry was slim. 





    They grew really nicely. The green one was always more voracious and a bit bigger. 





    Unfortunately the pinkie got an abrasion on its tiny nose. I treated with dips and very clean water. She looked to be responding nicely..and then I had to leave for vacation for 5 days...and in that time she passed. I had a feeling. She was just starting to show yellow colored spots and had a few tiny nacreous scales like mama. Oh well.






    I pressed on with my last tough, green fry.! 





    Im happy to say he continues to grow well! I began grooming him and his dad a few months ago. My fry doubled his weight and caught up to his dad in only 4 weeks! AND finally losing the green and going red/orange/white :)



  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone, and the welcomes :)


    Bumble has been moved. No worries. Makes for uneven/ not so ideal stocking though. I'll have to rotate them around and see what combo fits best between the two tanks.


    Also, I am aware that the simulation of spring rainfall triggers spawning. I've had experience with it before. It was more of a theory based on the article and what is stated about male hormone release/saturation. 


    Shahbazin- Those are beautiful fish! Love the set up! 


    ALSO! Since Bumble was moved, two days ago, the calico and the ryukin fry have settled down quite a bit. It maybe backs up my suspicion that Bumble is not a true male. When I first brough bumble and the calico home only the calico telescope chased my large nacreous ryukin, despite them both showing plenty of stars. That chasing actually cause my ryukin fry lol (realy hoped he got his dads tele eyes :(.  ) Anyway...Bumble never really chased..just showed stars. 


    Plus "he" has a more female shape like the moore.



    Bumble color progression:


  5. Hi everyone! First post :)


    I have had a real issue with what I now call "The bachelor tank". A few months ago I set up a new 40B with three small butterfly telescopes and my only ryukin/telescope fry (now about 8 months old). I am adding a new 40B this week so it wasn't  permanent stocking. Simple sponge filter and 40 gallon HOB, a few live plants in planters, bare bottom, LED light.


    SO! I am posting this to see if anyone has experience with bachelor tanks and chasing. I also just want to post my experiences/ observations for others if they run into this problem.


    So I wanted to groom/ grow out these fish and track their growth. I added a heater to raise the temp to around 77 and fed lots of Repashy, New Life Spectrum pellets, and various frozen food blends. It was all going very well. The fry doubled in weight in one month, catching up to his LFS telescope buddies. 


    Well, now i've had to stop the whole grow out because they all developed breeding stars on their gill plates and fins (DUH! What was I expecting >_<). They started out chasing, what turned out to be, the sole female, my black moor. I kept an eye on it but I was pretty confident she was too young and too new to my tanks to have eggs yet. Unfortunately they ran her ragged and she had to be moved to the 55gallon.


    I thought without her they would stop....I was WRONG. They chase each other incessantly! ALL DAY! The ryukin fry and my calico telescope are good swimmers and can give/take the chasing without too much issue. The orange telescope, Bumble, is NOT a good swimmer (hence the name) and he gets tired out quickly. They gang up on him, pushing, chasing all over.... I separate bumble in a floating basket for a few hours to give him a break at least once a day. I don't want to remove Bumble if I don't have to, but even with the tank at room temp (68 F), a more limited/ less rich diet, and less daily "sunlight"...the stars and chasing remain. 


    I did some reading on this forum to see if anyone had spoken about this already and I came across a linked article about male goldfish hormones. http://wordpress.cfans.umn.edu/sorensen/files/2012/08/goldfishpheromone.pdf

    So, it seems even without a female present, who is almost ready to release eggs, the males release their own hormone into the water. It seems that it's a way to assess the competition and gear up for when a female shows up. It seems it triggers the males into chasing each other and battling it out for dominance. My calico telescope and ryukin fry seem to be tied for dominance...


    SO! In theory if I do more frequent water changes it should lower the amount hormone saturation in the water. Hopefully "calming" them down and lessening the frequency of chasing. Also, maybe exposing them to a mature female for periods of time. Maybe one male to a female, can help get rid of the mating urge?


    Anyway....I hope to get this figured out. I really like have serene tanks...but these BROS are killing me with their urges! 




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