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  1. How are the killies doing? IMO I'd not house them with white clouds, I find my white clouds really appreciate a colder tank 965-67), and gold wonder killies prefer 72-75-ish range. Make sure you have a secure lid with no gaps! Killies are known jumpers. If you wanted to find more non sold-as-egg killie species I know someone on another forum who knows a man who breeds a lot of interesting killies (not the shipped-as-eggs-shorted-lived varieties). I can contact and ask for email info for you if you'd like.
  2. *serious voice* Yes, you do! ^^ Hopefully once you do my 75g will be overgrown and need thinned out so I'll have plenty of plants for you... 40g is always over grown with water sprite now, its out competing my veggies on top!
  3. Great plants for tall tanks! Was going to put these in my 75g but there is no more room! Wanted to share them with others ^^ If you have any questions feel free to ask. These are snail free and I don't see any algae either! Shipping is $7 for usps flat rate box anywhere in continental US. Can include free root tabs to fertilize plants (1 per a plant), let me know if you want them. The chain sword I got from another tank person who said the mother plant (full grown) is about 16" tall (currently under 10"). Great nitrate absorber! Appreciates iron fert. Have technically 3 plants, 2 smaller ones are still joined but can be split up, asking $4 total for all 3 of them. Red tiger louts is stunning lily plant with vibrant red leaves (made redder by dosing iron and giving medium to high light). You can keep the lily pads under water by aggressively pruning leaves when they get taller than you want. Within a few months the plant will be 'trained' to stay a certain height below water. Newest growth is red as it got a brighter light (beofre it was over shadowed by another lilly so older leaves are a more green). Asking $4 for the plant. Buy both plants for $7 + shipping (save $1) ^^ Both of these plats can be trimmed to keep small for smaller tanks, just cut off large leaves near base of plant when they get taller than you want. edit: can throw in free salvinia minimia with other plants, just ask when you message me
  4. Salvinia minima available again, here are some photos I took today from my 3g picotope tank. 2nd photo shows new growth has shorter roots but older leaves get longer roots ^^ Freya wants her food! And no you will not get the betta, RAOK is just for the plants.
  5. PP does good killing off algae and hatched snails but not a lot of people get a hold of it easily (i got from ebay) WARNING it stains! Bleach and PP don't get rid of eggs. Now I just use the product "No planaria" directly in the tank the fish are in it kills off snails as a side effect (some trap door snails may survive but if you have large snails you want to keep like rabbit, nerite, apple, and mystery remove them prior to treatment. Its a 3 day treatment then a water change (do huge water change prior to putting large snails back in) wait 1-2 weeks and repeat to get any new hatchlings. Works great! fish/plant/shrimp safe. You get enough you can't use it up before it expires. Its natrual-made form a specific nut extract. it does leave a white powder in the tank but the water change gets that out. Side note: if you plan to keep anubias quarantine for a minimum of 1 month before putting new anubias with existing anubias (if you buy from separate sources at same/similar time keep separate for 1 month). There is a disease called rhizome rot that is spreadable to other anubias and can wipe out a collection (has happened to me twice!!). Look for soft spots/discolored rhizome, plant smelling like garbage instead of garden, leaves decomposing fast/stem breaking off at rhizome, and lack of or loss of roots.
  6. Glad you were able to take the fish ^^ I'm sure moonshayde really appreciates them going to a knowledgeable goldfish keeper instead of the roulette of death going to a petstore or random cregslist find.
  7. I can send you some and you can compare If you want to know bad small try keeping black worms (aquatic worm cultured as fish food) and let them die off (they rot fast).. worst smell ever! I would rather change bed pans/diapers at an elderly home then have to clean out a bin with dead black worms.
  8. I recall reading someone had turned an aquatic plant into a veggie smoothy but forget which plant, if it was duckweed you could hype it up as the next big diet crazy, make a pretty penny and get ti out of the lake!
  9. Ooo hey moonshayde! remember me? I hijacked your planted tank journal on another forum asking about keeping goldfish and plants ^^ Sorry you have to rehome your goldies :c if i was closer I'd take the whole thing (fish, plants, system).
  10. Well what do you want the pleco for? just a different type of fish? do you want a diatom 9aka brown algae) eater? Are you willing to add driftwood for the pleco to hide under and rasp on as well as supplement its diet (asking it to live on just diatoms if like you living on just iceburge lettuce). Not all plecos are the same, and some get far to big for a 55g such as the common pleco (can get to 24" and need 300g tank) and leopard pleco (18" fish needs 150+g ideally over 200g). Not all plecos eat diatoms, some are more carnivorous than others. If left to eat just diatoms they may starve and will eat the slime coat off otehr fish (goldfish) its said once they develop this habit its pretty much impossible to break so they can't be kept with other fish anymore unless you want that fish to suffer. Bristle nose is probably the favorite as it stays relatively small at about 6" max, and usually can stay in as small as a 20g tank (not with a goldfish though), it eats diatoms, is non aggressive, and generally doesn't damage plants. Be sure you're ready to deal with the extra poop, plecos can have turd strands 4 the length of their bodies! Supplementing diet includes algae wafers and blanched veggies for bristlenose.
  11. looks healthier now than the first photo so you light may be just fine.
  12. It does ok in shallow tnaks (I've had it in aa shallow as 6", you can trim aggressively to keep below water or just let it grow to surface. A small terracota pot or doing the mesh bag with substrate like this video work for bare bottom tanks: replied ^^ You could always set up a little fw pico/nano tank ^.~
  13. This is an interesting conversation. I'd not thought about lifespans of the fancy, though i do recall reading that the more common long bodies ones in ponds live a long time (read somewhere up to 40 years but that may be for koi). I'll be buying bristol shubunkin from him once my 75g tanks are all prepped.
  14. How long have you had your melon sword? I notice its leaves are a bit transparent which my Argentinean sword did when it had too weak of a light. But sometimes leaves melt when the plant is new and adjusting to different water params. Imo the fern will be fine, but sword will need more light.
  15. Thanks ^^ I really love it, hate to give it up but its not letting my other dwarf swords in the tank get enough light (my fault for not keeping it trimmed back).
  16. Yes it can be kept in any height tank (i had it growing in a 11.8" high cube(about 9" with substrate) but never trimmed leaves to stem kept growing). You can rain it to stay compact with aggressive pruning when leaves get above the height you want. Within a few months it should stay at a shorter height and not keep shooting for the surface. It does well in low light but will grow faster in medium light. Its not demanding but liquid fert OR root tab (does not need both) will be appreciated. My old betta boy Xerxes loves lounging in the leaves but it was shading the other plants too much so I had to remove it (he's still glaring at me).
  17. Have 1 very large Nymphaea Taiwant for sale a light green small leafed lily plant. Comes complete with huge roots and semi dissolved root tab lodged onto said roots. Reaches over 2' tall,great for big tanks! Has baby plants (at least 5, probably more) growing off the ends of several of the leaves so you can pinch them off and plant them to make many more (shorter)plants! Want this lily to stay short? No problem! Just prune off leaves when they get too tall and within a few months it will be 'trained' to stay compact. $10 shipped (small flat rate priority box). Snail free! Sorry i don't do local pickups due to a bad experience in the past. What you see is what you get: Free add-ons: large blob of riccia or as much salvinia minimia as I can stuff into the box with the n. taiwan. Note add-ons may have snails but lily comes from snail free tank.
  18. For what its worth my orandas mouths are angles slightly different (more up turned-makes face look a bit more flat) from my fantail (but more down turned, mouth gives a little bit more point to the face from side profile) but she may be a fantail x ryukin mix. I've not closely examined other fantails close up to know if she's an anomaly/defect or if that's common form.
  19. I kinda like my wen-less new oranda (bronze guy)
  20. thanks for the tip, I may grab myself a lidded container and do that. I use a mason jar from the dollar store. So I used a ~1 gallon jug with handle that use to have a pomegranate juice in it (thoroughly rinsed) worked like a charm, got all the salt dissolved in 3 batches of water (about 1/2-3/4 full jug each time). Thank you again for the info! Great, glad it worked I prefer not to bounce them back and forth between salinity levels. I also don't wear nylons, so I don't keep them handy I only use them for the tanks too
  21. Does this have a bad effect on the goldies? going from 0.3% to 0.0% (from 100% water change) then going back up to 0.3% from the nylon stocking? I thought from the pinned "how to quarantine new fish" if going from 0 to 0.3% you need 36 hours? Or is that just for initial adding of salt to get them use to it and after that the daily flux doesn't bother them? http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/114492-how-to-quarantine-new-fish/ I'm not arguing with you, just asking questions to trying to understand it better.
  22. Need to get some decent in focus shots of my 2 new ones, for now here's a bagged shot when they first got home and saw all the ripariums/aquaponic tank. love the name
  23. thanks for the tip, I may grab myself a lidded container and do that. I use a mason jar from the dollar store. So I used a ~1 gallon jug with handle that use to have a pomegranate juice in it (thoroughly rinsed) worked like a charm, got all the salt dissolved in 3 batches of water (about 1/2-3/4 full jug each time). Thank you again for the info!
  24. ?? Mine is the pro 3 1200lx, which pro 3 did you have issues with? There are 3 models if you count the pro 3 E series.
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