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  1. Lovely new crowntail boy, I believe you'd call his coloration copper or black copper.
  2. Got a small flat rate box completely stuffed with the live plant crinium yesterday! Much much more than I expected, especially sine they so generously sent these plants for just cost of shipping! Thank you again Flipper, will put them to good use ^^
  3. I forgot to add into my post, its $7 via paypal to cover small flat rate priority box I enjoy it, just have a lot of it right now so thought I'd share ^^
  4. container is 6"x5" and about 0.75" depth of riccia this is no duckweed, salvinia, or other floaters. Comes from a tank that has been snail free since set up nearly 2 years ago. There is always a chance of some algae but I don't see any. makes great floating mat or if you keep up on trimming it can be tied down to decor/rock/wood. PM me to claim.
  5. oh yeh forgot garlic, that's in the gel mix too.
  6. Mine is a home made repashy soilent green gel food mix with added: repashy meat pie, tuna water (from canned tune), carrots, an orange slice, cucumber, hikari purple bad gold fish pellets, hikari algae wafers, some omega one flakes,.. I'm probably forgetting something. I feed this 2x a day. First meal 1st meal before gel food is either hikari goldfish pellets (pre soaked) or hikari frozen binse shimrp (thawed), rotate on those. so 3 meals a day. How much I can't say, have 3 goldies and I think I over feed a little to try to ensure the smallest gets food (it keeps waiting at the surface as everything sinks past it).
  7. The great thing about mosses is they're pretty tolerant to being neglected (aka no nutrients/co2/co2 supplement) as long as they get enough light, windowsill is plenty if you rotate jar or stir moss maybe once a week. I had fissidens aka phoenix moss for a long while, it tolerated high doses of excel (0.6ml in a 2g tank(3x normal dose) daily) and medium light.. maybe once a week I'd throw in flourish (but the floating plants would hog it). It grew great! ...Until my mother visited and she left the tank light on 24 hours (she decided to force the light on to make the room brighter to read a book then never turned ti back to timer mode) =,= got hair algae I could ever get rid of (fissidens doesn't tolerate hydrogen peroxide, potassium permagnimate, or bleach treatments) so had to get rid of it >.< it was my favorite aquascape too
  8. [censor] yeh I'd jump on that! Sent you a pm. If I'm lucky I'll have enough plants to have to split them between the 2 75gs instead of cramming all into 1 tank ^^
  9. Here's a weird hypothetical I came up with over the weekend and asked my husband, wanted to ask you all the same: You 're stranded on a desert island that offered no food source (island doesn't have animals or plants you can eat), you are able to make and maintain fire. Fishing daily you sometimes go hungry.. Somehow a container that only carries 1 type of food maroons on your island. What food would you want to be in it? (There is only 1 type of food: example 1 flavor type of ramen instant noodle bowl). My husband thought about it a few minutes then chose a beef stew (I forget the brand now ^^') that has meat, veggies, and broth, plus the metal cans have flip tops so no swearing over lack of can opener, AND he could use the empty cans to rig a distillery for the salt water (by painstakingly unfolding the rolled over metal lips and combining 2 cans together and refolding to make a seal). Also they don't' need refrigerated so no spoilage. You food salvation has arrived! So what's inside? I still can't think of what would be in there as my 1 and only food source >.<
  10. ARRRRG I've had the *hickup* for over an hour and *hickup* I can't get them to *hickup* stop! (yes I've tried all *hickup* the 'fixes')
  11. I feed small amounts 3x a day and add a lot of veggies in the diet: 2 of the 3 meals are a home modded soilent green gel food with extra carrots, cucumber, orange and more). I also occsiaonlly trhow in a small peice of orange (mabye once every 2-4 weeks) or blanched cucumber slice. Not had poo trailing issues, just the normal "omg there's so much!" when siphoning.
  12. I'm starting to think I'm sick or have a mild ear infection. My head feels 'stuffy' continuously and there's a lot of pressure in my ears, so annoying >.<
  13. I make them think they're getting food by putting my hadn over the tank lid, they tend to hold still and look for food to drop in.
  14. I have nightmares of over stocked tanks or finding forgotten fish that I've not fed in over a month
  15. I've PMed a few people on other forums and advised them to join her for goldfish, or a betta specific forum i frequent if they have betta problems. I don't link in open posts as those forums don't allow you to post links to other forums. Usually I just tell them its a helpful community specifically geared towards 'that' type of fish, lots of good info on "that" forum. If I'm giving them forum info because of a sick fish I link them the disease section and the "fill this out" form as well. Most of the time I don't think people follow through, join, and fill out the info forum for disease help.
  16. Actually its a bladder snail, but many people call both pond and bladder snails just 'pond snail'. photo to show difference between pond and bladder snail http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/prissmonster/aquaria/9e930a0b.jpg Its considered a pest snail but I don't mind them in my tanks as they eat uneaten fish food, dead plant matter, diatoms (aka brown algae), biofilm (if you don't have surface agitation/flow), and even the fungus that grows on newly submerged driftwood. They only explode in population when 1 or more of the food sources is in abundance. I don't know if all goldfish will but I noticed mine eat them. If you want them gone you can buy a pack of "No Planaria" online, its made from a nut extract that has a neat side effect of killing snails (harmless to fish, shrimp, and plants). Not 100% sure on the bug above it but it looks a bit like a Damselfly or Dragonfly nymph http://www.troutnut.com/im_regspec/picture_1525_medium.jpg http://www.troutnut.com/im_regspec/picture_1107_medium.jpg If you want a good creeping out google "Bugs you might encounter in your aquarium", plenty of macro shots of a lot of nasty creepy crawlies
  17. Thankfully with them all planted they're pretty much self sufficient (don't need aggressive water changes) so I just feed fish, and dose plant ferts in tanks that don't have root tabs. Many tanks have slow growing plants so I don't have to trim constantly. The funny thing if I keep telling my hubby i want to cut back/retire some tanks, then I somehow end up with more!!
  18. This pvc water bridge cost more than my 2 75gs combined! (6" diameter is expensive x.x ) but it won't shatter or leak like a glass water bridge might (also making a glass water bridge for 2 tanks at a 90 degree angle is a pain!)
  19. Wow 12 betta tanks? Nice! They certainly are addictive. My max is 8 (and 1 for my husband so technically 9) for bettas then 6 non betta tanks. Sorry Florida's water is not making betta keeping easy for you :c You have 15 tanks?! Where do you keep them all? Now there are more! Where tanks are: 4 on my desk (all betta tanks ranging 3g-8g) 2 on husband's desk (5g betta tank, 12g long shrimp/blue eye gertrudea community) 3 in room outside of office on various tables (55g community riparium, 20g long white clouds riparium, 40g breeder goldfish tank) 5 in family room on end tables, and book shelves (2g x2, 2.5g riparium, 10g filled 1/2 as betta tanks, and 3g bubble bowl riparium with dwarf puffer) 4 in converted guest room aka fish room (75g x2 (to be connected)for future Bristol shubunkin, and 2x 6g planter pots turned into "pond pots" for betta)
  20. replied to your pm ^^ My tank is a ~ 8g "jumbo bubble bowl" (found on amazon and ebay, costs a fortune to ship x.x ) its about 16" tall. I use an air pump run sponge filter hidden behind plants. The wider leaved plant (light colored) is Nymphoides sp Taiwan- a small leafed aquatic lilly plant. I do occasionally sell it but currently non available for sale. Should have some within a month. They're pretty prolific-makes babies off its main leaves you can pinch of and plant, and trimmed stems can grow roots and be replanted.
  21. Turned out the elbows I got weren't the right size so got proper ones at Lowes yesterday. Finally have all the pieces for the water bridge!
  22. Selling off a large helping of flame moss. This is a vertical growing slightly wavy moss. Typically its sold in gold ball size portions, this is several golf balls worth. Does well in low light but also in medium or high. Not ferts demanding, great for attaching to driftwood. If you want tips on tieing down moss just ask. $10 for all the moss, $7 for small flat rate priority box. Flame moss pre-trim in tank(behind the water sprite): Free Extras: I can include as much water sprite as I can cram into the small flat rate box along with the flame moss. I also have a roughly 9"x5" mat of riccia (floating plant, does not form roots, great for betta tanks). disclaimer: water sprite may have diatoms aka brown algae. Only shipping in continental US, only taking PayPal payment. PM me for faster response.
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