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  1. I've sold mine so I can't grab a one to measure, but here are some old photos showing size difference in fractional inches Also at the top of the thread, first photo shows the largest micro leaf against the largest petite leaf-micro's largest leaf stay smaller than petites small new leaf growth.
  2. I could make all sorts of 'wood' jokes but don't know what kiddies might see and get in trouble asking their moms what the jokes mean. I understand that petite was derived from nana, and micro from that, but they never grow remotely near the size of a nana. I've had mine for 2+ years, they've more than quadrupled in rhizome length/leaf count since buying but stay compact (micro leaves are smaller than my pinky nail, petite smaller than an index nail. Doesn't matter if they're in very low light with lean ferts, or medium with a lot of ferts. When I've cut and grown out nana clippings from small offshoot rhizomes they don't stay compact like petite and micro in my tanks-rhizome eventually gets thicker and leaves get larger. I'm sorry plants/fish can cost so much in your country, but with the climate just about anything would thrive invasive-ly there so I can understand the strict import laws/high price of plants grown in country.
  3. thank you ^^ all the anubias is gone. driftwood still available.
  4. note: these anubias would probably do better in small tanks like for bettas rather than in 50+gallon goldfish tanks.. they are TINY plants-look at my finger holding the micro below. *RARE* Anubias Micro Rare and extremely tiny anubias plant-smaller than petite! I've had these plants for over 2 years. Healthy algae free, snail free, duckweed and riccia free. No scuds or detritus worms from their tank either. comparison shot: micro left, petite right micro for sale, take it all all for $35 Anubias Petite Anther small leafed anubias species, but larger than micro. petite for sale, take it all for $30 Buy all the micro and petite for $60 Driftwood 2 large ghost wood pieces, LxWxH (as shown in photo) 32x12x4" the other is 30x17x4" take both for $10 ($5 each) + cost of shipping (please pm me you zip so i can calculate shipping cost) Plant shipping: I ship Monday through Thursdays 2 day priority mail small flat rate box. Shipping cost of plants is $7. If you buy everything (plants and driftwood) anubias will be shipped separately from wood to avoid damaging the plants.
  5. thank you ^^ Thank you ^^, be careful! they're addictive!! I actually have some more bettas since these were taken >.> gotta get good photos of them. Also the girls are in the sorority and all doing well, will try to update with non blur shots... eventually ^^'
  6. Test BEFORE lights turn on in the tank for the day, plants won't absorb ammonia/etc when there is not sufficient light for photosynthesis. Your betta looks lovely, keep in mind he's a marble (has the marble gene) and his color is unstable-the blue will take over the white in time example: march 2016 several months later (dark blue scales and fins-look green from above) Need to take an update photo of him, but now only the head is white.
  7. ^^ Thanks. She's a yellow 'koi' (semi stable marble) halfmoon plakat female
  8. I don't do local pickups due to a bad experience in the past. If you want to pay less and live close by i can do a 'hold for pickup' at my local post office for $19.40 USD and you can come pick up the jumbo package from usps there.
  9. medium riparium plant package is taken. jumbo plant package still available.
  10. the jumbo set is on a 55g-48" long, 12" wide , 22" tall. smaller set is on a 48" long tank if interested in buying either send me a message, give zip if you'd like to see how much the jumbo set shipping is, or PayPal email if you'd just like the medium set.
  11. plants are in various shower caddies but 1 caddie per a plant type, pothos is free (just stuffed into tank). all the 'domino' are in 1 caddie, all the Chinese ever green are in 1 planter, etc. They can be separated is desired once new owner has them. I've split the 'domino' over a year ago (the smaller 'domino' on the 75g).
  12. JUMBO I'd like to give these all as a set, just pay cost of shipping (these are 17-27" tall plants (excluding the roots) and pothos is many feet long). It interested please give me your zip via pm and I'll calculate shipping costs and get back to you with the quote. Sorry I can't give an estimate on how much it will be, it depends on how far it has to go. plant list: Variegated Pothos (dozen separate vines and many feet long, can be cut shorter to make more plants) Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum "domino") (2 large plants with some baby off shoots) Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum sp???) (many plants packed into one planter, easily divide into a dozen separate lilies) Dwarf Palm Neanthe Bella (more than 6 plants) Anthurium (red blooms) (1) Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) (more than 6 plants) Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum 'Cream Allusion') (3 plants) MEDIUM Also giving plants from my 75g riparium plants which are small, they can ship in a large priority box, asking $19.90 to cover shipping and fees (cannot fit planters in box). Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum "domino") (2-3 medium plants) Anthurium (white blooms) (2) Purple Waffle (Hemigraphis exotica) (4 plants can be trimmed to make more) Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) (3 plants)
  13. I have 19 tanks in my house: 12 for bettas (1 per a tank), a 20g long that will be a betta sorority for 9 girls, a 3g dwarf puffer bubble bowl, 12g long dwarf rainbows and shrimp, 40g breeder goldfish aquapnics, 55g riparium, 2x 75gs (goldfish added soon) I have a problem x.x It sucks because with so many the task of maintenance gets daunting and then i tend to slack off. Fortunately none ore over stocked and they all have live plants so I can be lazy about water changes. But i don't get to bond/hang out with the individual fish as much as when just had 4 bettas and 6-7 tanks total. Kinda want to cut back as bettas pass from old age shuffle remaining around and retire some tanks.
  14. Office bettas Chiyome (husbands') André Aristocles Cirrus Freya
  15. One of the 2 cats we use to have drank from fish a tank, she's also destroy live house plants =.= The only tank she got access to had a lid but she knocked the lid off the HOB ad drank from there. She loved drinking from ti and would probably mess with the fish if the lid was not on. I've seen a few amusing cat videos on youtube of cats falling into aquariums that tried to jump onto or were perched on top of and the tank. I've also seen cats who don't have issues with water (much more rare). But in a shallow tub I'd worried they'd go fishing and swipe a fish out onto the floor to snack on. Thankfully no cats now so I don't have to worry.
  16. Wow wonder how much all the equipment/lights/tank cost. I have a small aquaponic system but its just a 40g breeder with faux back wall to keep goldfish from nibbling veggie roots. Use to have a nft system over a 55g using 4" pvc pipes a few years ago.
  17. apparently there is a limit to how many posts I can quote. And sorry i meant for this thread o go in the photos sub section but managed to derp that. *does that wiggly finger hand motion for 'raining down action'* ^^ Sadly only 2 of them are shown in my blog on this forum they're in pond pots in the 75gs fish room... well 3 if you see the first photos of Kudu when he came home but he moved to another tanks when one of my old boys passed. I'm on a bettafish specific forum and a plantedtank specific forum that I have journal with the bettas in (same user name or Aqua Aurora (space in name)and acatar). I can post photos of their tanks in this thread once I get everyone pictures up. Thank you. Thank you and happy to share ^^
  18. Thank you ^^ more photos to come (maybe next week) the the other 5 bettas in the office. But they're so lovely and each one is unique (besides coloration also in personality) and they're great for nano (under 10g) and pico (under 3g) planted tanks as they don't destroy plants! They're not messy fish so a well planted tank -once cycled- doesn't water changes that often (maybe once a month or less for some of them) unless you keep snails in there. Also add nice movement and activity to a planted tank. *very serious business face* Yes. Yes I do. I am addicted! Thank you, and I was thinking about those names actually. Thank you ^^ The all red one (Phoenix) is a sassy little thing-if I stick my finger just above the water she'll repeatedly attack it. Its not a trying to get food action, she's well behaved at feeding time and waits for pellets to hit the water before she lunges.
  19. these are all just on 1 floor, there are still more I need to take new photos of! I'm at 21 bettas atm, 8 girls and 13 males.. I have a problem with will power (lack of) >.>. All the boys have their own tanks. Girls are going through qt for sorority, don't worry they get daily water changes. so spam of photos from the main room's bettas (+ the gold fish room's), I took ~260 photos.. and still some of them are only blurred/out of focus freakin wiggly fish>.< Midas flare Kudu (formerly Crius) Shreduski Still unnamed new male Antaeus flaring Ajax Ciel Papillon Sorority girls first batch I bought Pheonix's fins are all healed up (had bad fin rot when i bought her) 2nd batch (starting with lil' miss I won't [censor] eat anything-she finally ate blood worms yesterday after 2+ weeks of being stubborn and refusing food, still refuses pellets) 'pheonix's fins are all healed up! And the most recent 2
  20. This link brought me to finnex lighting so I don't exactly know what you mean. I like the fabric background too and it's what I had before, BUT it got moldy. This is a big deal as my parrot cage is directly adjacent to my tank and I don't want Leto to get sick from any mold. He's my baby I love love love this idea! thanks whoops looks like it didn't copy the right link sorry if a mod would like to remove the first link from my post please do, I did not intend to link to another forum. i meant to give this one instead of the finnex link. http://shirt.woot.com/offers/almost-free?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_32
  21. You could try getting the plain blue/black background and get stick decals like these (just look up "home decal" or "home wall stick art" on google for more images) http://home.ewoodys.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Large-Vinyl-Wall-Decals.jpg https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1o3jTMVXXXXcCXpXXq6xXFXXXa/Cheap-Kids-Room-Mirror-3D-font-b-Wall-b-font-Sticker-Sun-Flower-Art-Home-decoration.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/7c/20/df/7c20dfc5b622df7d6e6f7685f6c1dc9b.jpg http://www.dhresource.com/albu_393242365_00-1.0x0/reci-n-llegados-de-vinilo-efecto-espejo-de.jpg http://kotelok.co/photos-bedroom-design-animal-wall-mural/swan-birds-wall-decal-lake-vinyl-stickers-flying-animal-home-interior-design-art-murals-bedroom-bathroom/ http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB12IrHLFXXXXaUXXXXq6xXFXXXb/2pcs-Left-Right-Flying-Feather-3D-Vinyl-Wall-Stickers-Home-Decor-font-b-House-b-font.jpg http://kotelok.co/photos-bedroom-design-animal-wall-mural/swan-birds-wall-decal-lake-vinyl-stickers-flying-animal-home-interior-design-art-murals-bedroom-bathroom/ http://tomcruiseforums.com/vinyl-wall-stickers.html/vinyl-wall-stickers-great-home-design-planning-with-vinyl-wall-stickers-wall-stickers-vinyl-art decor.slimrandles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/modern-Whttp://tomcruiseforums.com/vinyl-wall-stickers.html/vinyl-wall-stickers-great-home-design-planning-with-vinyl-wall-stickers-wall-stickers-vinyl-artall-home-decor-decals.jpg Can get real creative if you get simple shapes/designs and mix-n-match to make something real unique.
  22. If you want a painted background but don't want to tear down/move the tank you can make a painted insert using acrylic sheets or lexan and krylon fusion spray paint: just get more creative than my simply black I did. http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/145-finnex/189944-finnex-ray-ii-fugeray-par-data.html I like the cloth background idea myself but understand mold can be an issue if there's splashing/spills. I can't recall their seller name but I remember seeing someone that does colored glass work on small tanks on e-bay, but I'd imagine getting something for a 55g would be pricey.
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