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  1. Thats a very pretty Blue Oranda Thank you ^^
  2. Hard to get a good photo of mine.. I'm not sure if she's pure fantail or a ryukin x fantail. My husband named the oranda (dark one in the photos) Chocolate, so I named the fantail Sprinkles to go with the treat theme.. *ninja nibble*
  3. Why is this thread not more active? Previous posters should give update photos of their orandas! Just got first goldies a few weeks ago, husband picked out...and named this one Chocolate (for the bronze hued coloration). I think its a female but not sure, hubby wants it to be a boy ^^ Pardon the reflection.
  4. Sorry if there is another topic covering this, I did not see it. I recently got into goldfish and currently ave 2 (1 blue oranda and 1 calico fantail) both are about 2.75-3" body length. I'm curious to know what age they'd likely be for that size? Also whats the average size (inches) when they are sexually mature? Thank you for the resonances in advance!
  5. So a hole bunch of worry for nothing. They're pretty much eating from my hand now, and the oranda is not being shy anymore.
  6. They went nuts for the soilent green cube soaked in diy garlic extract, the sink slower than the soaked pellets so they grabbed most of 'em before the cubes got to the bottom, might make that 1 meal a day (doing 4 meals atm). How often can/should they get meats like blood worms, brine shrimp, and black worms? Only offer the meat as 1 of the meal in a day, how many days a week, 1-2-3?
  7. Thank you for the info and food recommendations. I'm glad I got into goldfish (admittedly my husband kinda pushed me for them when we saw these two... we were just at the store for black worms >.>'' ), but I had the confidence to try because of you and the two other members that helped answer my barrage of questions on the other forum with your planted goldfish tanks. ^^ I'll put in some soilent green cubes for them today at lunch time, but first they need a water change, lots of cucumber poop on the black substrate need to get rid of. I also need to find a small portion of lettuce to buy (my grocery store sells it as 3 decent size heads or 1 jumbo plant at $3-4 >.<), my husband prefers iceburge which has no nutritional value so I don't want to give that to the goldies... maybe I should put lettuce on the tank again (did an auquaponic system when I had a pleco in the 55g before it was rehomed), grow their own food with their waste to save some $.
  8. Thank you for the info, I've not read enough on them yet to knwo they're adapted not to find food via sight as the main sensory.. though it makes sense of those celestial and bubble eyes would be [censored]. I actually had luck with their last meal using the pipet to hold 1 pellet at a time and make sure the orada actually got food, as fantail seems to get most of the food so far with the oranda handing out in the anubias mass.
  9. Thank you for the reply ^^ I do have gel foods! I've made up a batch of repashy soilent green and meat pie for my other tanks. I keep it frozen in sealed bag until ready to feed then chip off chunk(s) and thaw. I may try the soilent green for them tomorrow. I also have Hikari frozen blood worms and brine shrimp I thaw and feed my fish. The goldies got some bloodworms for their lunch meal today. They had a much easier time spotting the bloodworms than the pellets. I don't know if you've seen tanks with black diamond 'sand' but there are some orange bits in there that make the pellet just blend in with them.
  10. I got my first pair of goldfish yesterday and am trying to get them use to feeding.. where they came from fed floating pellets which I've been told is bad as they can suck in air and get swim bladder (sb) issues. So I bought sinking Hikari Goldfish pellets as that's what was available (if there are better pellet brands you'd like to recommend please do so). Now I'm just having trouble getting them use to me in front of tank+ removing hood=food.. I don't want to foul the water leaving pellets in to land and since I used Black Diamond 'sand' substrate the food tends to blend in a bit. One of them-a blue-black oranda I think is the color term- keeps going into the anubias when I open the lid so having a hard time getting them to see pellets, the other a calico fantail has no problem staying out in the open but only wants to eat pellets as they sink not after they hit the substrate. I soaked the pellets in water for 2+ minutes with a bit of DIY garlic exact before each feeding attempt. I'm curious if anyone has used feeding dishes to put pellets or other foods in at the bottom without having a mess all over the substrate? I might just be over thinking it as a new goldfish owner (not new to fish-have tropicals, other cold water (white cloud minnows), dwarf shrimp, and bettas), since they're the first fish that could eat plants that I've kept with plants.. don't want them making a salad bar out of the anubias because they haven't figured out sinking pellets yet...I put in a cucumber with them, seen a few pecks at it but not much. Anyways any helpful tips would be appreciated!
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