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  1. Minimalist Lids I use this for all my tanks except the open top ripariums. Have a nice big Lexan lid on the goldfish side of the 40g breeder. Btw this stuff does not bow the way thin acrylic will. I do the measuring/marking, hubby does the cutting ^^ Materials Used: Clear Lexan polycarbonate (size varies for tank) Tools used: Measuring tape Sharpie or pen Circular saw Sand paper Other tool options: Razor blade Utility knife Pretty much any saw or durable cutting tool can work Photos: Details: I don't care for aquarium standard hoods, or paying for glass ones. Instead I'd rather custom cut lids for each tank that needs them to fit equipment in and leave a little room for air but not enough for jumpers to get out. I'm sure you can find other materials, but my preferred option is Lexan Polycarbonate from Home Depot. Its clear, light weight, cheap, doesn't break as easy as glass, and is easy to clean. Keep the cover on the Lexan and mark the tank top outline on it, remember to have all equipment in the tank (filter, heater, etc) and mark holes/cuts needed for them. If you don't have access to an electric saw you can take the tank (empty) and put it on top of the Lexan (make sure something is under the Lexan you don't mind cutting like wood scrap or cardboard) and use a razor or utility knife to run around the edge of the tank on the Lexan many many times, it should cut in deep enough that you can snap it out. Then you just cat the marked areas for equipment. If you do have access to power tools you have a ton of cutting options from saws-all, circular saw, table saw, hand saw, Miter saw, Dremel motor tool.. even drill press (if smaller holes for cords/airline tubing are needed) and cut along mark lines for lid. Best to use a saw blade with many teeth/high tooth count. I think wood cutting blades work well. Its recommended, but not necessary to lay tap down on the Lexan around where you'll be cutting to help prevent cracking and scratching from the cut, but you can skip this part. After the cut, Lexan edges will still be rough, go over them gently with sand paper. Wash loose debris off, remove the cover on the sheet and its ready to be used! My 2 and 3g tanks have a single piece lid with small cut pvc pipe pieces toy hold them in place (aka make a tight fit so bettas can't knock off lid-tanks were next to eachother when this was made). The 7g cube and 12g long are multi-part lids that allow easy access into the tank, the 'back' piece made to fit around the filtration pipes. My 10g lid is 1 piece with a large gap in the 'back' to let em slide HOB9s) around with ease (foam was stuffed in the gap as I had ghost shrimp quarantined in there and they're known to jump). These lids let light in fine for plant growing, but like most lids will build up condensation based on tank and air temp differences.
  2. DIY Ricca/Moss Rock Probably not a goldfish tank DIY but if you keep shrimp they will love it (mine did)! Some places sell these pre-made at a large markup, but if shipped through the mail to you they can come loose. Better to Do It Yourself! Materials Used: slate Riccia fluitans Bath scrunchie clear low poundage fishing line Tools Used: utility blade Other Material and Tool Options: inert small rock-lava rock woks (but be careful it using in betta tank very rough) Any moss, liverword, bladderwort, even marimo scissors, razor blade hair net or flexable mesh perhaps window/door screen 100% acrylic thread or rubber band (rubber will break down over time-same for regular thread) Photos: Will update post with new photo once riccia grows in more. Details: Want a plant carpet but not a medium-high light tank that required co2 injections? Trying a moss, riccia, marimo or, liverwort carpet (Google up "moss carpet", "mairmo carpet", "riccia carpet" to see examples of grown-in carpets set up for a few weeks/months). Note: moss are very slow growing and takes the least amount of light and trimming maintenance, marimo and subwassertangdo not tolerate Seachem Excel-do not dose in tanks with riccia or subwassertang. First you need an inter rock, slate is easy to find and can be cheap or free! Ask your local landscape yard or home improvement store for their throw away broken slate tiles. My husband cut mine down to smaller pieces with a stone cutter but you can 9carefully) break these into small chunks with controlled dropping/smashing (wear shoes and eye protection). If you cover it completely lava rock is another option-be mindful no rough edged are sticking out if used in a betta tank. True river rock is usually safe too-you can do a vinegar test to see if it raises pH or sock unknown rocks in a bucket of water for a week then test pH, GH and KH against your tap to see if they effect water chemistry... but again slate is an easy to find safe one. For a cheap and easy mesh get one of those shower scrubber scrunchie things (so technical on the terminology I know), I got a green one at a grocery store for $1. Cut it loose from its ties in the core and you have several body lengths worth of mesh tubing! Low poundage clear fishing line can be found at any bait or sporting store, I got mine for $4 and its many many hundreds of feet long. Choose the plant you want to attach to this rock and set up an area you can work at (it will get wet from water squeezed off of the plants). Choose your rock pieces and lay a liberal mount of live plant on it (in my case riccia). Moss you don't have to cover the area completely wish as it will spread but marimo and riccia grow vertically not horizontally so add as much as you want covered now. Cut a length of mesh and wrap it over the rock then tie it on the underside. You can cut off the excess mesh after tieing. Quick tip: When you place the rock in the mesh, flip it to the under side (plant facing down) and spin the mesh to make it bunch up tightly at the base of the rock then tie it to get tightest tie off, tucking in excess under the knot will make it tighter. If you are using fishing line multi knot-I do 3-4 knots. Place your rocks in the aquarium plant side up and wiggle the bottom of the rock down into the substrate a little. You are now done. Depending on species of plant used and your tank environment (lighting, ferts, co2 or liquid supplement) will determine how often you need to trim. Riccia will die and break loose if the bottom part does not get enough light-it may take a weekly trim to keep it low enough to prevent it breaking loose and floating up. Moss on the other hand can go months maybe over a year without trimming. Marimo grows insanely slow at 5mm a year so doubt you'd ever have to trim it. Later photos once grown in
  3. Water sprite sold. Also forgot to update the frindship plant was solf a while ago. Still have salvinia minima and 1 full starter culture of grindal worms.
  4. First off I want to give a big thanks to my hubby who is always helpful in brainstorming (bouncing ideas off of/refining plan) and a big help in my DIYs, especially those involving power tools! Most of these were done before I owned goldfish but I've applies a few to the goldfish tank too ^^ I'll start out with an easy one everyone everyone can do and apply to any fish keeping (tropical, cold water, etc). DIY Garlic Extract I blanch cucubmers every few days and put them in the goldfish tank. I pre-cut and freeze my cucumber chunks. To prep them for the tank I put them in a microwave safe cup with my diy garlic extra and a bit of tap then microwave for 1 minute. Materials Used: garlic! a clean jar with lid tap water Tools Used: hands fridge Other Material and Tool Options: a knife or something to smash garlic open with Photos: Details: Some people like to use garlic extract to help boost immune systems for their fish, its also frequently used to help encourage fish to eat food when they're not so interested. Instead of throwing money at some fancy bottled stuff I'd rather buy garlic intended to use for meals at home and preserve it in the fridge in water, then use the water for the fish. I've dumped in (after dechlorinating it) garlic water directly into the tank and have used it to soak and when blanching food for fish and shrimp. I've seen no advertise effects. All you have to do it get a jar with a good lid to avoid leaks, 1 or more heads of garlic from the store (depending on how often you/your family use garlic for cooking). Remove the outer shell/skin layer and take apart the garlic and de-shell them (each individual piece has a flaky shell around it- its not appealing to eat and not useful so get it off), you can crush the garlic in your fingers or use a knife blade and cutting board to press them which breaks open the shell and makes it easy to peal. Sometimes you'll find garlic starting to grow little sprouts out the top, its not rotting or a bug, its normal- a very resilient plant, even when put in the fridge for months its still ready to grow!). But if you do get some with some rot its easy enough to cut off and keep the healthy part. Put the de-shelled garlic into the jar and add cold tap at least until the garlic is covered (or to the brim of the jar if you want), put on the lid and place in your fridge... The garlic will keep for a few extra months this way instead of just dry in fridge or in a pantry. I've only noticed that when not used for many many months, garlic in the water will turn a blue-green I've not cooked with these discolored pieces so I can't say if its still 'safe' at that point.. I typically pour the water down the sink and dump the garlic then start a new batch when its changed color. As soon as 24-48 hours after putting garlic into water you will notice the water its smells like garlic and can be used as a substitute for garlic extract. I do no dechlorinate the water for use in blanching since it will be boiled, but if you plan to put the water directly into a tank or soak foods that aren't being cooked in it I add a drop of de-chlorinator to the garlic water (once its been pour out of the jar into another cup). Note: I make no claim to doing/reading any scientific studies stating that this method is the same as (or better than) the garlic extract in a bottle many people buy specifically for fish/pet use, it is just my cheap alternative. You can add dechlorinator to your jar directly if you never intend to use the garlic for human consumption (some dechlorinators are not safe for us to ingest (have other additives)), a few won't harm anything but the sellers still advise against consuming the product), garlic does not loose/change its flavor from being in the water and still can be used as it would in any cooking scenario (being wet doesn't negatively effect it).
  5. For lighting options if you are not keeping live plants, you can check out ebay or amazon for LED strip lights, you can get a lot of length in various hues including white for decent price. Read descriptions on them carefully, some come with connectors/adatpers/power supply, some don't.
  6. Love the giant driftwood covered in anubias! What's the plant(s) above water? Can't quite make them out.
  7. Hello! They are false penguin tetras, and there are six of them. They've never gone after my betta, thankfully, and I've had them 2+ years. I wasn't aware snails didn't eat hair algae... That stinks. I am probably just gonna tear out the hygro and get a less delicate plant... A nice anubias piece would do well. As for the chips on their shells, they did have those when i got them. However, i agree that this requires amending. Previously I've used cuttlefish bones for calcium, and i am not against doing this again. Im not a big fan of adding things that will mess with my water chemistry, and im pretty sure crushed coral messes with pH too. Thank you!! He has this like, really moody face with an underbite and a lot of personality. I like him. Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk Oo I didn't know abut that breed of tetra, very cool looking. Did you buy them online or have a good lfs that sells 'em? Sadly my area choked out the good stores and I have petcos and petsmarts mostly.. not much for variety there..
  8. Shipping is $8. Payment via PayPal goods and services method. Shipping only within the continental US. Water Sprite These come from a tank that does not have any snails, detritus worms, scuds, planaria, or other pest critters! My goldfish don't eat it so its been growing crazy from their poop. Gotta thin it out! Great plant, grows like mad for me-wonderful nitrate buster and fill out/background or floating plant. Can be planted in substrate or left floating. Does well in low tech through high tech/light. Packages are of various sized stems, container is 10"x6", yellow board is 16.5" long. $6 per portion, or both for $11 2 portions available. WYSIWYG Portion #1 Portion#2 Salvinia Minima Great floating plant, smaller than frogbit but larger than duckweed. has a cool cat tongue like top leaf texture. Does not burn from overly bright light nor melt from condensation drips under a lid like frogbit will. $2 per portion Portion= 10"x6" tub Example of portion size below
  9. I keep anubias, swords, and water sprite in my goldfish tank. They've only really damaged the plants from crashing through them. Before I bought goldfish I thought they could not be kept with plants, but I spoke with a member on another forum who told me including veggies in their diet keeps them from eating plants. That person keeps a lot of delicate plants successfully and uneaten. My guys get repashy soilent green for 2 of their 4 meals a day, and always keep cucumber slices in the tank.
  10. Are those black neon tetra in the community tank? How many do you have? I only see 2, they do better in groups of 6 or more. Be mindful as tetra can get nippy with betta fins, specifically as they mature and when they don't have a proepr school size to spread aggression on amongst themselves. You have green hair algae in the tank that had a lot of extra sunlight coming int. Its a common algae for too much/long/bright light (window+tank usually gets this). Sadly snails don't eat hair algae. Best thing is to manually remove it all and do as you did-reduce light. You cna also dose Seachem Excel in the tank as it works to kill hair algae. using a syringe (or needle-less syringe) to spot dose areas helps. You can also look up the "1-2 punch" for hair algae, its on another forum but gives good info on how to fight it. Note: the 1-2 punch method can harm some fish like otos. I also notice your ramshorn has some chips missing in its shell, it looks to be suffering form a bit of calcium deficiency. You may want to get calcium source in there either: bagged crush coral (for filter), or crushed lime stone works (note will raise hardness), or you can get a snail gel food called snello-it has calcium in it. Your betta looks lovely from what I can see, mustard (blue and yellow) plakat ^^
  11. Wow 47! I currently own 8 and my husband owns 1. I've owned 11 in total. Will have to dig up photos of my guys and the gals.
  12. Okay, since two people have suggested these containers now I guess I'll have to go out and get some! I'm betting I can find something similar at the dollar store. I was initially worried about the fish having access to the roots because I read once that it's bad for the fish to eat these roots because 1) pothos is toxic to many types of animals and 2) the roots uptake bad compounds like nitrates, ammonia, etc. and it wouldn't be healthily for the fish to eat these toxins accumulated in the tissues of the plants (although I kind of doubt that's how the biology works - but idk I'm pretty dumb when it comes to plants!) I do have a bunch of extra fiberglass window screen, do you think that would be safe to use in an aquarium? Could I just use aquarium gravel to weight down the plants? I know pothos grow really fast so I was already planning on having to trim them back frequently. I have lots of friends who keep aquariums and ejoy houseplants so I can just pass along clippings to them and/or just toss the extra clippings when the plants get too big. Fiber glass window screen is tank safe, have used it on my tanks for 2 years no issues. I've not had fish eat roots, I keep my plants separated from the goldies with an internal diy sump, on the tropical fish tank roots are just all over, no issues with fish in there.
  13. Wow you lucky [censor]!! I wish I could find a nice long shallow tank like that for around $500!!!!!! Around here anyone selling a big tank wants to add an extra digit to the total putting it in the thousands =,= Wish I lived in ca or fl, I always see a lot of cheaper tanks for sale in those states.
  14. Hmm can't edit first post, wonder how log I can edit before it locks down.. Water sprite is SOLD
  15. I've kept pothos on the intake side of the HOB before. Would not keep it on the media side as it grows roots quick, and woudl make cleaning/unclogging foam media a pain. I prefer to keep my fast root growers like pothos, purple waffle, and peace lilies in shower caddies And the suction cups never last to I use rubber encased electrical wire with cut ends out of the tank You can place whenever you want then. I sue expanded clay media (commonly called hydroton) its light weight and wicks up moisture. If you use a window screen mesh you can use smaller tank gravel and not worry about it falling out of the holes in the plastic. A lot of my pothos is actually so monstrous after 2+ years of growing that I can't have it in planted/caddies (leaves are bigger than my hand, vine is thicker than my thumb!). I just shove the vine into the tank and keep leaves above water, roots grow like mad down into substrate (55g so 22+").
  16. Just a few comments on the common pleco I did not see mentioned in the opening post (sorry if they're there and i missed 'em): Common plecos reach 24" in length if they don't die of starvation, stunting, or poor water quality first-most common causes of death. Common plecos needs 200g+ tanks when full grown, its best to get them in a big tank asap! A 55g tank is only good maybe through 10-12", they need a long that's wide enough to turn around in. Keeping a common pleco (or any large breed pleco) in a 'small' tank will stunt their growth-body won't grow but organs still do.. this can lead to a painful death. Big pleco means BIIIIIIIG POOOOOP!!! They can have turd strands over 4x their body length! This leads to a messy tank/clogged filter very quickly! Keep up on large water changes and siphoning out poop frequently (daily or at least 2-3x a week)! Side note: Leopard sailfin pleco (petco sells as 'Columbian pleco') get to 18" and need 175g+ when full grown. I had one that ate any plants in the tank (had to use aquaponic system to help with nitrates) and clogged my sun sun canister filter. I tried the largest ehiem on the market I could find, pro 3x something and the pleco even clogged that one up! This was with every other day water changes. I finally had to rehome it as I was breaking my back with all the water changes! Fortunately found a him a good home with a huge tank and good filter (sump). IMO you're better off getting a mystery snail or large nerite snail instead of a pleco to clean diatoms.. hell I prefer my 'pest' snails (pond, bladder, and ramshorn snails) over plecos.
  17. Shipping cost start at $8. Payment is Via PayPal goods and services option. I only ship within the continental US. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please email me at aquaaurorapb AT gmail DOT com Water sprite Aka Ceratopteris thalictroides, great nitrate buster and easy to keep aquatic plant. Low to medium light needs, can be left floating at surface or planted in substrate. My goldies don't bother it, but they always have a cucumber in teh tank and get soilent green gel food every day. WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get). All live plants are snail/pest free! Rooted stems vary in size from 3"-10"+ mostly on the larger side (both photos are of same batch of plants) $6 Friendship plant Aka Pilea involucrata, a relative of the Aluminum plant. Non aquatic plant-great for house plant or ripariums, paludariums, vivariums-roots in water leaves above water. Has a unique texture and purple-ish hue, adds great contrast to a setup. Medium light. WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get). [/b] All live plants are snail/pest free! 2 large stems+ several smaller stems $5 Grindal Worms I keep soil-less grindal worm cultures usingr scouring pads in place of peat/mulch/soil. Imo this is an easier, less messy way to keep them and common culture pests like mites and gnats/fruit flies have a harder time surviving and breeding on the pads. I can sell you just the starter culture (1 scouring pad with worms) OR a full starter set: 3 scouring pads, worms, culture container with lid (has air holes covered with breathable material that pests cannot get in through), 2-3 weeks worth of worm food, *newly added* and plastic pipet for easy retrieval of worms when cleaning container water and for feeding fish some tastey worms! My worms are healthy and pest free! Grindal worms (starter culture only): $3 Grindal worms full starter culture set: $7 If you want multiple full starter sets please email me with: # of full starter kits wanted and your zip code. I will give you an estimate on shipping cost. Photos are examples of 1 of the starter cultures Salvinia minima Great floating plant, cool cat tongue like texture on top of leaves, short roots, much more manageable than duckweed, does not have issues with condensation or too strong of a light like frogbit. Harvested to order, photo is exmaple. 10"x6" portion $2
  18. At first glance I thought the tubefex worm(?) feeding disk on the glass was some nasty tumor/sore on the fish.^^'' Such a stunning fish! Huge price tag for a near dead fish, ridiculous that they'd rather incur the negative $ from no sale and a dead fish rather than give a reduced price for a "probably going to die soon" 'item' =.= Wish I had a spare large tank..
  19. Sorry he passed. ^ what they said. Average betta life span is about 2.5 years. By the time they get to the pet stores shelves to sell they're usually 4-6 months old (they're considererd adults by 3-4 months). I've not heard of a 7 year old Betta, would love to have a conversation with that owner!. But I have spoken with some betta owners that had fish live to around 5, mostly with veil tails and in filtered/heated tanks. The newer tail types and colors tend to have a shorter life span since they're inbred and over bred to get the desired finnage and coloration. Petstores often get the imperfect, not messed up enough to be culls, but not worth it for a breeder to sell themselves at betta shows or ebay/aquabid, but I've seen some real gems at the stores before.
  20. Its interesting to her the varying #s people own... I found after I bought my 2nd I couldn't stop! I have to stay out of the petstores and off ebay/aquabid to avoid getting any more >.>'' That's ok ^^
  21. I love all your various calicos! Cool to see how they cahnge over time. Nice! Chocolate (blue oranda.. husband names 'em) will occasionally do a long yawn/full extension of mouth at me when I put my face up close to them. I'd love it if s/he did it every time I came over! Sprinkles (calico fantail), Chocolate's tank mate never does that.
  22. I know its an old thread but I am a huge fan of sponge filters run by air pump. No issues with flow like some canister, HOB, or internal filters can have for bettas. If its too noisy for you you can mod it to put an air stone in the core to make bubbles smaller and thus quieter.
  23. I find bettas extremely addicting! Bettas can be more skittish than goldfish but they have great and varying personalities, bond with you, and can even learn tricks or be petted like goldfish. Though they're better alone I love using them in 2g-10g aquascaped tanks as they don't bother the plants and add a nice bit of color/activity. I ended up starting with 1 but in 2 years time I'm up to 8 bettas of my own, and my husband also owns 1. Each have their own filtered,heated, planted tank. Husband's: Chiyome ~ Red 'koi' halfmoon plakat female Mine: André ~ Marble giant halfmoon plakat male Aristoles ~ Multi color elephant ear halfmoon male Xerxes ~ 'Mustard' metallic scaled halfmoon plakat male Freya ~ Yellow 'koi' halfmoon plakat female Ajax ~ Blue metallic halfmoon plakat male Alastor ~ Bi color delta male Shreduski ~ Mustard double tail halfmoon male Antaeus ~ Multi color veiltail male
  24. I haven't had my 2 long enough yet to have any real change in size/color to show yet, but its cool to see the progress of other's fish growth. Fancylbackgold: the last two photos are hysterical, I love the shocked look of goldfish gulps/yawns.
  25. Thank you for the reply. My original post was in the first few days they were here. Now the oranda lets me handle it with no qualms and both eat from my hand, the fantail lets me pet her while feeding but isn't into handling when there's no food around yet.
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