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  1. If you keep live plants and us CFL, T5/T8, or other florescent style bulbs mark down what date you put them in and how many hours a day they are on. CLFs and such should be changed after 6 months of "on" time.. SO if you have a light on for 12 hours a day that mans once a year you should get new cfls/t5/t8 etc. LEDs are suppose to last thousands of hours (As long as you did not get a cheap brand that burns out). Source: 3:48 in
  2. Buy more than one package for great discounts! Happy to throw in extra plants such as water sprite and salvinia minima for free! Payment is Via PayPal goods and services option. I only ship within the continental US. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please email me at aquaaurorapb AT gmail DOT com Photos are exact plants you are getting Small anubias package $60 shipped 2 micro (very rare), 3 petites (1st photo) 2 nana (2nd photo) Medium Anubias package $50 shipped 1 broadleaf (1st photo) 1wavy n' long, 1 sharp n' short, 1 striped barterie (2nd photo) 1 diamond (3rd photo) Free extras: 3 unknowns (rhizomes broke but new leaves have already started tog row.)(4th photo) Large Anubias Package $50 shipped Mix of regular, wrinkle leaf, and broadleaf barterie jumbo sized anubias (16"+)
  3. There's also the for sale/giving away forum. If you wanted to pursue a raffle, I'd ask Koko what she thinks first. Yes I mentioned the Wat to buy,Giving away, and Rehoming subforum in the post above the one you quoted. Was suggesting for TikiLola. I'm waiting until I get to 200 posts before I do a RAOK ^^
  4. Couldn't find this link before the edit option time was up, another fruit/veggie list: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/goldfish-food/best-fresh-fruits-and-veggies-for-my-orandas-r253
  5. Cucumber, really? Raw, or blanched? Not to high jack the post I too am eager to hear of more plant options! Blanched. For feeding the goldfish I take a whole cucumber, cut into slices about at thick as my finger, cut out the seed core (just to reduce mess in tank that I'd have to siphon out later), freeze in a baggy. Pull '1 out of the freeze and drop into a microwave safe cup, add tap, add a little diy garlic extract and microwave for 1 minute. Run cool tap over it to not burn mouths then plop it in the tank! That usually lasts about 2 days. The mystery snail also munches on it. You can feed goldfish a lot of different veggies. Some more foods listed here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/food.html
  6. I'm guessing they fixed it or someone grabbed the fish as I'm seeing $70 and higher in that section now :/ I love it when places like amazon botch pricing, I've seen very expensive plant growing LEDS that should be $100+ go for $1.00 (sold out instantly), betting someone got fired for that opps.
  7. The vinegar test shows the rock will raise pH. Bubbling does not have anything to do with/lack of iron. quoted from another forum I'm not sure that there is a freshwater test for iron, Seachem has one for saltwater.. and googling I see a little meter to check iron but not sure if you'd want to spend that much $ to test a rock. For what its worth I used rose quarts in a tank with dwarf shrimp (very sensitive critters) before without issue. When I get new rocks I test my tap then put rocks in a clean plastic bucket+ tap and let them sit for 3-7 days then test again. I check pH, gh, kh, and tds (but this does not show iron content). I ended up not being able to use some stunning 'zebra rock' in my shrimp tank as its pure magnesium and calcium which shot my gh and kh off the chart! Btw its dangerous to boil or bake rocks, if there are any air pockets in the rocks they could explode, so please be careful about heating them.
  8. Never heard of dragon eye goldfish before. So s/he will get the big oranda wen (head blob) with time and keep the telescope eyes? Do you get this from intentionally breeding of telescopes and oranda? Wonder what % turn out like this vers just oranda or just telescope.
  9. Wow I feel slow, just noticed the "forum raffles" sub forum, apparently I never scroll down too far on the main page. That would be a good place for the RAOK. Maybe make it a "post a photo of your betta(s) to enter" type raffle ^^
  10. Sorry the well is giving you issues. Why buy organic when you could grow your own organics? I've you've not yet, look up aquaponics. You can easily make a simple system to use your goldfish tank water to feed herbs/veggies/and more. Fish get cleaner water and you (or your fish) get healthy home grown food! I'm doing this with my goldfish tank, it has a DIY in tank sump (false wall to separate goldfish from veggie roots). I'm growing cucumber, lettuce, and spinach. Cucumbers are for the goldfish and maybe some of the lettuce, rest of the lettuce and spinach is for human consumption^^ I also have a [censor] ton of floating water sprite (this stuff grows like mad!), I need to thin it out again as its 4.5" deep (tank is 30"x13" in front section). My nitrates stay at 5ppm.
  11. Be aggressive with gravel siphoning at water change time, get a long siphon for big tanks and stab the [censor] out of the gravel like you really hate it! Gets up the poop and uneaten fish food stuck in the crevices between gravel and shifts gravel around to help avoid getting the aerobic gas pockets shellbell4ever mentioned. I had a gravel tank when I kept a leopard sailfin pleco (another monster pooping fish species). Before I rehomed it it was 13" long (they max out around 18") and pleco poop strands can be over 4x their body length so yeh.. lot of poop to siphon! Kinda wished I'd done bare bottom instead of gravel for 'em but no matter now, he's pooping up someone else's tank ^^
  12. I only just got into goldfish recently (April) and did not know gender of the 2 I bought. Turns out they are both females. 1 was sure of, the other not so much.. until the known female chased the other nipping at the unknowns crotch, around and I saw eggs drop (which both ate).
  13. Nice! I only have/had 1 veiltail so far. My others were/are: 3 deltas, 3 halfmoon plakats, 1 double tail plakat, 1 double tail halfmoon (who fin bites his tail to plakat size =,= ), 1 elephant ear halfmoon, and 1 giant plakat. I prefer the plakats with their shorter fins, more active (less drag from fins) and less likely to fin nibble. I actually JUST got a new bottle of omega one betta pellets in today. But new life spectrum (nsl) is a great brand-low in filler so one of the most recommended betta foods. If you sent it to me I'd likely RAOK it (random act of kindness aka 'just pay shipping') since I accidentally ended up with more omega one that I thought I bought (meant to get 0.6 oz, but received a 1oz). You should RAOK the pellets, I'm sure a lot of beta owners on this forum would love the free high quality food! I'm not sure if you can set up a RAOK thread in the betta section or if it'd have to be in the "Want to buy, Giving Away, and Rehome" section (you should ask Koko). My favorite method of doing RAOKs is having people who want it to just post in the thread and the post # counts like a raffle #, then use a random # gen site to get a # and associate it with the post to have a winner. More defined rules can be "only 1 post per a person" (I do this on another forum to avoid spam posts from people who see the thread early on).
  14. Ok so not so much a DIY but just helpful tips/fixes this time: Pest snail removal (eradication): I personally don't mind them that much as they eat diatoms, uneaten food, dead plant matter.. but a lot of people want them gone. Anyone with live plants likely has 'pest snails' (pond, bladder, and ramshorn snails) they are easy enough to kill by squishing against the glass with a finger but there always seem to be more. I've found my goldfish will eat the small pond snails I drop in (snails about the size and color of their pellets), some of my bettas also eat snails but not all of them. I have 2 with diamond eye-a condition where scales grow over the eyes and leave the fish partially or fully blind.. I ended up with a lot of mini ramshorns due to diatom explosion in a tank with one nearly blind betta. After clearing off most of the diatoms I wanted to get rid of the snails to reduce poop mess. I found from some online research that the product "No Planaria" kills snails but is safe for fish, shrimp, and live plants. I bought it online from ebay (sadly don't see the US seller now, only from UK or elsewhere over seas) and tried it. You dose for 3 days then do a water cahnge (and remove dead snails). It worked and killed all the snails. I did another treatment a week later to kill off any that might have hatched from eggs and did not see any more snails after that. You get waaaaaaay more powder than you could ever possibly need when you buy this stuff. A note: if you have snails you want to keep alive (like mystery/apple, nerite, etc) remove them before doing a treatment and do a large water change after before snail goes back in.
  15. The largest one is about 7.5" tall-the tank is only 10" high ^^ I got them at a local landscaping yard-$1 per 10 lbs of rock, got to pick out what I wanted. Ended up with 70lbs for $7 (other rocks used in 20g long, 40g breeder, and several not in use). I'm all about the cheap substrate! For $32 I've covered substrate for *deep breath*:2g lantern vase, 2g cookie jar, 3g picotope, 6g bowfront, 7g cube, 8g jumbo bubble bowl, 10g, 12g long, 20g long, 40g breeder, and 55g! And some tanks have had the sand gutted and redone use to have soil or root tabs under). With $32 I do not think I'd even get enough black 'aquarium sand' from the petstore to fill the 20g long.
  16. Don't know what brand of sponge filter you have, but I have some that have been going for over a year and a half. IMO filters/filter media last longer than the product directions suggest-they just want you to buy more sooner so they make more $.
  17. Sorry that your fish did not make it :c If you do not have this already I'd strongly suggest buying Seachem Prime. Its a dechlorinator but you can add more than just the directed 0.1ml per gallon to dechlroinates. At a higher about (bottle says up to 5x amount for dechlorinating) Prime will bind ammonia and nitrite for (accoridng to the bottle) up to 48 hours. It binds ammonia and nitrite in a way that it doesn't hurt the fish, but live plants can still absorb it, and beneficial bacteria can consume it. In the betta community many people who get a new fish and do not have a filter/cycled filter will add 2 drops of Prime per a gallon every 24 hours.. goldfish make more waste than bettas obviously so I'd up it to 4-5 drops per a gallon each day without a cycled filter or just follow the bottles directions and use more: 0.5ml per a gallon (about 1 cap full per 10 gallons). Still need the air stone for oxygen, and Prime does NOT bind nitrates.
  18. I use Black Diamond 'sand' (its coal slag) 20/40 or -60 grit in all my planted tanks. Its not pure black as there are some orange/tan bits in there but at $8 per 50lb bag (at tractor supply co) I don't mind!! Most of my tanks are densely planted so you can't see the substrate but here are a few with it visible 6g bowgront 0.6g marimo only cube With transferring sand I just take a clean plastic container (that I only use for tank stuff) and just scoop out sand. If it needs cleaned before transferring i only fill the container about /3 with sand then run tap over it, swirl the sand around with my hand and dump off the water then repeat until the pouring out water is clear. If filter is anything besides air pump run sponge filter turn it off when removing/adding sand to avoid getting bits up into the motor. Once sand settles turn filter back on.
  19. DIY Inline Heater Great for tanks with canister filters to minimize exposed equipment in the tank. I've also found it to be much ore efficient at heating! There is a lot of info on the web about DIY in line heaters and a few variations. I had 3 DIY inline running at one time (3 separate tanks) but since decommissioned 1 tank's canister filters. The 2 still running do a great job keeping perfect tamp and I've found they do so quicker than when placed in the tank. Materials Used: Eheim jagar 50 watt heater (bought on amazon) 1" to 1 1/2" (or 1 1/4") pvc reducer bushing (2x) 2"x2"x1" pvc T (2x) 1"x 1/2" barb adapter 2" pvc cap zip ties Tools Used: measuring tape pvc primer pvc cement silicone Other Material and Tool Options: Varying part sized depressing on canister tubing inner dimensions and heater size. Photos: Details: Sorry no in progress build photos. This inline heater was build for an eheim jaguar 2211 canister filter which uses 12mm outflow pipe (where the unit is connected). When making your own make sure to check the canister tubing size to get appropriate parts. The original parts list my husband and I went into Lowes to get we couldn't find several pieces for (stores don't stock EVERYTHING any more :/ ) but my wonderfully handy DIY hubby was able to wip up a new part list on the spot from what was available. Its been running smoothly with no issues since June 2014. Its strapped to the table leg with zip ties. Pvc primer and cement used to attach cap, reducers, barbs, and 'T's together. I believe teflon tape had to be used on the barbs to fit into the 'T'. Let set several days then ran tap water though it.. Husband kept running tap through it until the water coming out the barbs did not have any taste of the cement.. Let dry completely. GE I door and window silicone used to seal the heater into the unit. Again let sit set several days and same water test (make sure not silicone flavored water) before putting to use. Side note: Depending on your fauna you may need to periodically take the in line heater off and clean out mulm build up either by pushing water through it or (i know it sounds gross) putting a mouth to one and and blowing hard to push gunk loose/out. I've only ever had to do this once so don't worry about ti too much-if you have a good canister cram packed with foam it should catch most everything. Another side note: if you have issues with a leap at the connection of the pvc to the canister tubing consider using one of these (I'm brain farting the item's name atm sorry!) Last side note: if you unplug your canister filter remember to unplug the heater (and re plug again when canister is turned back on!).
  20. AquaAurora

    Betta Foods

    I know this is an old thread but wanted to post what I've learned from my reading and betta keeping. Its best to feed your betta(s) pellets that are low in filler. The most recommended brands are omega one and new life spectrum betta pellets to achieve this. Sadly tetra, hikari, and aqueon are high in filler which can clog up your fish. For frozen foods Hikari takes extra steps in their sterilizing process to keep nasties out of the meat. There a bit of an argument over the use of peas for bettas as they are carnivorous fish and can't properly digest veggies like a goldfish can. Its better to feed bettas daphnia if there is a constipation issue. Another laxative alternative is to give an epsom salt bath. Freed dried and flake foods typically don't have much nutrition and if fed straight to the fish can cause bladder issues. If you want to feed these its best to soak them in a cup of tank water for over a minute to get them to swell fully prior to feeding. I've read some people are hesitant to feed blood worms as they tend to be more likely to carry parasites that can take hold in the betta and cause real issues. Other live foods you can culture for your betta include black worms (aquatic worm), scuds (not all bettas eat them though), white worms, grindal worms (good forfry/juvies but adults also eat 'em),.. some people even feed flightless fruit flies (does not work well if you have floating plants though-flies will just hop along the greens). Some bettas will also eat 'pest' snails but don't count on them to do it. I've had about 1/3 of my bettas (have/had 11) eat pond, bladder, ramshorn, and even Malaysian trumpet snails. I tried repashy meat pie for my bettas but had issues with the mixture.. when they ate ti it broke up to a powder and passed through their gills making a big mess (i feed it to my dwarf shrimp and grindal worms instead). My current feeding regime is 2 meals a day (with 1 day a week fasting). 1st meal every other day is a meat (Hikari frozen blood worms or brine shrimp), the other meals are pellets.. typically 4 per a fish each feeding (except the giant which gets 8-9)
  21. You have a marimo carpet? Photos please! I love seeing marimo pulled out of its ball form and laid out to make a fuzzy green landscape ^^
  22. Nice. I've kept bettas in filter-less tanks but keep a heater with them as the house is cold, and live plants to suck up the ammonia. 2.5 years is the rough average life span for bettas now. Typically those sold at pet stores are about 3-6 months old (at least around here) depending on how long they take to get shuffled around from breeder to warehouse/sort facility/then store. But I have seen some younger juvies sold (not betta betas but not adults yet). Sorry you betta's aren't living that long for you. I hope you can get 'em to last as they are a blast to have! Ugh hate uneducated store employees like that. Its not the water changes its the lack of overall tank water volume >.< 5 years is a nice long betta life! Was it by chance a veiltail? I've noticed from other owners accounts they are commonly the most long lived. Its cute that your dragon likes the visual stimulus of the bettas swimming around.
  23. Nice long lived fish! Cool ^^ I'm sorry for the sudden death. You should try betta again though, they are awesome lil' fish.
  24. DIY Removable Tank Background Part 2! For flat and curved tanks! Just another variation on DIY out of tank backgrounds. Made these for the betta tanks by a southern bay window that were getting too much indirect sun, causing green hair algae. The backgrounds fixed the issue and I really liked the look of the fabric(its more green than the photos show) with that room's colors. Materials Used: Fabric Cardboard box (standard shipping box) Tools Used: Utility knife measuring tape Elmers wood glue Rolling pin Other Material and Tool Options: Scissors Razor blade Ruler other glues or silicone Shoe box Plenty of other options Photos: Details: Recently with the help of my husband I made some more backgrounds. Sadly no in progress shots, I didn't think to take photos. I used cardboard from shipping boxes, measured each side of a standard 2.5g tank and cut, measured and cut fabric so it wrapped all the way around the cardboard and had a little extra. Husband showed me a cool gluing trick: zig zag apply glue to cardboard then go over it with a finer or utility blade to spread it out evening and across the entire surface then press the fabric down on top of it. We let glue dry for 24 hours (directions say 30 minutes but it doesn't hurt to wait). Did one side then the other and cut off excess fabric. Now the cardboard is the length of the back + both sides of the tank.. it needs to be folded. Measure and bend cardboard with a straight ruler or other object to make the corners then place behind tank and done! I also made one for my Anchor Hawking cookie jar tank. Used a string to measure how far I wanted the background to go across then used measuring tape to see how long the string was for desired length. Cut cardboard to length and cut fabric to wrap completely around cardboard. Same trick with gluing it on. After it was cured my husband grabbed a rolling pin and rolled the cardboard into a curve instead of being straight and it fits around the tank perfectly. I could have cleaned up the excess fabric better, should have folded it over and glued it down but ah well ^^
  25. Cool. Technically I had a goldfish first when I was 10 (but I did not want it-my mom bought it.. and it did not last (see my horror story thread)). For buying myself, bettas were first.
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