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  1. I might have so much water sprite I can make a 3rd smaller package (won't be quick as crammed pack). Will see tonight when I bag everything up, if so I'll random gen another winner and PM them to see if they are interested.
  2. http://www.aquariadise.com/marimo-balls-care-info/ Quote from link above, great page for simple marimo care.
  3. sorry for delay was watching a movie ^^ winners shelbysfish and butterfly, will pm shortly!
  4. I don't usually like flashy backgrounds (I stick to black or frosted glass) but I love that one! Is it a fabric outside the tank? Also love the marimo collection, got some real big ones in there!
  5. I rescaped the tank and pulled out a [censor] ton of water sprite, I have enough for 2 packages so 2 WINNERS! When I pm the winners its fist to reply (that want it) will get the swords and java fern plantlets, and riccia. I have a ton of salvinia minima and N. Taiwan so can split that between 2 people no problem. Side note:I miss Futurama.
  6. I had a leopard sailfin pleco for a long while (see horror story thread), only thing I hated about it was the poop. SOOOOO MUUUUCH POOOOP!!! Finally had to rehome the pleco as it was clogging up the largest canister filter I could get (eheim pro 3X series) a few times a week with its turd strands! But this was a large breed pleco, leopard sailfins get to 18".. he was 13" when his poop got to be too much. After that I won't keep another pleco, not even the smaller bristle nose species (don't like the bristly face of the males). I'll stick to snails and/or good old elbow grease. The thought of a foot long pleco makes me bristle. How would you move that thing? Like a koi with a sock net? And all that poop? Thanks, no. You have done me a service in case I ever thought about changing my mind. I mean a smaller breed=less poop but still. Large breed plecos are very hard to handle and move around, all pleco breeds have spikes on them, but the large breeds its worse, making handling dangerous, and they'd rip/tangle in any sort of netting/sock/bag. When we(husband was HUGE help) had to catch the sailfin to take to his new owners we bought a 5g paint bucket and lid, siphoned tank water into it(added a good amount of Prime to bind ammonia), the drained the tank down to only barely cover the pleco. We had construction grade black trash bags (great for spring cleaning or after home demolition/improvements) so we corralled the pleco into the bag with some water. Placed the back int eh bucket without overflowing then carefully pulled on the bag until the pleco and water in the bag plopped out into the bucket.. Then very rapidly applied the lid as mr.pleco was not happy in that cramped space! Put him in the trunk with a lot of blanket padding/insulation and took him to a public place (kmart) to transfer. New owners wanted to take a peak, we warned them.. they opened the lid and got a big fin slap splash from the pleco before quickly closing it again.
  7. My question to all you large tank owners: What did you do to make sure your home/floor can handle the weight of a thousand+ pound tank before setting up a tank there? SO i have been pining after a 125g (72"x18"x20") for a while, but I'm too frugal to buy new.. and to consider most of the used ones sold on ebay/cregs. But I thought about it today... If i get a 125g will my floor be able to support it? Just tank+ water (full) is a whooping 1400 lbs! That's excluding stand, equipment, substrate, hardscape.. which I'd say adds another 200-300 lbs at most (assuming the use of a lot of large rocks). I'd be setting this tank up in the finished basement (assuming I can fit it down the stairs). Its an old home I think built in the 50s? I'd be placing the tank on the carpeted concrete slab in the basement.. I just don't know if that will be too much weight and cause foundation issues.
  8. Looking good! Love how black sand/background really makes green plants POP!
  9. I had a leopard sailfin pleco for a long while (see horror story thread), only thing I hated about it was the poop. SOOOOO MUUUUCH POOOOP!!! Finally had to rehome the pleco as it was clogging up the largest canister filter I could get (eheim pro 3X series) a few times a week with its turd strands! But this was a large breed pleco, leopard sailfins get to 18".. he was 13" when his poop got to be too much. After that I won't keep another pleco, not even the smaller bristle nose species (don't like the bristly face of the males). I'll stick to snails and/or good old elbow grease.
  10. The person I bought my mystyer snail from recently got and is starting to breed blue mystyer snails so I'm going to wait and buy 1 (sever? >.>'' ) from her. Are they the blue leopards or straight blue? I've been thinking of picking up some of them. Please let us know how they are when you get them! She bought a mystery snail, its a larger species of snail than the ramshorn.I don't know much about mystery snail color patterns but I don't believe their is a spotted/leopard pattern in that species. The blue mystery snail is very lovely though.
  11. Ugh I so want a 125g, but don't want to pay an arm 'n a leg to get one! >.<
  12. According to usps.com I can ship to Alaska for same price as other parts of US (googled "alaska zip codes" and plugged one into a postage calculator, chose small flat rate box and have same price as I would shipping to ca/va/etc etc).
  13. Depends on the kind of algae. If its green hair algae that's often from too much/too bright.too close a light. Lowering photo period and adding floating plants to issue light helps. You can manually remove hair algae then pot treat with a syringe and hydrogen peroxide or Seachem Excel, google "One-Two punch whole tank algae treatment". Note that treatment can kill sensitive fish like otocinclus.. I don't think anyone on that forum has tried the treatment in goldfish tanks. Treatment withe excel or hydrogen peroxide also works on Black beard algae (bba) Green spot algae happens from an imbalance of phosphorus if I recall correctly.. too much or too little seems to cause it. Diatoms aka brown algae is said to eat silica, its common in new tanks but can stick around a long time-most common algae eaten by algae eaters, don't expect otehr algae types to be eaten. If its diatoms and you're sick of wiping off plants, an algae eater is an easy fix but you have to account for the larger bioload-all algae eaters are big poopers for their size(s). Also note no algae eater eats all forms of algae, diatoms is the most commonly consumed algae. Not all plecos eat algae, some only while juveiles. Bristlenose pleco is a safe bet though, they will clean, say tolerably small (compared to the 24"+ common pleco), but they put the term 'breed like rabbits" to shame if you end up with an male and female. They can crash though and knock loos plants that aren't well rooted. Sadly a lot of stores try to sell cory as algae eaters, but no cory species eats algae. I'd recommend trying a snail-mystery or nerite. If you get mystery you have to be sure it is a true mystery snail (pomacea bridgesii) which won't eat most plants (known to eat some floating species) do not get the other apple snail species (which tend to eat all plants). If you get a nerite, you'd want a male but its very difficult to tell difference between genders until the female starts spitting out hard white eggs everywhere that nothing will eat and take months to break down.
  14. Magnesium deficiency is not uncommon in aquaponics (my spinach showed signs of it), but its an easy deficiency to fix with a tiny bit of Epsom salt (from grocery/pharmacy-no dyes or additives) put into the tank. Don't put too much in or it will create a calcium deficiency instead. "add a dry ounce for every 1000-1500 gallons" so only add very tiny bit if you are a multi hundred to thousands of gallons.
  15. My husband almost ate frozen blood worm cubes once, thought it was a tiny pop-able frozen Popsicles type snack.
  16. Do you have any Teflon tape around the house? If not you can get it at any home improvement store-its good for thickening up an area to make a more snug fit. I've used it on several aquarium filter DIYs.
  17. I reuse the cube packs Hikari puts their frozen foods in to set soilent green. I freeze it then cut 1/2 a cube off then dice it into bite sized pieces , do this for 2 of my goldies meal a day (so 1 whole cube a day). There are only 2 of them, they are 39grams each.. also a mystery snail in there, not sure if i moves fact enough to get any before the goldies are done. The enrichment ball looks fun, might try that!
  18. Oops forgot to add that to the first post, thank you for mentioning it. There is a chance of snails, quarantining or dips is advised if you do not want snails (I don't mind them-I harvest them for my dwarf puffer). I also have had good luck with doing 3 treatments(spread apart by a week or so) of the product "No Planaria" shrimp, fish, plant safe. Note: will kill all snails including nerite/mystery. A few treatments done to ensure those that hatch don't have a chance to lay more eggs. Thank you for the help with IDing. I never had much luck with hygro except sp tiger-such a potassium hog! I won't count my reply(s) for the raffle either ^^
  19. Wow 12 betta tanks? Nice! They certainly are addictive. My max is 8 (and 1 for my husband so technically 9) for bettas then 6 non betta tanks. Sorry Florida's water is not making betta keeping easy for you :c
  20. Doing a Raffle style RAOK for some easy to grow live plants! What You Can Win: The this raffle is for a small flat rate priority box completely stuffed with water sprite. Before you brush that off, know that I can cram quite a lot in there! Water Sprite imo is a great plant for goldfish tank as it can be left floating or planted/anchored and it grows like mad for me (major nitrate buster). Undemanding plant does fine in low light setups. Free Extras you can request if you win: • java fern plantlets (3 regular-1 narrow leaf)- low light slow growing plant undemanding • chain sword plantlets (unsure exact type)- medium light plant enjoys ferts-can be an iron hog. The person I originally got them from says they get to 2 feet across but they are still babies. •Leopard vals- narrow but long grass like plant-similar to Italian vals but with red flecks. Great background plant, does well in low light, short or tall tanks. Stronger light and iron fert bring out the red leopard markings more. •Nymphaea Taiwan- a smaller lime green leaves water lily, great accent against darker leaved plants like ferns and anubias. Does well in low-medium light. Can be trained to stay certain height with aggressive trimming. •Salvinia minima- Great floating plant does well under a lid unlike frogbit and water lettuce, easier to control than duckweed. •Riccia fluitans- a floating crystalwort, makes lovely soft mats at the surface over time. Can be tried down underwater for scaping too. How To Get It: Make a post in this thread. Each post # acts as a raffle ticket #. You can have random conversations, post photo(s) of your tank(s), whatever you'd like just don't be rude ^^ Post between time this thread starts and July 9th at 7pm EST (eastern standard time) to enter. Winner will be chosen via random # gen by 9pm same day and will be sent a PM. I ask the winner just to pay shipping cost for the package ($7) via PayPal goods and services plants are free of charge. I may have enough water sprite for 2 winners (we'll see when raffle ends) If so I will do another random # gen roll for a second winner (the same person cannot win twice). Example photos of tanks with the plant species mentioned: adult java ferns (regular in back, narrow in front): Lightly planted water sprite and Nymphaea Taiwan ton-o-water sprite Salvinia minima Riccia Chain sword adult (original source's photo) leopard vals
  21. Love the epiphytes on the emersed driftwood, and the dense plant mass below ^^ Do you have a full list of emersed and immersed flora?
  22. Thank you ^^ Eventually the chain sword took over and completely dominated it (after shrimp moved l out and a betta moved in) Great deal on the bowl!! i got my at Michels for I think $15 with a coupon. its between 2.5-3gs but I usually just call it a 3g Well if you'd like me to brain dump on you all I've learned from shrimp keepings and small planted tanks I can. Snail(s) are easier to keep but they have a lot more poop than shrimp. ^^ I enjoy snails too! Especially the leopards.. not so much the mini ramshorns (they breed like no ones business and are too tiny to notice any markings on).
  23. Large and medium package pending. Small anubias package still available: great for betta or dwarf shrimp tanks!
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