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  1. I tried twice to grow dwarf taro on my riparium (roots in tank water) but they always rot and died.. they came in the mail so I'm guessing they didn't travel well.
  2. Nice! Btw what did you do with the monster taro?
  3. WANT!!! Too bad I don't have a large enough tank(and no pond) to handle the monster sized leaves. Do you dose iron?
  4. Oo what do you have in your vivariums (fauna wise)? I originally got what is now my goldfish tank to be a large vivarium for either Dendorbates tinctorius or Dendorbates aurtaus (kept ping-ponging on which to get), planned to grow emersed aquatic plants in there, have a shallow water source and lots of ghostwood or manzanita... but my 55g sprung a leak and I used the tank(40g breeder) for a temp tank while de-siliconing then re-siliconing the 55g. Then kinda never got around to setting it up for frogs. I got everything except the microfauna and the frogs..
  5. WOW, and I thought the pothos on my 55g was huge. Yours is ginormous!! How many years have you had it? My biggest leaves last time I measured (several months ago) were 6" from tip to base of leaf. I notice your vine does not look woody, my thickest vine (thicker than a thumb) has a woody look to it and is pretty rigid, but all yours look green and still very flexible.
  6. If you need filter floss (loose) you can just use pillow/plushie stuffing (super cheap). If you need it contained a nylon stocking or a cut apart shower scrunchie works well. Just for cheap at home remedies instead of having to go out and buy/order and wait for delivery.
  7. If you keep live plants you've likely had to deal with snails. Most common are pond, bladder, ramshorn, and sometimes Malaysian trumpet snails (mts). While they are a natural part of an ecosystem most people find them a nuisance/unsightly/hate all the poop. But the snails eat diatoms (aka brown algae), leftover food, dead plant matter, even the fungus that grows on newly submerged wood (mts mostly stick in the substrate but will get on the tank glass/plants if they're not finding any other food). Population growth is based on available food, if you have a large population explosion you have one or more of the above listed foods in excess. Cleaning the tank, removing dead plant matter, reducing food given can help keep a population in check. If you want to get rid of snails there are several methods from the simply squish with finger, blanched veggie on a plate over night, to the product "No Planaria" (fish, shrimp, plant safe). If you are trying to get rid of snails you will need to of multiple treatments/food traps over 2-3 weeks to get most of them (including newly hatched snails). If you never plan to keep any invert in the tank (shrimp or snail) in the tank/pond etc you can also look into copper treatments to kill snails off but be mindful of doses, don't want to hurt your fish!
  8. If you have any bettas or keep any tropical (or other sub tropical fish) you can try the larva on them. I know white clouds, tetra, betas, angelfish, rams, will gobble them up!
  9. It's just floating I would actually like for it to eventually sink but so far it hasn't budged from the surface. Is it a cedar? I have a red cedar for over 4 years in my 55g and its been screwed to a large river stone. If I unscrew it it'll still shoot to the surface. The wood use to be underwater a man made for over 60 years before I got it. Only good woods that think instantly are malaysian and mopani. Manzanita and ghostwood will sink after a bit of soaking/.boiling, along with other hardwoods Note to anyone considering using cedar in a tank: don't use cedar if it still smells like cedar-the sap (gives its smell) has anaerobic qualities and will harm respiratory system of fish (don't think it'll play nice with beneficial bacteria either). Also have a way to weigh it down permanently, it'll never sink (unless its a 40+lbs monster stump, then maybe).
  10. Pothos is good, with proper light you can end up with over 100 feet of it like me (3 years of growth). I started with just small planter of clippings, now it covered the back wall of my 55g (4' long wrapped 3xs-hidden behind other plants) and all over the front glass of the tank Biggest vine was over 40 feet before I finally had to cut it (was pulling down the background), vine was thicker than my thumb and leaves larger than my hand!
  11. Another variant of the glass bead plant weights using water sprite. Don't need a deep substrate or worry about goldfish moving plants around. Tie fishing line loosely-give the plant room to grow. In bunches made up of 2-5 plants, 6 bunches in tank
  12. If you keep live plants with roots n water (or submerged plants) you can keep more fish as the plants absorb nitrogen (ammonia/nitrite/nitrate), but they only absorb it while there is sun/lights on, still need a good filter to handle ammonia at night/lights off time. You could do aquatic plants- either grown immersed (under water) or emmersed (growing above water)many but not all can grow this way-some do fine in lower humidity such as ludwigias, creeping jenny, water sprite, mosses, just having a bit of the plant under water lets it absorb nitrogen from the water, having it at the surface or growing out of the water lets the plants grow faster as they get more light and more co2. Riparium- terrestrial plants with roots in water and leaves above-most house plants for great for this. Aquaponics- grow edible terrestrial plants but keep roots out of reach via use of pump to grow bed/flower box above tank/pvc tube/false back (diy in tank sump-what i did)/etc that plants grow with roots in water, leaves above. I have an anqauponic + planted aquatic tank, 2 goldfish + a mystery snail in a 40g breeder, nitrates are 5ppm and I only do water changes 1-2x a week to remove visible poop (5-10gs). Wow sorry I meant to make a 1-2 sentence post but kinda got carried away on filling in extra details >.>'
  13. Just to clarify, I don't own it, its for sale on ebay ^^ And thank you all for the responses.
  14. 3 packages taken. Currently out of salvinia minima. I'll post again in a week or so when I have more!
  15. 2 packages taken, I have enough for 1 more then I'll need a week or 2 to regrow.
  16. 1 portion sold, 1 pending payment. Its not as pretty but some people with a lot of flow from filtration (or who want o control where floaters are) will corral floaters by making a ring out of air line tubing (no water in it). ans using a check valve or pressure adjustment valve https://i.ytimg.com/vi/5rxfIK_B46U/maxresdefault.jpg in above photo its the small black thing with a knob by the index finger-comes with any tetra whisper air pump or you can buy one online/store for cheap like this (lower part of photo) http://www.thatpetplace.com/two-way-plastic-valve-2pk?gclid=CjwKEAjwqpK8BRD7ua-U0orrgkESJADlN3YB8ffBO2IklIxeQT5HcbpFTjUrj6dsBe66x-Dd2Y9f2xoCTwTw_wcB http://www.dhresource.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g1-M01-8A-D3-rBVaGFUiF-CAXpR9AACej2x61Ok433.jpg/1000pcs-plastic-non-return-check-valves-for.jpg examples: http://fishlore-fishlorecom.netdna-ssl.com/fishforum/images/imported/2014/06/18.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/bb/d8/ac/bbd8acfcbf779985687a56e2419a885a.jpg
  17. I only ship in the continental US (includes Alaska), only take payment (to cover shipping cost) via PayPal. $7 for a small flat rate box with 10x6" portion of salvinia minima. Currently have 2-3 boxes worth. First come first serve. Will update thread as I have more/less available. Its a cool easy to grow floating plant. I have it in most of my betta tanks as a light diffuser/shade for the bettas and the other plants. I've not tried it with goldfish. It's a fairly small leafed/rooted floater, but not as small/annoying as duckweed, great nitrate buster, has cool cat tongue like texture on top of leaves. It doesn't get burnt by bright light, nor rot from condensation under a hood (like water lettuce and frogbit will). I notice it grows larger with more light-1 tank has a 13 watt cfl in a reflector lamp about 2" above the floaters. Photo showing example portion size: Top view on a 3g picotope (Freya is peeking out to say hello): Underside view on a 7g cube (Xerxes is photo bombing)
  18. I fed broccoli to my pleco when I had him occasionally, but it tended to foul the water (got a bad smell) so I had to do a large water change after. I mostly stick to cucumber with the core (seeds) cut out now.
  19. omg i want that anubias covered log!!!! (and your huge tank!)
  20. So a lot of goldfish owners handle their fish to weigh, photograph, show, even pet/hand feed, etc. But how many of you also handle/pet you bettas a lot? I have a lot of bettas and some are more willing to be pet than others (reserve petting for after they've been fed). I never can get a good photo of me petting them that's in focus, but my most pet accepting boy rested in my cupped hand the other day so I took a shot of that. He's an old betta now, but he likes getting a little pet/rest on my finger after dinner. He hung out there for a good 30 seconds. My giant betta surprisingly allowed me to pet him in the first 24 hours he was here, he doesn't particularly enjoy/stick around for petting but doesn't run away from my finger. I have 3 others I also periodically pet, and 3 I don't (2 are skittish, the last has an awkward lid i can't really get in to pet). My husband has a female betta who LOVES getting pet by him after every meal, she'll rub on him, rest on his fingers, she just enjoys the affection, and will wiggle around furiously to get him to come back if he tries to make the petting session too short. But if I put a finger by/in her tank I get flared at, haha. Anyways wanted to see if anyone else also has hand contact with their bettas.
  21. Send out 3 boxes of water sprite (+ some other plants) today (winners check your PayPal email for tracking #). Raffle is official done. If a mod/admin would like to lock this thread you are welcome to. I'll try to do another raffle/raok when i get over grown again ^^
  22. I'm still new to goldfish and curious about: What you call the color of the oranda? Is this a stable color? Or will the fish likely change/gain/loose color(s)?
  23. Wow. Your tank must be reeeaallly good to power all thise aquatic plants and your terrestrials!Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk Water sprite just grows like a monster in there floating for me. Filled howl tank 30" length, 13" width, 4.5" depth with water sprite mass!
  24. [censor] i had a ton of water sprite in that tank!! have enough for a 3rd package so doing anotehr random gen Morgan'sMiracles is the 3rd winner congrats! pming now
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