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  1. So out of curiosity, besides buying from raingarden (which I probably will someday) are there any other sites that sell fantails as a wysiwyg (what you see if what you get aka the fish pictured)?
  2. Don't believe everything you read. None of my fancies have had any trouble with getting enough food and they have all lived with long-bodied fish. My fish all thrive in temperatures from below 50F (rare) to 90F. Delicate fancies with very damaging mutations or combinations of mutations like bubble eyes, telescopes with other mutations, tosakin, etc. should be kept with their own kind, not with the more common fancies or long-bodied fish. You should however, pay attention to the sex of the fish. Goldfish with the ability to swim fast rarely do so. One important exception occurs during spawning. To avoid major harassment and possible injuries you should always have more females than males in a tank with both sexes. Long bodied males and fancy females make a poor combination, while long bodied females and fancy males do fine. That said, most of the complaints on this forum about females being abused by males involve fancy males with fancy females. Thank you for the replies and info! If I can I'd get all females since my first 2 are girls and avoid spawning all together, don't need any hank-panky and hundreds of fry to deal with!
  3. So growing up I was taught: black trim on a tank= built to handle water pressure aka fish tank. wood trim on a tank=not built to handle water pressure aka reptile tank, don't fill with water. Is this still true? I see a lot of used aquariums for sale on cregslist with wood trim that I shy away from thinking they aren't built to handle water pressure, and being large 100+g tanks I don't' want to buy one that' going to burst when filled because its not built to take the water pressure and leave me with a giant nightmarish mess! Do any of you have wood trimmed goldfish tanks (large tanks)? How long have they been running? No bowing/leaks?
  4. I'd thought about it fi I'd gotten a larger tank but I wasn't sure how they;d do with fancy/twin tails which I'd be keeping. I'd emailed asking about comparability, if its more like (aka better with) the single tailed goldfish or the twin tails. I'd read its better not to mix the 2 types as there could be issues with out competing for food, also that the egg shaped twin tails usually need slightly warmer temps to aid in digestion (mid 70s rather than 60s F).
  5. I don't have contact info for that person. I emailed the site that sells these goldfish (raingarden) but got a useless reply that they treat all goldfish the same and offer 10-20g per a fish.. kind missed my question on if its more like a single tail(fast moving/better in larger tanks) or twin tail (slower-can be in shorter length tanks). If you know a way to contact Hopkins I'd appreciate the info.
  6. Silk plants or live plants are the way to go! The plastic plants can rip their delicate fins (you can test decor by rubbing a nylon stocking over it-if the nylon snags it will rip betta fins). Get more silk plants, stuff that tank full of silk plants, you're future betta will love you for it! Having too much exposed glass may lead to glass surfing:where the Betta can see its reflection and will chase it CONSTANTLY thinking its an intruding male. Having a lot of silk plats in there including against the side and back walls is a good way to help prevent this, also giving the large amount of line of sight break up through the tank encourages the betta to explore more/feel more secure. You can buy some black foam filter media and make a thick 'sock' to put over the intake and a black strip to stuff over the outflow to help reduce flow, see DIY post link below: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124491-some-of-my-diys/?p=1981193 The cover over the intake protects fins from being sucked in and shredded, and the insert over the outflow really helps baffle flow to make it gentler for the betta. You can also lok at getting a lower flow rate filter. I'm unsure what's available to you but azoo palm/azoo migon HOB has a low flow rate that's adjustable AND comes with a pre-filter (sock for intake). Another filter option would be a sponge filter with air pump-these are very betta safe-i use them in of my 8 betta tanks.... this one would work well for a small tanks: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bio-Sponge-Aquarium-Fry-Betta-Shrimp-Nano-Fish-Tank-Pond-Filter-Filtration-Foam/181801402474?_trksid=p2045573.c100507.m3226&_trkparms=aid%3D555014%26algo%3DPL.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D35377%26meid%3D97934207f8024768a316227bb6d4b50d%26pid%3D100507%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26 You'd need to buy air pump and airline tubing. Be sure to post photos when you get your new betta! ^^
  7. Glad they're hardy but they're gonna need an upgrade. http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/misgurnus-anguillicaudatus/ that's 48"x18" foot print for a tank! fish gets to that's an 11" fish!
  8. I'd replay with "Would you keep a puppy locked in a kennel constantly, left to sit in its own filth for weeks at a time?...No of course not, that would be animal abuse. Well fish deserve the same care and clean environment a puppy should have." But then I tend to be very blunt with people.
  9. Happy to help ^^ Weather loaches get pretty big, what size tank do you have it in?
  10. They do fine without natural light from a window. I have 4 betas on my desk (and my husband has 1 on his) in the office which gets no sunlight. I put cfl and LED lights over the tanks since I grow live plants in these tanks, but the betta will be perfectly fine in a tank with just the overhead office light for illumination. They actually prefer tanks with shade/light diffusion instead of very bright tanks.
  11. Did you do a dip on the anacharis or use a co2 substitute liquid like Seachem Excel? I know these two things often cause anacharis to melt. Ludwigia is pretty durable so surprised (and sorry) to hear that one gave you troubles. Did you have a drastic pH swing perhaps?
  12. Thank you! ^^ That Creeping Jenny is calling me, but I must resisit! Aw come on, you know you wanna ^.~
  13. By "rotted" plants, do you possibly mean potted?Sent from my LGL41C using Tapatalk sorry that was a type meant to spell "rooted", ^^'''
  14. Technically you'd do that if you have compacted substrate to avoid aerobic buildup, but if you have a root heavy plant (val, swords, lily plants for example) the roots will grow throughout the substrate and release oxygen through their roots, so it won't be a problem. Another option is to prod the substrate periodically with a chip stick/fork to release trapped gasses. That what' I've read at least. When I kept a soil with sand cap tank I had MTS (sand sifting snails) and chain swords with massive root systems. It didn't have issues with aerobic build up.
  15. Sorry no local pickup-had a bad experience once. Payment through PayPal, Shipping in continental US only. All plants are grown immersed (under water). Plants may have cherry shrimplets or blue eye gertudea eggs (my guys constantly courted in this stuff). Ludwigia sp Red and AR (Alternanthera reineckii ) $14 shipped Note: this is not the mini version of AR. I have over 25 ludwigia red stems with roots, 19 are over 8", many are over 17" (off the right side of the board) Also have 2 3+" AR and 3 smaller stems. The ludwigia can be cut into 4x as many shorted stems to plant a large area, or left as is in a taller tank! Does ebst with medium light and iron to keep the lovely red hue. Can be grown immersed or emersed: great for emergent driftwood, planted HOBs, Wabi-Kusa. Creeping Jenny $12 have a [censor] ton of this! it takes up a 10"x6" tub with 2" depth of plants! Many long stems over 17". Rotted plants. Great easy to grow plant does well immersed or emersed: great for emergent driftwood, planted HOBs, Wabi-Kusa. Buy everything and save, all plants for $16 shipped. I had these plants together in a tank, made great contrast with the red and light green If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  16. I know of a lot of people that use small terracotta pots as hides for their fish, no mention of water chemistry being effected by them. I don't like dirted tanks personally because if you want to rescape (move plants) it makes a HUGE mess (same deal with diggers). I'm a fan of using osmocote + root tabs (eBay-super cheap)instead of soil, just stuff 1 in per a pot (unless its a HUGE 6"+ diameter in t elower portion of the pot) down deep in substrate (gravel or sand), add a new root tab every 6-9 months. If you wanted to do soil with sand cap you can get some smooth decorative rocks to place on top after the plants are in to decor sifting sand. I have ones like these (were left at my home by previous owner) I use them to support driftwood or weight down plants this one is blurry but the person used clear glass decor rocks/pebbles in their pots as the top layer to keep plants/smaller substrate put https://i.ytimg.com/vi/L5w3vPe6xQ8/maxresdefault.jpg
  17. Those vals will take over in a few months once they're settled in, great nitrate busters. Are they Italian vals... or jungle vals(seem to thin)? My only concern would be if a goldie managed to get its head stuck in your decor item.
  18. As title says, I have a single (1) dose of K9 advantix II for 4-10lb dogs/puppies over 7weeks of age. It was given to my husband and I when we bought our corgi pup, however she was already 12lbs by the time she needed her dose so its unused, unopened, also comes with instruction pamphlet. Just pay for shipping $7 via PayPal for USPS small flat rate priority box. Only ship in the continental US. This is a 2 pack but 1 dose was used before we received it. There is still 1 dose left.
  19. My husband's red koi (marble) halfmoon plakat female. Chiyome. photo is a few months old-she's a bi more red now but always had that pale /ellow patch on her head.
  20. Curious about these guys, not finding much info on them. How long do they get? I'm assuming they have more compact bodies so although single tail they're fine with otehr double tails?
  21. The first photo of Ding-Ding reminds me of a yellow koi betta (with a many chin/jaw), I think because his pectorals look like ventrals in that shot. Cute fish.
  22. If you have a garden (flower or vegetable) outside, don't send your removed tank water down the drain with a python/pump! Take it outside and water your gardens (or even lawn if there's a drought)! If you keep black worms (an aquatic worm culture) or grindal worms soil-less (use water changes to clean scouring pads) the worm poop water is also great for plants!
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