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  1. Thanks I'll give the site a look . . Hmm they are all labeled simply as shubunkin and not noted as bristol or other. I'd have to memorize specific caudal characteristics to tell from the photos which is which.
  2. Thank you both for the input! I'm still leaning towards bristol shubunkins but I can't find them locally or sold as a 'what you see if what you get'. But tanks aren't ready yet so I'll keep looking ^^
  3. From the photo on ebay the veiltail shubunkin apepars to have a long single tail, I'm not too familiar with any veiltails in the goldfish family. I was curious if anyone had experience to know just how long a veiltail's caudal would get compared to non veiltail? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Live-Fish-7-5-Inch-Imported-Veiltail-Shubunkin-Goldfish-/252485916725?hash=item3ac9555835:g:aRIAAOSwbsBXoN5n
  4. Looking into shubunkin, thinking of getting bristol but saw veiltail shubunkin for sale on ebay and was curious about them. Not very familiar with veiltails of the goldfish variety, do they get overly heavy tails and drag/swim less as they grow from the long finnage? Anyone keep veiltail shubunkin have photos (prefer head on/side views, not above views)?
  5. what is his user name on goldfish keepers? edit: nvm found the user name, will contact him , ty for the info!
  6. I'm not a social media person (don't use facebook. etc), does Gary Hate have another webpage/email address I could contact him at? I might want to get shubunkins from him if he ships.
  7. Curious what brand(s) air pumps other users use for the 100g and larger tanks. I have 2 75gs I'm setting up soon and want to get 1 air pump to use on both tanks. On my smaller tanks (2g to 55g) I use tetra whisper 10-40, unsure if I should get that jumbo whisper air pump for 150g.. or if there is another brand that is a good quality (long lasting and not noisy)? Appreciate any input you all could give ^^
  8. Selling some small species of anubias, buy multiple plants for better discounts! WYSIWYG- anubias pictured is what will be shipped. Shipping is $7 for small flat rate priority box. Payment via PayPal goods and services. I only ship in the continental US. Anubias micro- rarer species with smaller leaves than petite. Have 2 rhizomes with 14-20+ leaves each. $15 each. Buy both for $25 Anubias petite- small leafed anubias, larger than micro but smaller than nana have 3 rhizomes with 20-30+ leaves each. $10 each. Buy all 3 for $24 Anubias nana- more common anubias species. I have 2 rhizomes with 8+ leaves each. $3 each. Buy both for $4.75 Can throw in free salvinia minima with order! Please specify that you want some when you contact me. Example photo below. If you have any questions feel free to ask
  9. Not boring at all, please continue to share! Wow I didn't know hibiscus blooms could be that large! I can see why its called elephant. Has your leopardess ever made babies? If it does I'd love to buy a baby bulb off you to try (really love the look of those leaves!) Love the shot that shows the pond and multiple plants around it!
  10. Thank you I know exactly what you mean! I shudder at the thought of them being at a fish store. Even the good local stores in my area don't properly care for their goldies. I even told my friends/family that I would most likely have a questionnaire for them before I'd feel comfortable giving them away. My Hubby said it would probably be more like an inquisition. LOL. Haha are you going to sit down potential adopters and aim a bright lamp at them and drill them for info "Soo you think you can handle one of my babies hmm? Quick what size tank do you have?!..Filtration?..Is it cycled yet?!!!"
  11. Nice! I'm surprised its doing so well, I'd read elephant ears like more acidic soil (or in this case water) around 5-7pH, but goldfish prefer more alkaline pHs. Free ferns is freaking awesome ^^
  12. Just saw you sale thread and photos of all the lil' pooppin' buggers, so cute! If I wasn't making my next tanks shubunkins I'd crab some of the calico/multi colored babies you have. Hope you can find them all good homes and not have to use ichy petstores that don't love/care for their fish like we do (or you're lucky enough to find a store that have the knowledge/initiative and equipment to properly care for the fish).
  13. The leaves that are orange/brown or translucent can be cut off near the base of the stem so more energy is put towards growing new leaves.Did you add a root tab or soil under the substrate? or are you doing ferts directly into the tank water? Thanks! The plant with the brownish leaves is echinodorus Rubin. I got 2 of those and the green one I think is Bleheri. I put a pond tab at the base of the pot. They are what I use for my water lilies. I'm hoping that will do the job. I'm haven't started dosing the water, do you think I will have too if I keep the substrate adequately fertilized? I think the pond tab should be fine for most ferts, but echinodorus are real iron hogs so you may want to also get an iron specific tab to stuff in there.
  14. Ooo what species of taro is that? Is that a Boston fern or emerald queen by the pond too?
  15. The leaves that are orange/brown or translucent can be cut off near the base of the stem so more energy is put towards growing new leaves. Did you add a root tab or soil under the substrate? or are you doing ferts directly into the tank water?
  16. Curious if anyone has used this sand wish goldfish? Want to know if it sinks quickly when sifted/spat out or stays suspended in water too long 9risk of causing issues for goldfish)?
  17. K, I was worried they had high survival rate (especially in planted tanks with hiding places). Btw you need to upload some recent shots of your tank!
  18. Have enough salvinia minima for 2 or 3 packages again!
  19. Love all the plants! whats the marginal plant on the right with very tall stem and arrow like leaf shape?
  20. Ugh it is so brutal out! I want out 70f range temps back! I've been trying to water the lawn with removed tank water but its still burnt from the heat (and lack of rain) >.< You make me wish i had a huge pond so I could grow all these lillies!! Lovely photos as always ^^
  21. in this sub section of the forum you can post a re-homing/free fish thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/forum/138-want-to-buy-giving-away-or-rehome/
  22. They say its a dirted tank so its already has its ferts underneath the gravel. It looks like blue-green slime algae and appears to be due to your dirted tank-excess decomposing organics (or aerobic conditions), since you say you already reduced light which I assume you already have. The trick with dirted tanks is to plant a LOT of fast growing root heavy plants to absorb the organics and starve out algae before it can take hold (also fast growing=spread of roots under the substrate which will release oxygen into the soil and prevent aerobic buildup (from what I've read)), from your photo that tank looks fairly empty. How thick is your soil base? is it the entire tank length/width or just small pockets? A LOT of water changes, manual removal, and adding of more fast growing plants should help combat it. I also saw a hit for some chemical algae remover specific for blue-green algae but don't know if its just snakes oil (fake). But its best to treat the cause then the effect. http://freshaquarium.about.com/cs/maintenance1/p/algaebluegreen.htm http://freshaquarium.about.com/cs/maintenance1/p/algaeslime.htm
  23. This is still available: unopened 1 dose if anyone wants it.
  24. Thank you all for the replies I check local stores once i have my new tank setup and cycled.
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