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  1. Thank you very much ^^ I think I lost some vals (but from melt off when moved from 55g to 75g) but they don't pull them up. My amazon swords are doing well. My melon swords however were completely devoured. Aponogeton crispus is doing great-nibbled on and algae covered but it keeps growing. Also have some crypts (common wendtii brown/green)
  2. Remember this goldie? S/he is now at 55ish grams and lost 99% of their black. Sadly I'd lost everyone else.. but got a new roommate for them. We named the new one Pepper. First days home getting weighed and our newest/youngest pup came to check the oranda out, Pepper was just as curious. After qt I had to bug bomb the room the 75g is in so unplugged air pump and taped up the tank so nothing got in and moved the fantail to a separate temp tank for a few days. They both were acclimated and put back into the tank at the same time (different buckets). They're getting along great and eat constantly! I'm tossing in baby spinach (and sometimes other salad greens) 4-6 times a day + small portions of soilent green 2 times a day! Ps peper is a photo bomber! Tank is doing well, plants get nibbled but not destroyed.. have bba (black beard algae) but I think increasing water changes will help with that. view from the couch
  3. not mine, randomly came across this on youtube and thought I'd share I think its quite touching, and the langue barrier (its Japanese no subtitles) doesn't matter
  4. I ended up using most of them to redo a betta tank. just going to toss whats left so consider thread closed
  5. As you can see from the photo below on a nearly 48" towel I have a [censor] ton of Ceratopteris thalictroides, more commonly known as water sprite. Asking $26 shipped. I've kept this stuff in goldfish tanks before-this batch is from a fish-less/snail-less tank. Goldfish are fine with the plant jsut give them some blanched leafy greens or repashy soilent green to eat. Water sprite grows fast-this is more than 4x what I had in the tank 3 months ago! Great for absorbing nitrates from your poop monsters. Payment Via PayPal. Shipping in Continental US only. Will be shipping in a medium priority box, I ship Mondays through Thursdays. Disclaimer: they did come from a tank with duckweed. Iv'e washed it out as best I can. But that's why I am only asking ~$12+ shipping cost for so much. Have in a tank with a clamp light for now, would like to get these sold by Monday 22/10/18. Or I may dump them or use in other tanks.
  6. RAOKing off some salvinia minima, harvesting from several tanks. Just pay $8 for usps small flat rate box via PayPal. PM me your paypal email and I will send an invoice for shipping cost 2 packages available currently.-if hey sell out just pm me, I'll contact you when i have grown more to see if you are still interested. Salvinia minima is a great floating plant for aquariums, its easy to grow than frogbit and water lettuce-it does not mind being under a lid, doesn't burn from bright light, and doesn't rot from condensation drips, nor is it picky about air flow (like frogbit and water lettuce). Its an undemanding grower, and helps diffuse light for those with planters tanks getting a bit too much light, and helps suck up excess nutrients/nitrates bettas love making bubble nets in it, an enjoy the shade it gives. If you ever want to be rid of it its much easier to remove completely than duckweed. Its good for shrimp and fish fry-place to hide and find food on the roots! I don't know if goldfish will eat this, I've not tried it in their tank. Portion= 10"x6" tub
  7. I bought some anubias barterie (honestly I think it may be a hybrid as the leaves are wavy like anubias coffeefolia, or a young anubias broadleaf) Was suppose to be a 12x12" ish portion plant but I got a TON. Way more than I planned or have room for (trying not to set up more tanks!) so wanted to let someone else enjoy these big plants! I can't find my measuring tape anywhere! (wtf did it go???!!) Placed anubais on background board for 20g long- 30" long 12" high Most are huge, few smallish one, and 2-3 just rhizome chunks that will grow into big plants with time. Taken it all for $30 shipped (needs medium priority box which costs $13 last time I checked? so $17 for plants +$13 for shipping). Continental US shipping only. Payment via Paypal. Add-ons: I have a small anubais nana I separated from the main plant 5 leaves, this will stay small leaf size compared to above anubias $1 2 sandwitch bags of salvinina minima (floating plant) probably about 30x18" area coverage $1 If you want just add-ons shipping is $7.50
  8. So any input from buyers on this product yet?
  9. On a negative note I noticed my orandas have been gasping in the 40g breeder aquaponics.. did a water change yesterday (95%ish) still gasping today so did a ammonia and nitrite test.. ammonia is dark green!! Did 2x 95% water changes and filling up now, dosing extra prime to bind ammonia. Not sure what happened, I'm guessing I forgot to add Prime in a past fill up and killed my beneficial bacteria >.< Get to do more aggressive water changes for a while now and buy another 4L jug of Prime Thank you ^^ Thank you for the info. Thank you
  10. took photos last week just forgot to upload. 40grams, 4" body, looong fins, veiltail? also other 2 previously in qt are enjoying the planted 55g-stuck 2 aquaclear 70s on, kept the old sponge fitler and stuffed it over the intake of 1 of the HOB. Mild plant nibbling and 2-3 uprooted, but nothing too serious
  11. Yikes that stinks. So far I've not seen any lice on my new goldie *knock on wood* but the small black flecks in their fins/scales make it hard to tell if that's body coloration or small lice >.<
  12. Thank you ^^ Hopefully this week, need to weigh and measure, will get photos them
  13. I have no will power =.= did some shuffling and put the 2 newer goldfish into the planted 55g with 2-3 nerites, gave away my sword tails and moved my angelfish to a 20g. Went to the store I got the goldfish from to give the swordtails and came home with 1 of the 3 (thought there were only 2-they hide well!) calicos from the outside pond... this pond did have fish lice last month, manager/owner(?) did not think there were any left, I'd assume after a month if there was still some they'd be visible. But new calico is in qt tank. It went from a majority black with some orange and white to mostly orange in the tank (no light on qt). Hoping once its back in a planted tank with light it will get dark again. Photos to come Thank you
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