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  1. not mine, randomly came across this on youtube and thought I'd share I think its quite touching, and the langue barrier (its Japanese no subtitles) doesn't matter
  2. So any input from buyers on this product yet?
  3. Yikes that stinks. So far I've not seen any lice on my new goldie *knock on wood* but the small black flecks in their fins/scales make it hard to tell if that's body coloration or small lice >.<
  4. I'm thinking of buying another goldfish (i have no self control) when I was at the store last month the ponds were being treated fro fish lice with potassium permanganate I'm not sure if there will have been a relapse from hatching eggs.. so looked into lice treatments and dimilin seems like a good once but dosing is 1 tbs for 500gs! My quarantine tank is only 20g. So has anyone used this medicine in "smaller" (under 100g) tanks? If so how much do you dose of the meds to how many gallons of water? It may be a mute point.. might get tot eh store and the fish is gone, but thought I'd ask.
  5. Wow that sounds like a steal!
  6. Lovely tank! How much did it cost you to get used?
  7. ah must have mixed up rules with another forum that only allows sales talks in sale section. ^^
  8. Sorry late reply. Don't need specialty bulbs- a 6500k 13 watt cfl works great and is cheap-home depot sometimes has a 4 pack on sale for $5. I also have got them at my local grocery for $1-2 each.
  9. Do you know what type of algae you are having problems with? is it green hair algae? There are a lot of different algae and each mean an imbalance of something specific. Hair algae means is light related-too long or too strong. Try raising your light. To kill hair algae google "the "one-two-punch" whole tank algae treatment" where to find floating plants you can google up live aquarium plants for sale, many sties will include floating plants. eBay has them (get from in the us, not from overseas). you can also post a wtb (want to buy) thread in the proepr subforum asking for floaters. I use salvinia minima in several tanks-most betta tanks since they like the shade. Its not hard to get rid of (unlike duckweed which never goes away) and is not sensitive about being under a lid like forgbit and water lettuce (they need more air flow and frogbit rots from condensation -water dropping on its leaves frequently). If you'd like I can send you some for cost of shipping small flat rate priority usps, message me for more details as I don't believe we can discuss buying/selling in this section of forum.
  10. Sorry. Yeh nerites are awesome! I had a gsa and diatom (green spot algae and brown algae) covered cube tank, put 4 nerites in and in a week its spotless!! Moved 2 of the nerites to otehr tanks, going to move a 3rd today.
  11. Yeh its a lot of options. Be mindful many of the plants will need more than just low window sun light/reflected light from tank light hitting lid. And the low light plants can grow faster (aka consume more nitrates) with an additional light. Rinsing/ringing it out weekly is a good idea. During the first week check it daily when feeding, make sure its not clogging up to fast and flowing voer top of instead of through it(depending on your tank stock and any pre-fitlering). I had a leopard sailfin pleco and had that disaster, put in foam for maybe a week and ended up with a 85% empty tank (onto the floor). But he was a MAJOR poop monster-clogged up my canister filter constantly! Even the giant eheim pro 3 xl (jumbo canister). Finally had to re-home him.
  12. Then you do not have a mystery snail, they don't eat plants or their roots. If you want to keep it try giving it blacnhed veggies to eat instead of your plants.
  13. Great photo for fruit punning. hope your snail is not a regular apple snail (Ampullariidae) though, they get HUGE and do eat plants. The sub family within the apple snail group called mystery snail ( Pomacea bridgesii ) is plant safe and stays a more manageable size.
  14. Be mindful with the denser foam, if it gets too clogged with poop/debris the water can't flow through it and will find another way around which can lead to a big mess on your floor. As for what to grow there's countless things only limited by space available and lighting house plants I've used: Hemigraphis colorata 'Exotica' (aka Purple waffle) Hemigraphis repanda (aka Dragones tonue) Pothos Fittonia albivenis (aka angel kiss) Tradescantia zebrine (aka wondering jew) Cyperus Umbrella Sedge Aluminum plant (I've used on a raft) Friendship Plant (Pilea involucrata) Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie' Spathiphyllum (aka peace lily-be careful some species get HUGE) Dwarf Palm Neanthe Bella Syngonium (aka arrowhead plant) Antherium Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) Alocosia polly Sweetflag Star Grass Rain lily Helxine soleirolii Philodendron Dracaena braunii (aka lucky bamboo) Emersed aquatic plants I've used: Riccia Aquatic mosses Creeping jenny Ludwigia Dwarf baby tears Hydro sp japan Water sprite herbs, veggies you can use pretty much everything (google 'aquaponics') lettuce spinach kale char tomatoes cucumbers mint cilantro parsely scallions (green onion) strawberries etc etc etc Tillandsia aka air plants can be attached to wood that leeches some water up from the tank but shouldn't have roots submerged (ferns do good like this too), cacti plants aren't adapted to handle constant wet roots so they're bad, but just about everything else can adapt to roots in water life.
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