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  1. Thanks all, they keep me busy, and broke -) @Dale - I still have the culled fishies on a separate big tank, dont know what to do with them. I try giving them out to friends but still too many. Anyone interested locals here in Jersey? Pickup only as i'm shipping 'handicapped'. I'd be happy to trade or give back to the group. Have more than 50 left. Dad is a blue ranchu and mom a lemonhead ranchu (both from ECR).
  2. Appreciate the feedback. Got the blue ranchu from Cynthia of East Coast Ranchu (highly recommended btw). Yes, my water level to date is around 6" deep. Hoping to get at least 8 from this batch.
  3. Hi Folks, First time attempt to raise frys (by accident). Now I appreciate the hardwork you breeders put in to come up with a few but very beautiful beauties. Anyway, as the topic suggests, I'm new at raising frys. Yesterday was my first big cull (from close to 200 to around 60). My main criteria are their tails. They're 5 weeks old and came from blue and lemonhead ranchu parents (from Cynthia - ECR). Here's a link to the video. Meet the parents -): http://i68.tinypic.com/2lke1xh.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/2emfx44.jpg Any feedback on potential future culls are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi MJ. I used PraziPro and followed the bottle's directions for dosing. They received their first dose of Prazi at about 1 week old. I started to see the fry spitting out their brine shrimp and based on what I had been reading on kokos, that is an indicator that they need their first dose. Congrats on your fry! I also got a crash course in raising them as the spawn was unexpected. I hope everything goes well for you and your fry grow up to be happy, healthy goldfish. It's a fun experience Thanks for your response. Also appreciate you sharing your step by step experience (literally) with the community. That's a lot of hard work and commitment.
  5. Also new to raising frys. What dosage do you do with Prazi? I assume you were doing it for precautionary measures more than anything else?
  6. No heater required? Only saw foam filters.... tia
  7. Is Hikari Lionhead ok to feed for dark colored fishies? I have white, gold and red fishies but I also have a black oranda and blue ranchu.
  8. My latest update on my outdoor goldfish pond - fishies loving it -)
  9. and by the way Sharon, what kind of plants are these? And are these available in HD/Lowes?
  10. Great ideas Sharon but my main concern is the cover for the stock tank which I plan to use everytime (I don't trust squirels and other criters here in my area). I was thinking of adding floating plants, as well as some filtering plants directly atop the filter. As far as the tube from the tank to the filter, it doesnt show on the picture but it goes behind the filter. You see plants in the top of the filter, and also plants in the rail planter from Lowes that sits on a "rail" across the tub (2x4 wrapped in plastic). Those in the top of the filter grow in pots of gravel or hydropnic medium. I drilled holes in the bottom of the side "legs" of the planter for the water to return to the pond, stuffed the legs with filter padding, and then filled the planter with hydroponic medium. I used expanded clay pellets in this planter, but I prefer the recycled glass grow stones, which weigh less and seem to promote better plant growth. Then I plant in the medium. My filter has a single outlet pipe, so I had to attach a "holey pipe" going across the planter to distribute the water. If you built one of these, you could just extend your three pipes so they go over the edge of the planter, and get good water distribution. Where does the hose from the pump enter the filter?
  11. this surprisingly works, used it multiple times in carry heavy items/furnitures. http://www.forearmforklift.com/
  12. It has a lip Sharon, it's just the angle of the shot. Thanks again. Any suggestions for plants and where can I possibly get them? Daughter is teasing me it looks so bare.
  13. Thanks Sharon for the inspiration and the detailed build instructions for the stock pond (with play sand), the diy filter, and the chicken wire cover. http://s30.postimg.org/eo8r9au5d/pond1.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/bl8ywb9m7/pond2.jpg Pardon the water cloudiness, I just put in the play sand. Next project will be the continuous water change. Can't wait to take the goldies out, hopefully it gets warmer here in the East Coast soon.
  14. All I do for a water change is fill my fresh water reservoir and add dechlor to that water. I don't have to do a thing about balancing water temperature because the water drips/trickles from the reservoir into the pond. Drips don't change water temperature and after a few hours the temperature in the reservoir is the same as that in the pond. I always recommend that beginners get a stock tank for their first pond. You only need a pump and filter to get them ready for fish, and they will last for years. The Tuff Stuff 110 gallon makes a nice pond at a low cost. I'll definitely look into this. Very interesting reads, thanks for the leads.
  15. Thanks for the advise Shakaho. I definitely will look into this when the weather gets better (I still have snow in my backyard from last weeks snowstorm here in the EC, Some follow-up questions: When you do water change, do you dechlorinate? do you still balance a hot water/cold water combination to maintain temp of the fresh water? One of the issues I have is access to hot water.
  16. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HJGTLVW?keywords=intex%20pool&qid=1454286427&ref_=sr_1_2&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_two_browse-bin%3A6024915011&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-2 I've seen people recommending this pool as a goldfish tub. Im thinking of trying it out this outdoor this coming spring/summer/fall but have a few questions: what type of heater can be used? what type of filter can be used? I've seen foam filters being used but how often is water change? Do you cover it at night? I have squirrels, etc in my backyard I'm just curious if anyone has tried this/something similar and can share some experience. Thanks in advance.
  17. Yeah this is what I ended up getting. It's quiet, I like it, hopefully I'll have the same 10+ yrs worth as well.
  18. Arctic Mama, what exactly is your high quality air pump? I'm also looking for suggestions on a good air pump. Thanks.
  19. Very nice setup. I'd recommend getting a plastic tote/bus for the canister filter, specially being that close to electrical. Something like this but deeper (got one from Walmart less that $2). http://www.walmart.com/ip/RUBBERMAID-3351-7.63-gal.-Gray-Polyethylene-Tote-Box-21-1-2-x17-1-8-x7/40917653
  20. I have a whisper air pump on my other tank but wanting to check if anyone has any recommendations for a better one.
  21. BTW, if I'm not mistaken, the black oranda's (from Cynthia/ECR) brothers/sisters are among the gf's posted on the ECR site.
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