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  1. The best way to spread the right message about goldfish keeping is to leave quality reviews with your point embedded in it. Make sure to mention that you're buying the tank for a species that does ok in a nano tank, list approximately how quickly toxins (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) build up in said tank with aforementioned stocking levels, and then mention how important it is to do research before buying a tank for your fish, giving the example that a common goldfish should have at least 20 gallons to itself. The more people that do this, the more people will see it. At the very least it might encourage some folks to start poking around the Internet for more information.
  2. Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another update! Turns out that the scales Aragorn lost a while ago have long since regrown... I just hadn't realized it because the scales that grew back are matte! I know that (similarly to pearlscales growing back scales without the bump) metallic goldfish can grow back matte scales, I just hadn't realized that they'd all regrown because it's harder to see the matte scales compared to metallic ones. Sweet little Boromir is getting bigger and bigger! I find his layers of color so interesting, too, especially as he's getting bigger and the patterns keep getting more complicated as they grow with him. He's definitely been easier to photograph this week, too... maybe those extra grams are slowing him down. I contemplated how well-suited my two little boys are to our home this week, too though. I mean, they don't make much noise, they take up (comparatively to a larger animal) very little room in the apartment, and they don't need to be taken on walks regularly. Actually, I think I do technically take them on walks when I go around the tank taking photos and they follow me to whatever side I'm on... but really, they just fit well here. Oh, and remember all those photos of Boromir raising his voice toward Aragorn? My big orange boy is taking a stand, and he's not gonna take it! Whether they're singing or screaming, or just trying to eat invisible treats in the tank, goldfish sure look funny mid-gulp! And it doesn't matter how gorgeous they look while they're swimming or moseying around, they're just silly-looking when they vacuum up food and sand. Speaking of food... I've been letting some algae grow on the plastic plant I have in the aquarium, and both fishies just looooove nibbling on it as a snack between meals. I don't mind letting it grow a little, as it's not bad for the fish and gives them something to do during the day. I think Boromir is picking up some modelling tricks from Aragorn Alright, some fancy photos of the boys and then I'm done for today, promise. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons I love a simple back background and a sparsely decorated tank. Not only is it easier to clean, but I have a better chance at getting photos of the fish on a plain black background without any distracting background decorations. All the focus is on the fish, as if it is a priceless piece of art. Which, of course, they are to me. Living art. Not to say that a change in background isn't interesting sometimes... The green brings out the deeper red-orange of Boromir's side, I think. It's a lovely contrast. Alright, thank you for stopping by and seeing my marvelous little companions Have a lovely day!
  3. Thank you! My husband laughs every time I sit down in front of the aquarium with my camera, but he also brings me snacks. He's starting to understand how much I love these little guys and photography. My land-based photography skills are developing as well, but I'm definitely using any excuse to practice with the tank. It's just such a fun challenge between getting the right lighting and shutter speeds, and aperture.
  4. Snapped a few more pictures of my fantails today, please enjoy! Our little calico vacuum cleaner... he looks like a little piggy with his jaw all out like this My orange boy is still posing every time I walk by. Gettin' chubby... I love it! Artsy shot And the two boys pestering one another again. I feel like Boromir does his fair share of scolding Aragorn. I've got a few photos (taken on different days) like this now... Last one of my big boy. He lost a few scales on that side last week during a water change, but he's still healthy and moving around like normal. I think there's even been some regrowth. What happened was that once the water was pretty low (just enough for them to be able to still swim around) Aragorn decided he wanted to be on the other side of the plastic plant (which I tested before I bought with panty hose to make sure it wouldn't harm them). Well, he did some pushing and wriggling and shoving between the glass and a piece of the plant laying in the way, and I guess he knocked a few scales off. It doesn't seem to bother him though, as I said, and he still loves swimming around that plant and picking bits of algae off it. I'll just be keeping my eye on him more closely from now on. Goofball. Hope everyone's staying warm this week (weather's been pretty cold here in South Carolina)!
  5. I just got some new camera equipment, so I've got some more photos of my little fantails to share (because obviously they were the first subjects to test my new gear on). Hope you all enjoy! Boromir digging through the sand in search of missed food... as though they ever leave anything uneaten. Aragorn stopping to check out what I'm up to. You can see my little calico really starting to fill out more and more... It's the funny shots I get of them that make me love taking so many photos. Another "artsy" photo And then a derpy photo for good measure. Aragorn looking all elegant again... Close-ups! "Mmm... any more food mom?" I just love this little guy... Dramatic portrait? Because he's such a handsome boy Alright folks, that's it for today. They're definitely both growing (Aragorn is 11 grams now and Bonomir is 8 grams), and every day they get more and more friendly. My sweet little Aragorn caught me completely by surprise yesterday when I was feeding them... I left my hand in the water a little longer than usual (just unawares) and my orange water baby came up and nibbled my fingers in hopes of finding more food! I wasn't paying attention, so I almost jerked my hand out of the water in surprise! But it was so cute Anyway come back and see their progress again every how and then!
  6. As requested Sorry it's so dark, the tank is super reflective in the daytime, and I put a temporary hood over it to reflect some more light inside for photography purposes. But you can see the simple aesthetic I've adopted. See how reflective the glass is? Haha, that's the setup in daylight though.
  7. Yup, they are both pretty special (not to mention adorable) to me
  8. I definitely will! They've already grown a bit in the 3 months or so that I've had them, especially Aragorn (my orange and white fantail). Boromir (the calico) is growing too, he just has a different shape than Aragorn (more slender) so it can be hard to tell sometimes. Here's a couple photos of my cute little boys that I took yesterday: I gave them some spinach yesterday, so they were super happy with me Aragorn playing coy Boromir: "Hey! Leave me some!" They've both got such pretty tails... Here's a shot of Boromir from his side. And Aragorn sifting through the sand, having a great time There ya go! Some updates of my sweet little guys.
  9. Wonderful photos! Your snails look adorable (something I didn't think snails could be, btw). What camera are you using to take these, they look super professional!
  10. Thank you both for the good info! For now I'm definitely still sticking with other people's recipes, I'm nowhere near experienced enough to come up with my own yet. I was just curious how some people came up with their ratios and ingredient lists. I'd like both of your posts, but apparently I've "already reached my quota"? Hehe, shows I'm still a newb to this forum. No big deal though Thanks again!
  11. Hello again I am seriously impressed by everyone that makes their own gel food! And even more so when they post their awesome tried-and-true recipes here so some of the newbs like myself can get our hands dirty, too. So, I've been reading just about every gel food recipe I could find on here, and I have a few questions for those of you that have either made up your own recipes or are taking the plunge in making someone else's... Does anyone ever calculate out the exact proportions of the final nutritional value of their gel foods? I mean, if you get repashy's soilent green, there's a guaranteed analysis on the packaging for percentage of protein, fiber, fat, etc. So my question would really be more of how you judge exactly how much of each food you add and why? Are you aiming for a certain percentage of protein to roughage, to fat, as well? Also, could anyone explain to me the difference between "crude protein" and normal "protein" in terms of food labeling? And if this matters, or factors in, when you're making your own gel food? If there's anything else those more knowledgeable could add about the how's and why's of certain ingredient choices or ratios in making gel foods for our goldies, I'd really love to learn! For now, I'll continue using the recipes you all have been kind enough to provide for my experimentation. Thank you all! ~ CaliGold ~
  12. Not to sway you any further, but organic baby food is a super easy (lazy) way to get the right portions of veggies without cooking the nutrients out in the process
  13. Thank you! I wasn't sure where to put it, so I really appreciate you moving it for me
  14. Just wanted to share some of my favorite photos of my little guys with you all My little guys when I first got them... so tiny! And so cautious about the big lady coming to peek into the tank all the time. First picture of my calico, once I'd had them about a week. And first picture of the orange guy after a week. At this point, I still didn't know if they were male or female. They look so cute grazing for food that isn't there sometimes. And begging to be fed. Always begging to be fed. xD See? "Mommy, I'm hungry!" They still love each other and hang out together in the tank all the time. (Surprise kisses!) Those fantails... I just fell in love. And both my little boys have developed breeding stars on their gill plates, and some along the leading rays of their pectoral fins as well. Reminds me of all the boys in high school getting acne. "I told you I was a boy! Geez!" By now both of my water babies have begun to fill out a little, too, which makes me smile. They are such cute little studs. And they know very well that they are loved. Hope you enjoyed the "pseudo-story" of my fantails, I enjoy every minute with my hands in the water. Even cleaning the tank is kind of fun (because I weigh them and track how much they've grown every other water change). These two little fantails are my pride and joy right now, and even if I get more expensive or well-bred fish down the line, these two were the ones that started it all. ~ CaliGold ~
  15. Oh my goodness you guys... I did it! I finally took the plunge and made my own gel food! It wasn't as terrible as I thought making it would be. Sure, it stank up the kitchen for a little bit, but I can barely smell anything anymore anyway (I've got a terrible stuffed nose right now). Ha! I should just make gel food when I've got a cold in future, it was so much better than expected. I used one of the recipes I found on this site, with tuna, green beans, carrots, and a little squash as the main components. Apparently I added just the right amount of gelatin, as well, because after 3 hours of sitting in the fridge, not only did it pop out of the bread pan smooth as butter, but it was firm enough that it didn't fall apart, too! I sliced it up into "weekly" portions, put them in an airtight container, separated with parchment paper, and off into the freezer most of it went! Only thing I forgot to do was weigh the darn thing before I cut it all apart (I wanted to calculate the percentages of protein, fiber, fat, etc. for the whole thing). Oh well, hopefully I remember next time. As for feeding it? Well, the fishies were feasting tonight! I dropped two little chunks of the gel food into the tank in the area where I normally feed them, and plopped myself down to watch. First things first, the gel food didn't disintegrate into tiny bits and pieces like I'd feared it might. Score! Then came the hungry water babies. I was worried that the chunks of gel food would look too big for them, but apparently they smelled fantastic. My orange fantail took a big 'ole bite out of the chunk before I even had time to think of what I'd do if one of them started choking on it (of course, since it hadn't disintegrated upon hitting the water I immediately worried I might have made it too dense, haha). No problems whatsoever. The consistency seemed pleasing even to the calico, who is kind of my picky eater. The calico even got his fair share, by the looks of it! Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone in case there's anyone out there that's still on the fence about whether to make their own gel food or not. I'm so glad I gave it a try, and reading all the recipes posted around here really gave me more confidence (as did the head cold that let me blissfully ignore the smell). All the best! ~ CaliGold ~
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