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  1. Thanks! I've read that guide! The tank has been setup for almost 2 weeks. the temperature fluctuates between 68-70 degrees. I know the 10 gallon tank is too small for my fish long term but I'm working with it for now and I'll upgrade within the next few months. Thanks for letting me know about the kH and gH. The water where I live is hard. I've never had a problem with pH in any aquarium changing from the tap to the tank and I've only ever had fish that tend to do well in hard water/water with a high pH. I have no idea about the alkalinity. The water testing kit I have only does ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and high/low pH. Do I need to purchase another kit? (hopefully it isn't as expensive as the $30 one I already have).
  2. I've had my tank set up for a little less than 2 weeks. Everything in the tank is new and its a 10gal with one 1-1.5" long fancy. At first I was changing about 80% of the water every 2-3 days but about a week ago I started doing daily 30% water changes. I'm also dosing my tank with Prime every time I do a water change. So far my ammonia reads around 0.25ppm or a little lower every day with 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates every day. I'm just wondering how long I should expect before I start seeing nitrites and nitrates being produced? Am I doing something wrong? I believe the prime detoxifies the ammonia for the fish but leaves it available for BB, correct? In the tank I have a biowheel filter full of ceramic media and filter sponges, and I also have a large sponge filter in the tank. The water always looks crystal clear which is great but I feel like I'm never going to get a decent colony of BB built up. Edit: Ammonia (tank/tap): ~0.25ppm/0ppm Nitrite (tank/tap): 0ppm/0ppm Nitrate (tank/tap): 0ppm/0ppm pH (tank/tap): 7.5-8 kH (tank/tap): ? gH (tank/tap): ? I'm not sure what kH and gH are?
  3. This is my first goldfish, baby "Pebble" swimming around in his 10gal tank. I'm hoping he keeps his color/pattern as he grows. I think he looks very interesting! The large scales on his gill covers are metallic while the rest of his scales are not metallic. In some places it looks like his has black pigment underneath a layer of semi-transparent white scales. I love this fish! Try watching the video in high quality if you want
  4. I decided not to trade for the larger filter, I'll just leave in my smaller one until I upgrade and I'll buy the larger filter then. I added the sponge filter yesterday and it's working so well! The water is absolutely crystal clear and I think the bubbles from the sponge filter are really helping to oxygenate the water because my fish seems more active too.
  5. Haha, possibly. She hasn't advertised any but I suppose I could message her directly
  6. Okay good to know! After seeing a picture of the filter it's huge so I'm not really sure I want it on the tank now haha I got the 10 gallon set up with the 20gal sponge filter and the tetra airpump rated for 20-40 gallon tanks. My fish seems just find with the sponge filter and the sponges on the thing are huge so I think I'll be okay for chemical filtration now! Could anyone tell me an estimation of how many months before I'll need to move my fish out of the 10 gallon and into something bigger? She just wants a smaller filter because she's not keeping large tanks anymore and she has a lot of extra unused supplies to trade and sell. She doesn't keep goldfish, just tropicals.
  7. Hi! I'm new here, but I have my new baby 1 inch goldfish in a 10 gallon tank at the moment which will be upgraded eventually. Right now the tank has a marineland penguin 75 filter which only does 75 GPH. I am also adding a sponge filter today or tomorrow though. But someone on a local aquarium facebook page offered to trade a me a penguin 350 for my penguin 75 plus some cash because she wants a smaller filter. That filter has a flow rate of 350 GPH. Would that be too overwhelming in a 10 gallon if I baffled and put a sponge over the intake? I'm thinking the trade would be good because I'll eventually need a bigger filter when I upgrade tanks anyway. My tank isn't cycled yet so I can just transfer the media and not really lose any progress. Would the penguin 350 plus a sponge filter just be extra extra excessive? I feel like I might as well build up BB on both filters now so when I eventually upgrade to the bigger tank the transition will be easy. Thoughts?
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