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  1. The bubbles are not static, they are suspended/moving through the water column and are created by the output of water from the filters to the tank. I turned off the bubble wall and the micro bubbles disappeared so I do believe they resulted from the filters taking in air and releasing it as dispersed micro-bubbles. I am on municipal water and both my tap and tank pH measure 8.5. My water from both the tap and tank tends to have a very stable pH and I have rarely ever seen it fluctuate, it's always between 8-8.5. I read a few other threads on other forums about these types of micro bubbles causing air embolisms and killing fish. This is why I decided to turn the bubble wall off. Maybe I'm worrying more than I should but I would feel horrible if any of my fish ended up dying because I didn't want to turn the bubbles off. The bubble wall is purely aesthetic, the tank has plenty of other areas with good aeration.
  2. My tank has a ton of little micro-bubbles in the water column and while I never really noticed them before I recently installed a black background and now they are very apparent and I guess a bit unsightly. Some research has led me to believe that they're caused by the bubble wall I have in the back of my aquarium because my two HOB filters' intakes are right above the bubble wall the air is getting sucked into the filter and spat back out into the tank. Other than the fact that the bubbles don't look very good I was wondering if they're otherwise harmful to my fish or to the filters? I see the tiny mico-bubbles cling to the bodies of my fish sometimes and I was wondering if there's any chance the bubbles would interfere with their gills or GI tract? Is there anyway I can minimize the bubbles (other than not using my bubble wall, because I really like the bubble wall )? I'm going to try some type of baffle on the outputs of the filter to better disperse the water and see if that works.
  3. A few days ago I picked up a small cheap pothos plant with the idea of letting it grow hanging from my two HOB filters. I've heard good things from other people who do this and supposedly pothos really eat up a lot more nitrogen than typical aquatic plants. I'm a little concerned about the roots growing and clogging the impellers on my filters but I plan on taking them out when I rinse dirty filter media and trimming the roots when they seem to be getting a bit too long. I'm also a little bit worried about rinsing the roots completely of all the soil and fertilizer from the store which is the only reason I haven't actually got the plant into the filters yet. Does anyone here do this? Do you guys repot the pothos after they've developed roots or can I leave the plant in there long-term and just trim when needed? The fish wont have access to the plants so I wont have to worry about them eating any of it.
  4. Just to provide an update since I haven't been on this forum in a while. I was able to move the tank by placing it on a large flattened cardboard box as suggested. I also cut a couple holes in the cardboard and looped a rope through to make a cardboard sled thing and that worked really well. The stand was shockingly light and was easy to carry with the help of another person
  5. Hi! I haven't been on Kokos in months! Last time I was here I had my little baby fantail named Pebble in a 10 gallon tank all alone. Seven months later I discovered Pebble is a girl and she has grown quite a bit and enjoys her time spent swimming around her 60 gallon aquarium with her two oranda friends. I took this video this evening after a water change Tomorrow I am installing the tank's background so don't mind the ugly wall and view of the cords.
  6. Thanks so much everyone! We do luckily have carpeted stairs so I think I will try using some cardboard to slide the tank down them. I was so excited to get a big new tank I never really thought about how difficult it might be to move something so big and fragile. But I'll get it figured out!
  7. I got a 60 gallon tank to replace my 29 gallon! Yay I bought it on craigslist and had it delivered and now it's sitting in my garage. The problem is that the tank is really heavy and I need to move it downstairs into the basement. It cannot go upstairs for several reasons. I feel confident that I can carry it with the help of one other person but my girlfriend is really not okay with the idea of carrying it down the stairs because we have a pretty steep stairway and she thinks it's going to fall on someone/break/shatter and cut someone up. Has anyone moved a large tank down steep narrow stairs and have any tips or suggestions for me? I already spent a long time removing all of the gravel from the tank so it's 100% empty right now. I'm also a little worried about getting the big stand down the stairs. The stand is just a typical black wood stand like you get from petco.
  8. Thank you all! If I buy a fish with a small "Jelly-like" wen, and feed it good quality foods will the wen likely grow bigger over time? My large tank is nearing the end of it's cycle I think (Yay!) and right now at petsmart there are a few pretty calico orandas with what looks like very small wen like you mentioned. If one of those fish is still around by the time my tank is completely cycled I think I will get one
  9. Hi! I was at my local petsmart yesterday looking at the goldfish. In the tank with baby orandas I noticed a lot of them didn't really have any visible wen, and even in the tank with "medium" sized orandas only some of the fish had visible wens. The medium fish really surprised me because some of those fish are pretty big (4-5" bodies) but I couldn't really see a wen on them so I wasn't sure if maybe they were just mislabeled fantails or if they were indeed orandas that just had no wen growth yet for some reason. I know the little baby orandas don't usually have wen growth that early. When I get my second fish I want to get a baby oranda, and I will probably end up getting on from this same petsmart since it's the most affordable and their goldfish always do seem nice and healthy when I go in (that's where my fantail came from as well). I just want to make sure I actually buy an oranda and don't accidentally get another fantail! Thanks!
  10. Thanks! I thought it was bigger than 29 gallons too, I was told 35 haha. Unfortunately it's only 29. I'm cycling with ammonia and luckily I got access to some sand from an established tank to seed it with some hopefully it cycles rather quickly and I can get fish in!
  11. Sorry I forgot to fill out the list! * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0 * Nitrate level(Tank) 5 * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0 * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0 * Nitrate level(Tap) 5 * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) pH ~7.5 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) pH ~7.5 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater Master Kit * Water temperature? 72 Fahrenheit * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 10 gallons, about a month * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? marineland penguin 75, 20gal sponge filter with tetra 40 gallon air pump * How often do you change the water and how much? Usually once a day 30-50%, lately 90% per day * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? less than an hour ago, 90% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 fantail w/ 1.5-2" body, about 3" overall * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Seachem Prime * What do you feed your fish and how often? Aqueon color enhancing goldfish granules, 4-5 pellets twice a day. * Any new fish added to the tank? no * Any medications added to the tank? PraziPro added Thursday - Saturday * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. *90% water change Thursday night, added PraziPro Thursday night. *90% water change Friday night, added PraziPro Friday night. *90% water change Saturday night, added PraziPro Saturday night. *90% water change Sunday night, did NOT add PraziPro, found dead worm floating in the water minutes after water change was completed.
  12. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Now, on Thursday I began treating my goldfish with Hikari Prazipro in preparation for his eventual move to my new bigger aquarium. I wanted to make sure he was as healthy as possible and free from parasites before I moved him into his brand new home. I'm SO GLAD I decided to do this, because tonight after I was finished with my daily water change I noticed this THING floating in the tank water. I quickly grabbed a pipette and sucked it up and put it into a test tube (I know I'm weird for just having test tubes in my house). It's clearly some type of disgusting worm, and it's about 2" long which is longer than the body length of my little goldfish It looks like it's kind of flat and wide on one end and pointed on the other end. Does anyone know what it is??? I'm assuming I should just continue the prazipro treatment? I'm doing three days with meds and two days without, how many cycles do you suggest I go through? Because my tank still isn't cycled I have to water change every day so I've been changing 90% of the water (with gravel vacuuming) every day, and then I read the whole dose of prazipro to the tank after the water change. Except for the two days when I water change without adding any of the prazipro back into the water. So nasty
  13. He just loves his new snail friend SO much he wants to give her a kiss! or maybe not....
  14. Thanks for the information! Once I have the 29 gallon cycled I'll move my baby fish over and I'll wait a while before I decide to get another fish or not. If I do get another it will likely also be very small. I don't mind water changes, in the past when I only had bettas I did twice weekly water changes on all of my tanks by scooping water out into buckets. Now I have the python water changer so water changing the 29 gallon is SO EASY! I hardly even have to get my hands wet HA! I think I will spend the next year or so saving up for a BIG upgrade down the line. I ideally would like to have a 75 gallon and have 3 or 4 goldfish in it.
  15. I don't actually know if he is considered a real "giant," he's a petco "King" betta, so whatever that means But he is big! And he's so beautiful, I think he's going to marble on me so that's pretty exciting. I wasn't totally planning on getting a betta anytime soon but I couldn't pass this guy up! Enjoy pics!
  16. Thanks!! Something I've been wondering about, I know bigger fish produce more waste which is why you can get away with smaller tanks for baby goldfish temporarily, but is the amount of waste produced proportional to the size of fish (like does a 10" fish produce 10X as much waste as a 1" fish?) or is the relationship between body size and waste production not that simple? Also, how fast do goldfish really grow? Like how long until they reach their full adult size? I always just read that goldfish grow "fast" but in the month about that I've had my little 1-2" goldfish I haven't really noticed that he's grown at all. I'm sure he has grown but just not enough that I would ever be able to notice it. Also, in my first post I meant to say that the big tank will probably cycle faster than the small tank, not the other way around!
  17. I'm SO happy to finally have my new tank set up and running. It's a 29 gallon vintage tank that I got for free and resealed myself. I didn't do the best job sealing it (aesthetically speaking) but it now holds water with zero leaks and I don't think the messy sealant is very noticeable. (My decor is totally ripping off Jennie from the Solid Gold youtube channel, but I like the simplicity - sorry!). I'm using the National Geographic black sand (from petsmart) instead of the Caribsea tahitian moon sand because it was waaaayyyyyyy cheaper. I noticed there aren't many reviews of this type of sand yet, so once I've been using it for while I'll post my opinions - so far it's been great, not dirty at all and heavy enough not to get sucked up into the gravel vac too much. The lighting always comes off looking really bad in photos but it looks much better in person. I'm running a marineland penguin 350 filter, but when I eventually move my baby fish from his 10 gallon to this tank I'll also transfer the big sponge filter as well. I got my hands on some pure ammonia so I'm going to try fishless cycling this bigger tank while my smaller tank continues to cycle. At the rate the smaller tank may cycle first anyway In the future I would like to get a second goldfish as a buddy for my current guy. Do you guys think this tank will be suitable for two small growing goldfish for the next year - year and a half? Once I graduate college I'll likely be moving to a new town so I will plan on upgrading to an even bigger tank after that move! Thanks!
  18. This is just amazing to me. Beyond what I ever would have imagined would be possible. It's going to be awesome when it's finished, and it already is so impressive. Very professionally done. I understand the waiting for all the shops to re-open, I've been doing that this week too!
  19. Oh wow, good to know! I have experience with large finned bettas like doubletails and rosetails having trouble getting around as well ): It is sad to watch them. In the future I will be mindful to reduce the current in the tank if I ever notice him having trouble getting around. I don't mean this question to be outlandish or insulting in any way, but do people ever manually trim their fish's fins if they get too long? In the same way that someone might have to trim the wen that has grown too large on an oranda? I'm not sure if the fins have nerves running through them or not. Bettas commonly will bite their own fins to trim them up if they get much too heavy, but I can't imagine a goldfish would be capable of biting their own fins.
  20. I'm wondering if my fantail will grow up to have really long flowing fins? I love the look of long finnage on fish, and I feel like he already has pretty long fins for his size. What do you think? Is there anyway to predict it or will I just have to wait years and see? Also, I know I'm probably a month or more away from being about to get another fish, but I'm already thinking about what breed of goldfish I want to get as a friend for my Pebble. I think it would look so nice to have two fish with flowing fins in a tank together. I've noticed that some orandas (especially red caps) tend to have really long fins while other orandas get huge but still have pretty short fins. I really want to get a baby oranda eventually because I like the idea of watching them grow up, but is there any way for me to try and pick a baby that will be more likely to grow really long fins as it ages?
  21. Thank you for all the help. I do have the tank covered with a hood and the filter has a cover on it as well. I took off the cover on the filter for now since my hood is latched onto my tank but I can remove that too if I need to. I will be going to lowed tomorrow to get a plant and some soil! That's such a cool idea I will also cut back on the feeding. I also have a marimo that was looking a little brown lately but it smelled fine so I left it in. I removed it now just in case it was decomposing and contributing to the ammonia for some reason. Yes! This is my 10 gallon tank, all the plants are artificial except for the marimo balls. There's gravel on the bottom, with a HOB filter that turns 75 GPH and a big 20gal sponge filter/air pump that is hiding in the back. I also removed all of the crystals that are in the tank here about an hour after I added them in because I read that amethyst may be harmful so they're not in there currently.
  22. So the past few days my ammonia has been spiking like crazy but I still haven't seen any nitrites at all I read 5ppm nitrates but it looks like that's just in my tap water which is a bummer. I've been managing the ammonia spikes with frequent (like 2-3 times a day!) 20-30% water changes and dosing with prime. My fish seems to be doing great, doesn't seem to be affected by the ammonia which I'm happy about. But within a few hours it can shoot from <0.25ppm to 1.0ppm. I'm REALLYYYYY hoping I start seeing the ammonia go down on it's own and nitrite readings appear soon In other news I got an old 29 gallon that I resealed about 36 hours ago. I ordered a stand, a python water changer, and I have a new marineland penguin 350 filter ready to go as well. So once my 10 gal finally cycles I can start thinking about moving my fish to the 29 gallon. I also discovered a roommate's bottle of the ACE pure ammonia (fragrance and surfactant free) hiding in the closet so I may steal some and start a fishless cycle in the 29 gal whilst I'm completing the fish-in cycle in the 10 gal. Boy oh boy
  23. Thanks! I think I'm just going to try to razor blade to get everything off the sides and leave the extra pieces and globs that are on the seams for now. I don't want to risk ruining the seal.
  24. The day before yesterday I was gifted a vintage 29 gallon tank. Its the type with the stainless steal frame all around (luckily my tank has a glass bottom rather than a slate one). I didn't really expect it to hold water but I filled it up with some really hot water because I read that can sometimes help the old tar sealant get gummy and re-seal itself. To my surprise the tank did excellent and it was only after an hour or so that I noticed a small amount of water pooling under the tank due to two slow leaks out the bottom. Anyway, I did some research on re-sealing and got all the supplies yesterday and yesterday I spent all day prepping the tank and last night I resealed it. I sort of freaked out during the process because it was way harder for me than I anticipated and the silicon did not come out looking very pretty. However, I'm pretty confident that I covered all the seams more than sufficiently. I'm waiting for it to cure now. I've read that 24 hours is good enough but I think I'll give it 72 before doing my first test with water. Also, I hope to never do that again because the acetic acid smell was horrid. The problems I'm having now are that I got some silicon on the glass panels and I'm having a hard time getting it off. Is there some type of safe solvent I can use to help me remove it? Also, I was wanting this tank to be a bare-bottom tank but seeing my messy job on the silicon is bumming me out. Any idea if I might be able to clean it up once it's cured without risking the seal? If not I'll probably go with some black sand or just deal with the fact that the silicon looks terrible. No matter what this tank will be a nice upgrade for my little fish eventually. I want to finish cycling his 10 gallon before I move him into this tank so I wont have to go through cycling again. I have a nice new big filter for the 29 gallon as well so I should be pretty set.
  25. Okay, good to know. I didn't really realize that my water changes might be making it hard to get a nitrite reading but that makes a lot of sense. I'll do a few more days of my 30% changes and then go down to 20% and see what happens
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