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  1. The loaches are too big for my tank, and it seems they're social so they're better suited for 55+ gallons. Right now I'm leaning towards a school of cories on the gravel and hoping they don't get injured, and then a small handful of female platies. But, more creative ideas are always welcome
  2. Oh yes of course, thank you for your ideas you got me thinking a little bit more out of the box than usual!
  3. I really like dojo loaches but do you think they would do okay on gravel? I thought they liked to dig in the sand and I'm not sure if they would have the same issues with having their nose "feeler" things damaged by the gravel? Also read they need to be in a 55gal minimum...sigh. Cherry barbs are pretty, I hadn't thought of that before... I'll have to see if anywhere near me carries them. A school of 6 or 7 cherry barbs might be ideal for my setup. Unforunetly I'm pretty much limited to Petco/Petsmart (I would QT all new fish of course), or I have to do an online order and it just really sucks to pay for shipping so I try to avoid it if possible. I also like BN plecos but I want something that's just a little more active and visible since the tanks looking a little empty/boring right now. As for snails, I like snails fine but I don't really keep them to look at them, mostly just to have something to clean up plant matter and stuff. I might put a couple nerites in the tank but I probably wont be doing any other type of snails.
  4. So i just upgraded my betta sorority from their 10 gallon tank to a 20 gallon long and now I'm thinking I should add some tank mates so I'm looking for suggestions. Right now I'm considering down albino cory cats but I heard that they don't do well on gravel? I was also thinking a small school of neon tetras but someone told me they might fin nip my bettas. So I'm sort of out of ideas. I might do shrimp but no nearby stores carry any and I don't really want to spend a lot of money on shrimp that might end up as betta snacks so other ideas are very welcome!
  5. Platies and Guppies will get along just fine.... I would add just a little bit of salt. Guppies and all live bearers love salt. Not alot just alittle like under .1% salt. That will help to heal the fins. No you dont need Females unless you want them to breed Yes they can they love blood worms and green foods, they love live plants too as they like to nip at them. No question is basic we all got to learn some how hun Ask away. TD and I been raising guppies for over 15 years and now on to the Mollies Thanks for the info and tips! So far I like them. Yesterday they seemed stressed and mostly stayed in a huddle at the top of the tank but today they are exploring a lot more and showing their personalities. Its funny how I can already see the different behaviors and personalities of the guppies. They're all just orange males but I can tell some of them apart because some are more brave/nippy, and some are more timid, a couple of them like to explore together away from the main group a bit more while the rest like to stick in a tight school. I'm pretty sure they came out of a really small tank so they might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of their QT tank
  6. I got 9 free male guppies from someone who had too many and right now they're in a QT tank but I'm planning on putting them into my 20gal long with my platies. However, a bunch of the guppies have nipped/shredded tails so I was wondering what I should do to promote healing and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it might take them to heal up? I'm just planning on keeping the water warm and clean. Also, will it be a problem that I don't have any females (should I get some). Most stuff I saw online was saying 2-4 females per male but I don't think my tank would be able to hold 18+ females in addition to the males and the platies. I only have 5 platies in the tank right now with a few ramshorn snails and some anubias and java fern. Also, can they eat repashy soilent green? I don't actually have any flake food on hand, mostly just goldfish and betta foods (frozen bloodworms), and I just feed the platies a few pieces of extra repashy food every day so I was hoping that would be okay for the guppies as well. Sorry if my questions are a little basic, I don't actually know much about guppies other than the basics.
  7. I have pretty cool news! Today I visited my dad's house for a while because I needed to grab a few things from him and then I ended up staying over for hours and talking a lot. His new fish tank is at the house because he hasn't moved it to the office yet so I got to see the fish first-hand. Unfortunately they're really not looking very good despite only being in the tank for abut 24 hours. We chatted about the fish for a while, how he won them, how he came to choose the tank he did, etc. Another surprise was a brand new tiny little common feeder goldfish that my dad purchased at the same time that he did the tank, so now his 5 gallon officially houses 5 goldfish, and 4 of them are a bit bigger than the average feeder sized goldfish. As we talked about his tank the conversation drifted towards my fish. My dad knows I have fish tanks but I don't think he's ever payed much attention to what I was saying when I was talking about them and he was really surprised to learn that I have a 60 gallon, a 29 gallon, a 20 gallon tank, a 10 gallon, and a 5 gallon... AND that I only housed a handful of fish across all of those tanks. A big revelation came about when he noticed that nearly all of his goldfish were sitting on the bottom with clamped fins looking pretty dreadful. He asked me if maybe they were just doing that because of what time in the day it was and I explained to him that actually my three goldfish at home in my 60 gallon are very active, alert, and practically never sit on the bottom like his fish were doing. Then came the BIG eureka moment when he said, "I suppose I have a bit too many goldfish for a tank this size." I agreed as politely as I could and tried to give him some gentle and easy to understand advice starting with recommending he purchase a bottle of Seachem Prime to do water changes with and advising him to feed just tiny bits of food at a time to keep the water cleaner. We talked a little bit more about my fish and I kind of told him that if his goldfish don't make it he should consider replacing them with a single male betta. He said, "don't bettas just lay around and not move much?" and then I got to explain to him all about how a heater in the tank and some good filtration would result in active and flashy betta fish. He seemed a little sad after out conversation and honestly it made me feel really sad seeing him like that so I'm not going to push the issue much more. I think he really realized that the he went way overboard with the goldfish and now they aren't likely to survive. I'll give it some more time and if the opportunity arises I think I will offer to setup a really nice looking 29 gallon tank in his office so he can keep a couple of the goldfish in proper conditions. It sucks talking about this type of stuff with your family guys! ): I don't want my dad to beat himself up over this and feel guilty and sad about the situation. He really does like all the little fish he has and even named a few of them. I really am hoping that I didn't hurt his feelings at all because that's the last thing in the world I want, but in the end he'll probably be happier to learn a few new things about caring for the little fish that he seems so fond of!
  8. Thanks for the great idea! I will look into that I was wondering if he would be considered a shubunkin, so thank you for letting me know! They're probably my favorite single tail goldfish so I'm happy to have him. Maybe one day I'll be able to set up a little pond for him and a couple friends.
  9. Hey! I'm not Canadian but my SO is so I've done so research on importing and exporting pets between the US and Canada. You should not have problems bringing goldfish across the border if they are intended to be your personal home aquarium pets. If you are only planning on purchasing a few individual fish I think everything will go smoothly. However, if you were to say purchase a large number of fish it may appear like you are planning to resell the fish or something and you might have some problems. You should check out this website for more detailed information: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/animals/aquatic-animals/imports/aquatic-animals/eng/1331906471842/1331908089467 After glancing at that page I found a list of conditions that must be met in order for you to import fish and I think you will likely meet all of the conditions. For example: present proof of their identity and their ownership of the aquatic animal to the inspector at the point of entry into Canada attest to the fact that the pet animal has not been taken to a show or display outside of Canada keep the pet animal in their household aquarium ensure the pet animal is not exposed to any aquatic animals other than those kept in the household, for one year following the importation not import another pet aquatic animal as listed below for the period of 90 days after the importation keep all records of the importation So if you are purchasing from a breeder I would contact them ahead of time and make sure they will be able to give you some sort of paperwork/receipts for you purchase that indicate that you are the new owner of the fish and that they are of an approved species to be imported into Canada (which they are). Also, it seems that once you import fish you will not be able to import any more of them for 90 days so make sure you get everything you want in one trip! These laws are in place to prevent people from importing large numbers of animals into the country that they intend on reselling. From the website: "Anyone importing susceptible aquatic animals to be used as pets or for personal use does not require an Aquatic Animal Health Import Permit but should nevertheless make sure that they satisfy specific import criteria." So it seems as thought you will not require a permit to import them but you will have to fill out a small bit of paperwork. When you cross the border you will fill out an importation form and you may have to show the fish, paperwork, receipts, and your personal ID to the inspectors at the border crossing.
  10. I totally agree, I wish we were at a point where live animals were banned form being prizes and such. Our city recently passed an ordinance banning circus animals from preforming at our circuses so we might be getting closer!
  11. Yes! They had pretty fish at the fair this year... it was actually quite sad to see how many people had won fish at this year's fair. In the past the rule was that you paid something like $3-5 for a small bucket of ping pong balls and if you didn't get any into the little bowls you just didn't win anything. It was a pretty hard game because it's a game I use to play every year as a kid but I never managed to win a fish before. But this year they changed the rules a bit and it was $5 for a "play until you win" unlimited ball supply. So I saw lots more people than usual carrying around fish in bags and many of them had won 3 or 4 goldfish. The upsides to the situation were that I was shocked how much the care of the fish at the carnival had seemed to improve this year. The tanks weren't nearly as crowded as usual, all the fish were pretty large and apparently healthy, and when someone won a fish they got a token to keep with them and exchange for their live fish just before they left so that the fish wouldn't end up being carted around the fair for hours. The bags the fish were sent home in were very large and filled up with a ton of oxygen, and the tanks/bagged fish were kept chilled so that the goldfish didn't overheat. They only bagged one fish in each bag even if someone happened to win more than one fish. I chatted with the man operating the booth for a while and he was very friendly and gave pretty appropriate care tips for the fish such as taking them home asap, changing the water at least once a week, and feeding very small amounts of food. They had a lot of different colors in the tanks to choose from instead of just the normal orange color so maybe people will feel that their individual fish they picked out is more unique and less just "run of the mill." It's probably a long shot, but perhaps that could encourage some people to take better care of their fish and do more research because they feel more attached to the fish they selected.
  12. Very good to know... I kind of doubt I'll ever get him to commit to that many water changes, but I'll definitely mention it to him! I'm thinking about getting rid of my 29 gallon and stand so I might offer it to him to replace the smaller tank. He's a therapist so I think a calming pretty tank to look at in the office is a good idea, its just not going to be any good if his fish are sick and dying.
  13. This is my dad's goldfish on their "tank"
  14. Today had some goldfish ups and goldfish downs. To get the downs out of the way, my dad sent me a picture of 4 goldfish he had won at the fair. He wanted them for his new office and he set them up in a 5 gallon tank (it looked like a fluval chi). He obviously spent a lot of money on the setup and it's a little sad because surely the four goldfish will do poorly in the tony tank he has, so I'll try to talk to him a bit later but I'm not hopeful about the situation. If the fish don't make it (or if I can find a way to encourage him to rehome them) then I'll strongly encourage him to replace them with a Betta fish. In slightly more positive news, I did manage to "save" one fair-prize fish that my friend won as a prize and didn't really want to keep himself. I setup a super last minute 5.5gal QT tank and had some fun making a little DIY air-powered filter too. I know it's not really a proper QT tank because of the gravel so I'll remove it if it becomes problematic but for now the fish seems to enjoy picking at the rocks and such so I thought it was nice. The fish they had this year were surprisingly big and they had a lot more colors than the usual 1/2" orange commons. I named him "Fairy" because he came from the "fair" and he has a few breeding stars on his gill plates so I'm thinking he's probably a male. After his QT and salt/med treatments are over he'll get moved to my 60 gallon tank.
  15. These are good points! I'm sure lots of people would be able to build this themselves for less (lots of saltwater people already build these frag tanks all the time). But for people like me (I *really* struggled with just resealing a tank on my own) the price might be worth it if you want something just like this. It sure would look a lot better than the plastic bins some have used to may indoor "pond" type setups. Zoo Med is saying that these can be ordered into stores that already carry Zoo Med stuff, so if you live near a PetSmart you could get it from them and I don't think you would have to pay any extra shipping. I'm not sure if Petco carries Zoo Med stuff? Obviously anyone on a budget would be better off picking up a 40B or something similar during a Petco $/gal sale.
  16. Good to know! I wasn't sure how much vertical space large goldfish need, but I can see how it would really help fish with swim bladder issues. I was picturing a huge round ryukin swimming along with his dorsal fin sticking out of the water like a shark, lol Edit: I'll add some info, the tank looks like it costs around $135. It was only recently released by zoo med though so I'm not sure if you can find it easily yet. They also sell terrariums in the exact same size but this particular version was designed to hold water.
  17. That's so true! Darn it, I always forget about the bubble eyes and celestials!
  18. http://zoomed.com/db/products/EntryDetail.php?EntryID=1651&DatabaseID=2&SearchID=67&SearchContext=YTo1OntzOjg6IlNlYXJjaElEIjtzOjI6IjY3IjtzOjEwOiJEYXRhYmFzZUlEIjtzOjE6IjIiO3M6ODoiS2V5d29yZHMiO3M6NzoibG93IGJveSI7czo4OiJTZWFyY2hfeCI7czoxOiIwIjtzOjg6IlNlYXJjaF95IjtzOjE6IjAiO30= I just saw a video on this tank and I thought it was pretty cool! I was thinking it would be awesome to use to set up a small indoor "pond" with a couple fancy goldfish. It's only like 10" tall so it would probably be too small for large goldfish, but I think a couple young orandas, fantails, or maybe ranchus would like it? Overall the dimensions are 48"x24"x10" It would be awesome for young butterfly goldfish so you could view them from the top!
  19. It's just floating I would actually like for it to eventually sink but so far it hasn't budged from the surface.
  20. Whoops, sorry I missed the comments on this thread!
  21. I think there's a good chance I'm just seeing things, but does anyone else notice a thin whisper of a wen? One of my orandas started off with virtually no wen, just a slightly translucent layer of extra "skin" on his head. It kind of looked the same as what I see in the photos, but like I said I'm probably just seeing things. My oranda finally started showing some wen growth after a few months with me.
  22. Thanks all I've had it in the tank now for a while with no ill-effects. I don't think it's going to do any harm. I didn't boil or bake it, just simply poured a kettle of boiling water over the surface of the rock to heat it up and then I left it to cool. The fish don't mind it and and I really like the way it looks.
  23. I tried the holes in the tubing thing and personally it didn't really work for me. I just rubber banded some filter floss over the output to disperse the flow and that seems to work, but I still have an issues where my stupid betta likes to sleep against the intake grill and then his fins get sucked in a little bit while he's sleeping and they end up all raggedy looking. So I need to find a solution for that.
  24. Lovely bettas! I think I saw this post on the betta forum (unless I'm crazy!) and you have had some awesome bettas. I've had a good handful myself but at the moment I have 7 girls in a sorority and halfmoon plakat male that I really adore. I'll have to dig up photos of all my bettas and post them here!
  25. I love Polka so much, how adorable! I almost got a black moor myself at one point but I have black substrate and a black background in my tank and I figured it wouldn't be very fun having a fish I could never see. I will have to get a new tank at some point so I can get myself a little baby black moor like Hamster.
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