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  1. I've had my fish on a stable diet of Repashy soilent green gel + Saki Hikari pellets for the last 1+ years but suddenly my biggest fish Suna has been having some floaty issues every time he eats Saki Hikari. My typical routine is a small amount of Repashy in the morning, a pinch of Saki Hikari mid-day and then another small amount of Repashy in the evening. His floatation issues are pretty mild but he'll flip on his side/upside down while swimming sometimes and when he stops actively swimming he slowly makes his way back to the surface. Should I just stop feeding the tank the Saki Hikari pellets completely? I could try to isolate him during dry pellet feeding time so he only gets the gel food morning and evening. Once he gets his second helping of Repashy in the evening the floatyness usually goes away and it isn't until he gets dry pellets again the next day that the symptoms return.
  2. Thanks everyone... I looked more into the Sunsun and the gph people typically get from them when full of media doesn't seem very good to me. The more expensive models from Fluval and Eheim look really nice but now I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to spend that much money just to replace my HOB filters which are still doing a pretty good job.
  3. I will look into the Ehiem filters! Green hoses aren't a huge deal, just didn't want something neon blue or white inside the tank
  4. I think I'm ready to move up from my two HOB on my 60 gallon to a canister filter. I know the SunSun filter's are pretty popular and affordable but I was wondering if others with more experience with canister filters would be able to chime in and give recommendations. The tank is 60 gallons with 3 fancy goldfish and a little baby single tail from the carnival I plan on eventually moving to another tank. It's been up and running for about a year now and I'm quite happy with the whole setup but the HOB can be a little bit noisy and the surface agitation seems to really speed up evaporation in my dry climate so I would like to eliminate some of that. I have a sand substrate and everything in the tank is "blacked out" (sand, background, stand, etc.) so I prefer any visible portions of the filter to be black as well.
  5. I recently noticed an outbreak of planaria in my 5 gallon tank that is planted and home to snails only. The problem is that I was hoping to add a small colony of cherry shrimp to the tank soon but I've read that planaria will kill adult shrimp. I've already cut back on feeding the snails (I was probably overfeeding because I have some baby apple snails that I was trying to get some fast growth out of). I also increased the water movement in the aquarium and that seemed to reduce the number of planaria I can see on the glass, but I'm unsure if that means they're gone or they've just retreated into the substrate to hide from the current. Any meds that will kill off the worms but nor harm the snails? I have apple snails, MTS, pink ramshorns, and mini ramshorns in the tank right now. It's planted with driftwood and sand
  6. Here's a video of the tank... sorry the video is so jumpy and not very good
  7. Oh my gosh, so many little cuties!
  8. A little update on the killifish... they're all doing great the 20 gallon long ended up not working so I went with a standard 20 tall instead. The killifish trio now share a home with a small group of false juli cory catfish and a trio of twin bar platies (and 2 amano shrimp). Adding the other fish has really brought the killifish to life! Now they actually swim about the tank a bit instead of staying glued to the surface of the water I think they're patrolling their space because they don't really like the platies, but everyone in the tank is super placid and calm despite their differences. The lights are off for the night but I wanted to post this update before I forgot to. I'll add some better pictures of the tank lit up soon!
  9. Thank you so much! That's the one I was really curious about anyway
  10. I keep finding good deals on new plants and then just chucking them in the betta sorority tank to give more cover. I recently got a bunch of free plants from someone locally but he didn't know what type of plants they were so I thought I would ask here. This one is the most perplexing to me simply because it doesn't really look like an aquatic plant to me, and the stem is super thick and tough. I'm pretty sure I have seen this one in other tanks before but I just don't know what it's called. He gave me a TON of this stuff. It looks like it's been floating in his tank so I just floated a bit of it in my betta tank to give more cover at the surface of the area, and I gave a giant clump of it to my killifish trio as well which they seem to really like.
  11. Oh my gosh, cute! That happened to me once a few years ago when I brought home a a pair of female platies. I didn't even realize one of them was pregnant, had them sitting in a tupperware about to begin floating in the tank and one of them gave birth in the cup!
  12. Cute! She has such a fat little body I love her fins as well.
  13. Yay! I'm just happy nothing is actively dying haha
  14. Thanks everyone! Here's a one-week growth/update/whatever picture. And thanks Aqua Aurora for my new plants! I also added some more water wisteria, hoping that it grows quickly and provides more cover for my bettas.
  15. Thanks for all of the info! They're doing really well Coloring up a lot still and most of the black edges and fraying on the fins is healed up. That makes sense about the white clouds, I'll probably skip them then. And I have every little crack and opening in the lid covered securely with plastic wrap so we shouldn't have any jumping casualties. The killies have been eating big meals of frozen blood worms, and I'm currently working on raising some brine shrimp up to adult size so all of my fish can eat those and enjoy hunting them down in the tank.
  16. I redid the whole tank today! Replaced all of the fake plants with real plants... They're not very big yet but hopefully they're start growing before too long! The betta fish are all happy and healthy. I adopted a clown pleco who is settled in nicely. The tank is technically overstocked now but I haven't had water quality issues so far, so I think it'll work out fine. Hopefully the plants will help a ton! There's a bunch of dwarf water lettuce and duckweed floating in the back there which will probably start taking over soon so that should also help with any excess nutrients from the pleco.
  17. I'm kind of bad because I couldn't stop myself from getting the killifish before I had the tank setup... [emoji30] They've had two males and a bunch of females at petco for the past month and seeing them is what made me interested in keeping some killifish in the first place. I go to petco probably once a week or so and each time I visited them they were just looking worse and worse. When they first came in the males were so bright and vibrant looking, and now all of their fins are ripped and have black edges and the males looked so washed out in the tank I could barely tell them from the females. I don't think most people have even heard of killifish before so it seems likely they don't sell well and I would hate to watch them die off in the petco tanks. Or at least that's how I am justifying it to myself! Lol When I told the employee I wanted a trio of the killifish he didn't have any idea what I was talking about. So I brought him to the balloon Molly tank and pointed to the pale sticks floating at the top and he said, "oh yeah those Kill Fish!" Lol They obviously have to be QT'd anyway and I would much rather do the QT in a simple 10 gallon than in a fully planted aquarium so that's where they are now. They're looking a lot better only 24 hours after being in the tank. They mostly stay at the surface but I have some silk plants in the tank that they like to hide in as well. I also picked up supplies to start in on the 20 gallon tank - so far I have some Eco complete substrate, a new fluval LED light, and a new aquaclear filter. I keep several sponge filters going off of one big air pump in my goldfish aquarium too so that I'm able to just grab one and plop it in QT tanks or whatever I need it for even when I get a fish spur-of-the-moment. That's pretty much my update. I'm going to try feeding them some frozen bloodworms later today.
  18. I was looking at that species too! I really like red/orange/yellow fish so I'm drawn to anything that's mostly those colors. Thanks! Hopefully it wont take me too long to get everything I need together.
  19. I have a spare 20 gal long that isn't set up yet and lately I've been thinking a lot about trying killifish, but I don't know too much about them. I'm planning on planting the 20 gallon and I like the look of a few different species of killifish I've seen but I'm not sure which ones are the easiest to keep. Can anyone here give advice about good species, stocking levels and sex ratios? I kind of like the Golden Wonder Killifish and I was thinking maybe 1 male with 2-3 females in the 20 gallon, but maybe I should do fewer? Also, could I keep them with a school of white cloud minnows? Any other easy to keep beginner killifish species? I think it would be fun to try and breed them as well, so if they're easy to breed that's a bonus in my eyes. Finally, what are the best places to find killifish? I can't find anything online really except eggs and a few species on aquabid.
  20. Hi! I'm interested for sure! will it do okay if planted in a tank that is less than 2ft tall? Will it do okay in low light? I do add liquid ferts once and week and I can do root tabs a few times a year if needed. Also, I would totally LOVE as much salvinia minimia as you can give me haha I'm always in need of more floating plants. I can do paypal, just let me know if it'll work!
  21. Yeah, I can easily make out two in that picture. But then again this was clearly taken right after the tank was set up and filled, indicated by the bubbles still stuck to the glass. So it could technically be that there is half a dozen more fish - slightly freaked out by the move - hiding in the plants. And when you consider you want to give each betta a good 2 gallons of water volume, this example would only leave one with 6 more gallons volume available. Theoretically speaking, of course. There are 7 female bettas in the tank right now
  22. Oh my gosh! That's funny, I forget that most people on this forum probably have big goldfish and not tiny baby ones like me. I never really thought about how it would be hard to do water changes with giant fish in the tank. I also empty my main aquarium until the fish basically have their bellies on the substrate, but I estimate I'm still removing ~85% of the water this way. Anytime one of my friends or roommates watches me do a water change they get all panicky and anxious thinking my fish are suffering because I'm taking out so much of the water. If only they knew how ironic it is to worry about a giant water change in a goldfish tank harming the fish when most people rarely ever change any of the water in a goldfish tank/bowl.
  23. He's being QT'd in a 5 gal so I sometimes just put him in a cup, dump all of the water, and then put him back in the tank. Then there's never really a period where the salinity he is in changes significantly because the old water that is in his cup is at 0.3% and I add salt to the new water to get it to 0.3%. In an actual aquarium I don't think it would really be possible to do a true 100% water change
  24. I'm wondering if there's a schedule to removing salt from the QT tank after the period of 0.3% treatment has ended? I'm just about at the end of this period for QT and I'm not sure if I need to replace 1/3 of the water in the tank with fresh water, wait 12 hrs, replace more of the water with freshwater, etc. or can I just do one big 90-100% change at once to remove most of the salt from the tank? Can I do it over a period of several hours rather than 24-36 hours? I'll be doing a week of Prazi with 0.1% salt so will a sudden drop from 0.3% salt to fresh water and/or water with 0.1% salt shock my fish? Thanks!
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