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  1. Once a month I rinse them but I don't scrub off the algae because my fish of choice are Plecos and they like the algae. This tank has been set up for many, many years without an issue besides him. I have Plecos that are $50-100 a piece.
  2. That picture is of the main 65 gallon tank that he was in. I just moved him to a new 10 gallon tank that has no decorations or gravel until he is done with treatment.
  3. I decided to keep him in a 10 gallon by himself. Its small for him but I can't spend the money for a bigger tank. http:// http://
  4. I have a decision to make. I either need to keep Wiggles in the 10 gallon tank with some plecos for the rest of his life or put him down. He is getting bad. Unfortunately, the pictures attached look good compared to his underbelly. http://
  5. In the main tank I started with copper then changed to prazi. Those didn't work so I transferred him to the quarantine. I treated with prazi again and it did not help. I then treated with malachite green. That helped get better. I transferred back to the main tank a week after treatment ended. It took 2-3 days in the main tank and he developed the same issue. There are harlequin rasboras, plecos, and 3 "sharks". None of them pay any attention to the GF.
  6. I only have a 10 gallon. I can't get myself to spend a ton of money on a bigger tank for one fish. Albeit we like him but no more room for more tanks.
  7. Well he has been in the main tank since the 24th and he is starting to develop the same issue. I don't know what to do with him. I can't keep switching him back and forth. No other fish in the tank shows any sign of this.
  8. He is still in quarantine. I'm trying to clear up his eyes. He tends to scrape them up because he is so crazy. It's been an ongoing battle since a baby. I'll probably transfer him back this weekend.
  9. thanks again. He has had that red in the tail for a couple years (since he was a baby) I think because it is so transparent you can see the blood flow.
  10. Last day of the malachite green and Wiggles looks great!! How long should I keep in quarantine? Thanks for the great help!! http:// http://
  11. Ok I will start the treatment tomorrow after work that way I can monitor activity. I'm not home right now. I will not turn on the lights and I will turn off the filter. I don't have carbon in the filter only a sponge. The temp is an automatic 78* heater. Again, I appreciate all of the help
  12. Here is the malachite green. It says to use one drop per gallon. http://
  13. I only had a few drops left in the bottle that I had. I will pick up some more after work today and then post the pictures for dosing instructions. There are a few aquatic specialty stores as well as Petsmart and Pet Supply Plus around me so I will look there for the other products you recommended. I also have Melafix on hand if that can be substituted for one of the anti-bacterial remedies. Wiggles and I appreciate all of the help!!
  14. http:// She is still not better. I set up a 10gallon quarantine tank today. Tomorrow it should be ready to transfer. Should I still medicate with Prazi? It hasn't worked thus far. I have malachite, formalin, copper, Prazi, and salt that I can treat with.
  15. Well she was getting better and now worse. I have read that this is one of the harder parasites to eradicate. I guess there are multiple generations that can live. I am thinking that I will have to set up the quarantine tank and keep her in there for a while and treat more aggressively. The goldfish is the only one showing signs of this issue
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