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  1. I'll second that. Thomas More is beautiful and I'd also like to know all about your pond cover and the temp your water stays at in winter.
  2. revchistinejday, you've done great with your black moor to have it live so long. It must be beautiful!
  3. Shakaho, it would be fun to pick them out, but her prefers to ship. He said I could tell him what I am looking for and he will try to comply if he can. He has sent me example pictures and even a short video of the parents. I can not believe how beautiful those fish are and for that price! His smalls are 1.5 to 1.75 inches and his larges are about 3 inches. Did you think the tiny ones would be more delicate than the 3 inch ones when it comes to shipping? I thought I might go for the small ones and have the fun of growing them out, but their colors are undeveloped so I really don't know what I'd be getting. I would like all the colors (black, red, blue, white) to be manifested on the fish once they are adults. I hope I'm not being too picky. Actually I do trust Gary and know he will send me great fish.
  4. Drum roll please! I have made my decision! I have decided to go with 3 baby Bristol Shubunkins from the seller Shakaho recommended. I have been in contact with him and will be buying my new little babies in a week or so. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to watch them grow! Mjfromga, I love seeing goldfish growth pictures! You have inspired me to keep track of and my post my own baby fishes' growth pictures. I have also gotten nice ryukins like yours from a change type store. I really like the looks of them and it is great we didn't have to spend a ton on them. I had mine for several years. Several people have posted concerns about keeping loaches with my goldies. My loaches have lived with fancy goldfish for a year now and I have had no problems as far as aggression. As far as stocking levels go, the option to rehome them is a possibility if things don't work out. I have a couple of lfs who are always happy to buy my excess fish (I raised some fantail/ryukin fry several years ago).
  5. I've decided to buy 3 baby Bristol Shubunkins from Cindy Ranchu. I have been in contact with him and will be buying in a week or so, once I'm sure everything is ready. I will be posting pics and showing them off of course. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to watch them grow. Since I've already chosen my fish and work and school are filling up my life right now, I've decided not to go to the koi show this year. It is an annual event. I plan to go next year after I graduate. I'll be needing koi for my pond then. I'm disappointed I won't be able to meet forum members who plan on going, but I would still like to.
  6. Shakaho, I was so excited when I saw the link about the Bristols. I have been looking all over the web for someone who could sell me those! The ones in your link are only 3 hours from me. And the prices are awesome. I messaged the seller to see what their policy is about letting people choose their own fish. Bristol shubunkins could be the best of both worlds for me. I can get quality well bred fish with some "fanciness" to them and have the long lived pets I want at the same time. They don't have to be show quality, just nice to my eye. I think Dandy Oranda's fish could be great for someone who wants to jump right into breeding goldfish since his fish are already so mature. But I want to start with babies and have the fun of growing them up myself.
  7. Hidr, have you ever bought from Dandy Orandas? Helen, thank you for such an honest answer. It is hard for me to spend around $100 for a fish that is not going to be around that long. I may have to give single tails a harder look.
  8. If this is the wrong place for this topic feel free to bump. I love the round look of fancy goldfish and am getting ready to buy my first imported, high quality pets. I was considering the butterfly tail telescope but want a fish who can grow bigger and be more hardy. My next choice is the ryukin. I have always been drawn to them. I understand ryukins are especially prone to buoyancy problems. Is this inevitable with a ryukins as they age or can it be prevented with excellent care and water quality? I will have 3 in a 75 gallon tank with 2 dojo loaches, 1 peppered loach, and a bristlenose plec. My filters will be 2 SunSun 304B and my weekly water change will be 75% or more. I'm only going to feed soft foods like Repashy gel food and frozen foods. I'll feed 2-3xs a day, only what the fish will eat in 1 min or so. I heard it is good to have a fasting day once a week so the fish can completely clean themselves out, so I will probably do that. If I am going to spend the kind of money quality fish are worth I want some that have the potential to be long lived. Does anyone have a ryukin who made it to the 10-15 year mark and beyond? Is there such thing as a show quality fantail that maybe isn't quite as compressed as the ryukin? I would even consider something quality and single tail like Bristol shubunkins, but I really do like the looks of the ryukins better. I just want to have them for a long time. I'm looking for hardiness in show quality fish. An impossible dream? I think Dandy Orandas has an auction starting tonight. I won't be ready to buy for another week or two, but can't wait to see what he has to offer.
  9. SweetMamaKaty, Maybe I will see you there. I'm not sure how we'll find each other though lol. I heard about the show on the koi forum I belong to. Shahbazin, that is the exact tank I'm getting! I worried the light would look dim but it looks great. Your goldfish and plants look amazing too. Thanx for showing it too me. Makes me feel even better about my choice.
  10. There is one September 17th at the civic center in Carmel. They have a Japanese garden in the back I am also looking forward to seeing. I am starting a pond outside and if I can find a couple of tiny good quality butterfly koi I may over winter them in my new tank and wait til summer for my goldfish. Unless I see the goldfish I am looking for. Either way I will have a 55 gallon quarantine tank set up and ready to go.
  11. As an update, after reading everything here and doing my own research I decided to go with 2 SunSun's, even if it means I can only start with 2 fish (hope not lol). I may even add a sponge filter to that as my fish grow. I feel my stocking parameters are within a good range now, if I go with 3 goldies, my loaches, my bristlenose, and do large water changes once a week.
  12. shakaho, it makes sense that they need more water if they are more delicate. I am becoming more and more convinced I should only have 3 goldies in this tank. I should say I'm almost there. It would give me a lot of satisfaction to know I am giving my pets optimal care. The butterflies seem to be one of the more expensive varieties so that should help me keep their numbers down. I may go with 3 ryukins instead. They are a little less money (more common maybe), seem to grow larger, and I do like them a lot. I am still going back and forth between having 2 SunSuns or having one SunSun plus a sponge filter with a good air pump. It would be nice to be able to save a little money so I can get three nice fish from Dandy Orandas, but it would be false economy if spending more money on filtration would keep my fish healthier. I appreciate everyone's generosity in sharing their experience with me. It is invaluable and I want to do this right.
  13. So you have both SunSun 304B on your 72? I keep seeing my fish in a vortex of water from too high gph, but if you have both on a 72 it must not be an issue. I can get two of them if that is best.
  14. I can't leave the 55 running. The only way I could get my husband to agree to the new tank was tell him I'm replacing the old one, not adding to it. I didn't think loaches put out much waste compared to goldfish. They add a lot of interest and contrast so I really want to keep them with my goldies. SweetMamaKaty, odd numbers are supposed to be more appealing, but 3 seemed like so few fish for such a big tank. Especially since my impression was the telescopes aren't a breed that gets as big as other goldfish breeds. I could be completely off base there though.
  15. Another question on SunSun. The 304B has 525 gph which turns my tank water over 7x's an hour. Would one of these be sufficient for my tank?
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