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  1. Day One: Today is day 1 of my journey into goldfish. To find out more about me, please visit my profile! So,my current project into goldfish is setting up a 20 gallon tank. Now yes, yes I am aware of the gallons per fish rule. And not to fret, I will only be purchasing One goldie for this tank. This 20 gallon tank is the perfect example of your typical 80-90's aquarium. Wood-grain trim, with a lovely wooden stand. So, you get the picture. It isnt exactly...perfect,I Personally prefer a minimalist look to tanks to show case the fish. With this being said my plan is to have a black background, black bare bottom, and touch up the stand with a shiney black redo. I will be also making a trip over to my local auto store to pick up some black trim tape to redo the trim on the tank. Today I picked up 3 bottles of black matte paint from Five Below and a can of black spray paint from wal mart. So this is phase one. When I got back home I tested the water on my 10 gallon divided aquarium that is home to my betta's. Everything checked out at 0 and pH was at 7.2 so it seems like everything is good to go! I will be using the media from my 10 gal to start it up in the 20. I will post pictures as I do my tank and stand. *Note: This blog is meant to be written like taking notes in a journal, so excuse any poor grammar. Just jotting down my thoughts as they come! Youtube: huesofgold Instagram: therealhuesofgold
  2. I love the name Skeeter! So cute! Any pictures?
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