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  1. Happy birthday Googles! Good to see you Black
  2. Haha it disappeared? Wow! Gotta love the ever changing goldfish
  3. Oh poor Moby, he's in pretty bad shape. Please provide the information requested in the D&D form, Theres an amazing team here with a wealth of experience but they need some of that information so it can be factored into treatment options and give Moby a fighting chance. Chrissie
  4. Hey Tarah, great job rescuing the fish. Definitely not a cool centrepiece! You're in wonderful hands with shahako, she's exceptional with all things illness and water quality.... All things goldfish really good luck!
  5. Welcome! Definitely lots of knowledgable people to give you a hand! Congrats on doing your research and being prepared, it'll save you (and your fish) a lot of stress as I think you already know
  6. Hahahaha Mothercrow, that's halarious! I love the way they send us into a frenzy and then just give us the look 'why all the panic?' Hehe
  7. Haha! Watch out! Hey Dawn, lol good where you are?
  8. How are you going with him? I hand fed a black moor when all the food was being snatched up my faster swimmers. Or maybe you could scoop him into a little container for feeding?
  9. It's a jungle! That's stunning. They look so lush and healthy. chrissie
  10. Oh no, I hope everything's alright. We saw it on to here. Didn't look like fun at all
  11. Haha oh wow! I remember a few years ago my common, Dudits, ate a long thick twig, I actually tried to catch him to get it out lol I thought the was no way he could get it down. Turns out he could! Chrissie
  12. Did you decide to get the tank? What fish are you going to get??
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