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  1. Happy birthday Googles! Good to see you Black
  2. Haha it disappeared? Wow! Gotta love the ever changing goldfish
  3. Oh poor Moby, he's in pretty bad shape. Please provide the information requested in the D&D form, Theres an amazing team here with a wealth of experience but they need some of that information so it can be factored into treatment options and give Moby a fighting chance. Chrissie
  4. Hey Tarah, great job rescuing the fish. Definitely not a cool centrepiece! You're in wonderful hands with shahako, she's exceptional with all things illness and water quality.... All things goldfish really good luck!
  5. Welcome! Definitely lots of knowledgable people to give you a hand! Congrats on doing your research and being prepared, it'll save you (and your fish) a lot of stress as I think you already know
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