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  1. Well, I treated Diamond for three days to see if there would be any change and she didn't make any improvement. If anything, the red wound area got darker and slightly bigger, and it became obvious that she'll never swim right again. So tonight I euthanized her with clove oil. RIP dear Diamond. You were a beautiful and spirited fish. You will be missed. Thank you to everyone who helped.
  2. Thanks Koko and Arctic Mama, Diamond isn't laying on the bottom now that she's in the QT. She alternating between laying in the bubbles from the airstone, and kind of wobbling around the tank partly on her side. If I can get the kanaplex today, I think I will treat her for a few days or until she gets worse. I'll pick up some clove oil too just in case. The clove oil my Mom picked up for me has glycerine in it and I'm assuming I can't use that.
  3. I will post water test results shortly, but here's the situation...Way back in April, I had one fish (Kukurri) who pineconed on one side. I treated him with Metro and triple sulfa and epsom and he made a complete recovery! He is active and happy still today. Thank you for your help saving him! I had also asked about a mysterious wound on my big fish, Diamond. We decided to try salt baths and a koi liquid bandage and keep an eye on it. I have done all these things and the wound didn't go away but seemed to settle down. It wasn't producing the white pimples anymore but still appeared as a reddish shadow under the skin. Diamond has been happy and active, so I've just been watching, but it has been still nagging at me. Last night, I fed the fish a little bit of food before going to bed and they all ate happily and enthusiastically. This morning, I found Diamond laying on the bottom with her body bent. She chaotically swims through the water every now and then before settling back to the bottom. She tries to beg for food but can't completely right herself. I know this isn't a good sign but since she still has plenty of fight in her, I figured I'd at least try medicating her. I have her in QT with Metro. I'm wondering if I should add salt or epsom and since I have to go buy a second antibiotic, what would be my best choice? Has anyone had a fish recover from the bent shape? What causes it? Amazing how it happens over only a few hours time. I'm really crushed as I tend to get stupidly attached to my fish. It has made me consider giving them up before. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  4. Oh! I didn't know I could add the prazi along with the metro and triple sulfa. I don't mind doing that at all if the three are compatible.
  5. I have never used it while prazing I dont know Hmm, well I assume the Prazi is more important at this point in case this is caused by a parasite? The tank has only had one 6 day dose of Prazi. I kind of want to wait on the Prazi until Kukurri is back in the tank. He won't be finished with his meds until Friday. Unless you feel strongly that I should start Prazi before then, I'll wait until next weekend to start the Prazi treatment. We did the first salt dip for Diamond (1%) and peroxide on the wound tonight. She's taking it well so far. I hope I'm right I should do 2% salt dip tomorrow, and 3% the day after, then every other day at 3% from then on? I ordered the biobandage but they didn't have fast shipping, so it looks like it'll take about a week to get here. Thank you for all the help!
  6. I'm wondering, would the silver that Koko recommends be a good thing in the main tank while this is healing? Or is it not compatible with Prazi?
  7. so amazing. Yay Lemon! Congrats on successful surgery.
  8. I haven't done the salt dip yet, but one of the white bumps burst and I got a picture for you. It has a piece of filmy white tissue hanging from it. And this is an OLD photo of Kukurri from a few days ago. if you compare this to the last one you can see how much he has improved!
  9. I don't know. I could probably borrow one from my kids' school... I'll definitely continue all the meds as suggested. I'm going to get my husband to help me with a salt dip today. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Kukurri as of tonight (9/30/16) no raised scales that I can see! Diamond with wound at base of tail
  11. Kukurri update: Good news! I woke this morning and checked on Kukurri and found mostly flat scales! He looks so different. I can only find raised scales a tiny bit on the same side where I first noticed it and it is only a few. Still happy, eating and active! This is day 4 of metro, triple sulfa and epsom salt treatment. Can someone recommend how long I should continue the treatment after seeing improvement? I'm going to try taking photos now, but I don't have the better camera with me. I'll do the best I can. Kukurri and I say think you for hanging in there with us! You are all awesome! Diamond update: On the other hand, our heat wave seems to have made Diamond's wound more active (if that is possible). The white bumps (pimples?) on the rear edge of the wound have been forming daily for the last 3 days and the rear edge is redder, almost looking like a gash. I posted a picture of two of the bumps back a few posts. I want to start salt dips for her, but have been too busy with Kukurri to start. Hopefully I can start treatment for her soon. Do we still think salt dips and peroxide is the best action to take for her? In case this is aggravated by a parasite, can I treat the main tank with Prazi again now too or wait until after salt dips? Diamond is also still happy, active and eating well.
  12. Ok, brief update. 50% water change today. It all went really well although I am being pretty anal so it takes me forever. I suppose it'll get quicker as I go along. Kukurri is doing great, still active, eating happily, dorsal fully up. I think he enjoys all the attention. I might be imagining it at this point but the pineconing seems the tiniest bit less today. I'll take pictures tomorrow if there seems improvement. I'll know better during daylight. He's definitely not worse. I was looking up directions for making medicated food with the metro and the hikari site says to use pure grain alcohol. Has anyone done it without this? Or if this is the only way, where do I get some? Also, I have enough triple sulfa for 9 days. Will that be enough? Or should I extend the sulfa treatment longer than that? I can pick up more if needed. Thanks for the help!
  13. Thanks Sharon, this is brilliant and so helpful! I was trying to wrap my head around the measurements and you've made it very easy. I set everything up marked with 5 and 10 gallon markers. I have a jar for the meds that holds about 3 cups, so I marked it with markers for 1 cups and 2 cups plus air for mixing. I'll mix the meds in there and use it as you suggested. I tried it just now and it worked great! Since the quarantine tank was set up with half existing tank water and half treated tap water, I did the same again to 10 gallons and added the new meds, epsom, prime and buff it (that I always use since i have soft water) I checked that all the parameters matched and that the ammonia and nitrites are still at zero in the quarantine. I was surprised actually, I expected a little, but I haven't been feeding him much either. I transferred him gradually, mixing the water in a pitcher, as if acclimatizing a new fish from the store and he went in with flying colors. Tomorrow I'll do a 5 gallon water change as you suggested with fresh meds. We are having a heat wave, so everything is 82 degrees at the moment. I suppose that is good. It does make the temperature easy. I have a heater set up to keep it stable when the weather cools back down. Current measurements: Ph 8.0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 20 approximately Unfortunately, the pineconing looks a little worse and is more even now rather than being all on one side like it was yesterday. I took pictures and will post them as soon as my husband comes back home with the camera. I'm keeping hope since he's still active and hungry and acting like nothing is wrong. Keep it up Kukurri! Keeping my fingers crossed and thank you for being patient with me (I'm a little worried about how much to feed him. I don't want to starve the poor guy! Is there a good way to estimate without weighing him? If you want to talk me through it, I could probably weigh him, I do have a small digital scale.)
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