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  1. Tomorrow will be my 7th day with Melafix and 3rd treatment of ammonia lock. sometimes he can be a little active but also he sits at the bottom of the tank. The film that covers his right eye its still there. I don’t see a difference. I tested the water and the ammonia was high. So i used ammonia Lock and now its normal. I do water changes every 2 weeks and i have a 38 gallon with only him and a gold female oranda. they are almost 2 and half years old. Had there first fry this year and they are doing good. Im concerned about him.. on the Melafix instructions says that after the 7th day i should do a 25% water change. and don’t know for how long should i continue this treatment. Do you guys think its ok to maybe clean his eye with hydrogen peroxide? its only in one eye btw..or give them salt water baths? kind a lost… Please help! i love this fish so much. EF35BA2D-52B5-49F0-9524-0545E9C851E9_zps2b1vyndi.jpg
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