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  1. Thanks, Shakaho. I do have larger tanks. I might have to do some rearranging of other fish.
  2. I have had a fish named Blue for three seasons now. She lives in my pond with 4 koi and 10 other goldfish. The first winter all the fish wintered fine. The second year, when the weather turned cold and the fish stopped eating, Blue spent the winter on her side at the bottom. Several times I thought she was dead, so I got the net to pull her out, and she hopped away. When it got warm in the spring, she began swimming, eating, and breeding normally. She had ulcers on each of her sides, I assume from laying all winter on her side. I treated those with an ointment and it cleared up. She does have a behavior that seems like flashing to me. She will twirl as she swims to the surface and jump out of the water to about her gills, then re-submerges. We started calling her Ballerina Blue, because the movement resembles pirouettes that dancers do. All the pond fish were treated with Prazi and Proform-C in the spring (early April). This November when all the fish went dormant, the same thing: Blue on her side, unable to swim. I have pulled her out of the pond and put her in a 20 gallon inside the house. She is the only fish in the tank. She is swimming and eating wheat germ, pooing normally. She did have discoloration on side of her face that was laying on the surface of the pond liner. That has mostly cleared up. I treated her with General Cure for parasites, but I don't know what else to treat her with. All the other fish in the pond are healthy. They are having babies and in four years I have not had even one fish die. None of the other fish show any symptoms like this. Blue is my favorite and I'm willing to keep her indoors during the cold months (about 5 months here), but I am very curious if anyone else has seen such a thing and if you know the cause?
  3. Arctic Mama, thanks for your input. I felt like it had to do with some internal bacterium. Of course, having a feeling is not very scientific, but they were so weak, I thought it must be something internal. What does one do for internal bacterium or sepsis? I think my new butterfly telescope coud be afflicted with the same thing. Also, thanks for the sympathy. I've noticed a lot of people on this forum understand losing a fish.
  4. BTW, Fantailfan1, I love the pic of your tank. It's so pretty.
  5. Because I'm new, I don't know some of the abbrieviations. I know QT and I'm guessing RG is regular. I don't know DO or KH. I got pretty sloppy with my QT as you can tell. I QT Lily, my Petsmart oranda because I've gotton some nasty ich in the past from them. That went so well. After three weeks, I put her in my RG tank with my only fish at the time, Puddles, a Ryunkin. When I read how well QT and examined Dandy Orandas fish are, I got casual. I QTed the Rain Garden fish.
  6. I wanted to try to figure out why 3 of my beautiful fish died. I don't want to repeat the events which led to death. I just found this site, so I can't fill out the form since I'm describing events over the last 2 months. I do keep a log, however, and I'll give as much info. as possible. I apologize for the length of this. On July 23, 2 Ranchus arrived from Raingarden. They were both in the same bag. I put them in a cycled tank that hadn't had any other fish, but I did use filter media which had been cycled. A calico, Flora, was bottom sitting, tail down, and she was having trouble with balance and bouyancy. This cleared up in a few days. I checked water quality for the next 4 days. Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite all 0ppm.I was feeding them once a day Progold pellets, kale (microwaved), and blood worms. On the third day here, I did a 50% water change in a 75 gallon tank. Then 2 days later another 50% water change, Then 2 days later another 50% water change. Two days later another 50% water change. At this point, I began my usual routine of 80% water change every 5 days. The filtration on all my tanks is a Fluval 406 and an over the top Fluval filter. On August 13, 2 new orandas arrived from Raingarden. I had another new 75 gallon with filter media which was cycled. I followed the routine above, except about a week after the orandas arrived, I forgot the chlorine treatment. They were exposed for about 5 minutes before I remembered it. One of the orandas seemed to be flashing quite a bit, so I did a Prazi treatment the day after the chlorine incident. During all this time, my water chemistry read 0ppm for ammonia and nitrates. On August 26, all the prazi treatments (3) were done. In early August, I Youtubed about Repashy Soilent Green and started feeding this to all my fancies: Ryunkin, 3 orandas, 2 ranchus. I bought another Ranchu and a butterfly telescope from Dandy Orandas which arrived on 8-19. These fish were in separate bags. At this point, I had dismantled the 46 gallon, and had two 75 gallons. The Ranchus from Raingarden were in one 75 gallon, the orandas with the ryunkin were in the other 75. I put the new purple Ranchu in with the two Raingarden Ranchus, and the telescope went in with the orandas. One of the orandasimmediately began nipping at the telescopes eyes and body. This went on for a few hours. the new telescope hid in a corner and wouldn't come out. So I decided to put the new telescope in with the Ranchus, and the new purple Ranchu. Then the new purple Ranch begins picking on the telescope, so I moved him to the oranda tank. On September 1, I decided to set up the 46 gallon again for the telescope, because he couldn't get any food. Both Ranchus would get all the food long before the telescope could see it to eat it. This was a great decision. The telescope relaxed and became more active. On September 12, I bought a new butterfly telescope to put in with the other. So now I have 2 telescopes in the 46 gallon. Chapter 2 DEATH The first to go was a sweet female oranda. Symptoms: This oranda was fine and then one morning she was actually laying her head down on a piece of drift wood. She seemed very weak. I could not see any physical symptoms. She would not eat. I took her out and put her in a hospital tank, and treated her with API General Cure. She continued to weaken and died by the next afternoon.At this point, I stopped feeding pellet food to all the fish after reading Ken's statement on gel food and digestive problems. This immediately perked up several fish, namely the purple Ranchu who was becoming very lethrgic and bottom sitting. On September 21, the next Oranda showed the same symptoms. Weak, formed body into a C, and died very quickly, by the end of the day. The Ryunkin and the small Petsmart oranda were in this tank as well, and showed no syptoms of disease. They are active, brightly colored, and voracious. Now over to the Ranchu tank. On September 28, one of the Raingarden Ranchus, the one who had balance and bouyancy problems initially, began showing the same symtoms: bottom-sitting, letargy, and quick death. I never performed a necropsy(?) as I'm not comfortable doing so at this time. So that's the story. As I was writing this, I realized how much stress I put on all these fish. Right now I have the two remaining Ranchus with the Ryunkin and small oranda together in a 75 gallon with a 406 Fluval and a Fluval C4 OTB. They get a water change every 5 days about 80%, I put in a heater to 72 degrees to avoid temperature fluctuations. The 2 butterfly telescopes are in the other 75 gallon. The newest one is very lethargic, but is still eating. I am treating with API General Cure. The telescope who was picked on when it first came is doing very well. He gets more comfortable and active each day. Same set up on this tank filteration-wise as the other 75 gallon. My water chemistry has never read above 0ppm for ammonia and nitrate. The pH of our tap water is high, about 8.2. I would gladly take any advise you have. I realize I probably made a lot of mistakes, and I am heart-sick that 3 such beautiful fish died in my care. I would like to keep the fish I have for a long time. If you've gotton this far, I thank you for your indulgence and patience.
  7. Do you use any fertilizer tabs for the plants? If so, do the tabs alter your water chemistry in any way? I want to have my goldfish in a planted tank, but I'm worried about the water chemistry.
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