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  1. Hello! I am, sadly, looking to downsize my fish family. These two little babies were adopted in January 2016 and are happy, healthy fish. Size wise, they are approximately 4-5inches long. They were only about 1.5inches long when they came home with me at the beginning of the year. The more white/yellow Oranda is named "Butters" and the the one with the orange spot on his/her wen is named "Tootie". They live in a thriving 75 gallon tank with 6 other, young fancy goldfish. I live in the South Burnaby area in the Vancouver, BC, Canada and would love someone local to adopt one, or both of these lovely fish. I am not asking for any money for these little dudes Just knowing they are going to a good home is Here they are when they came home in January Butters is in the middle. Whew! It's difficult getting a still photo of these guys....here it Tootie! Tootie is the blur on the top haha, Butters is in the middle Tootie again in the middle, I love thered spot on his wen I almost named his Skittles because of it... Butters Swimming their little hearts out <3
  2. Aww thank you so much Helen, I followed your instructions via the euthanasia video, little Pierogi is now S.I.P. I loved him so much and while I hate calling this a learning experience, it was. I was somlooking forward to taking care of him and watching his fins grow back and seeing him bloom back into a healthy and beautiful fish but it wasnt meant to be. I would like to thank everyone who commented and helped me along the way, you dont know how much it meant to me xoxo
  3. Thank you so much!! I checked and it was 100% clove bud oil but I couldnt get internet connection in the store to comfirm it was ok to use. I will pick some up tomorrow.
  4. Thank you arcticmama and Bruce5. I do agree, I was going to pick up clove oil on my way home from work just in case but didnt have any luck. I checked pharmacies and grocery stores but only found clove bud oil. I dont believe that is what Im looking for. Now that I am home I can see Pierogi hasnt improved and I feel like he is suffering, I feel so helpless and sad for him :*( I will let you all know how the mext 24hours go.
  5. Hmm, I'm still undecided what to do. I think I'm going to see how he is doing when I get home. He was completely healthy and happy before the attack last week so I don't know if he's suffering from a bacterial infection that will be treated w the tetracycline or is it possible he has flukes?? I don't even know.....his immune system is certainly weakened at the moment and he took a turn for the worse 24 hrs ago. I feel so awful about this whole situation, poor little guy.
  6. Eep! I would love more input on this - should I treat for flukes just in case? Looking up on this, I can pick up some "parasite guard" tonight or tomorrow..Or what is everyone's favorite treatment option(aqua prazi? I just need something accessible and inexpensive right now!) I'm working late tonight and my nearest fish store closes an hour before I get off. I could probably take a bus down to Petsmart if the moderator feels that I should change treatment....
  7. Thanks Mikey. Ive downgraded Pierogi's tank to a 2.5gallon so I can treat him with tetracycline. I only have one packet left so I need to stretch it out this week until payday on Friday. Pierogi is looking a little red around the gills and withh the heavy breathings it sounds like bacterial gill disease??? Regardless if it isnt I would like to give it a try and see how he does. Wish me luck!
  8. Hello everyone! I have continued doing at least 50% water changes daily, Pierogi ate yesterday but hasnt eaten anything today, to be honest he is looking a bit rough at the moment Just when I was feeling super optimistic! He is swimming from corner to corner, not often, maybe just to get away from me, otherwise he seems to be relaxing himself so he is mainly laying to his side at the top of thr tank and appears to be breathing pretty rapidly. He is not gulping for air. I am a little worried about the salt bath we are suppose to do today, I think it might be wise to skip it? Thoughts? Here is a little clip of his breathing... http://youtu.be/dD4-W1GBHl0
  9. Thanks everyone! I just finished a 3% salt dip, little Pierogi did well,I removed her after 3mins once she could t right herself anymore. Also, the white patch Ive been monitoring must have been loose flesh since it was peeling off when I checked on her this morning, it has since fallen off. I will do another salt bath in 48 hours....
  10. The white, thin stringy bits are whats left of all of Piergos fins Her anal, pelvic and pectoral fins were all nearly torn off In my opinion theres just one area on her left side that seems abnormal, a white patch has formed..see above photos...Im keeping a very close eye on it. I will be starting the salt baths tomorrow Thank you Helen,
  11. Yes, exactly. Her poo looks totally normal. Se ate quite a bit yesterday and there was a normal bm in the bottom of the tank when I checked it first thing this morning.
  12. Here is a short video: <a href="http://youtu.be/Aseanfj6cjc"> She doesnt swim often but you can see her move a little and grab at some food....I will work on getting some good phitos of Pierogis u dersode for you. Ive been monitoring thr bruising, at least thats all I hope it is! Pierogis poo looks normal Looks like food.
  13. A few photos of the white patch on Pierogi's right side. A lot of her fins and flesh are quite thin, almost feathery, after been torn up so Im not 100% sure if its fungus. Hummmm. Otherwise I was wrong about her missing a pectoral fin!! Theyre both very thin and weak but she was swimming a little more, gaining strength, swam a depth of about 5 inches tonight Shes also continued to eat floating flaked food I have the filter running now, it is adapted so the current is weaker. Ive also left the lights off all this time.
  14. Hey shakaho!I filled my 5gallon home depot bucket eith room temp water and did as you instructed, here are the readings: Before pH: 6.4 1/4 tsp baking soda, stirred and let sit for 2-3mins just in case After Low range pH: 7.6 High range pH: 7.4 Update on Pierogi: I did a 100% water change with 1tsp per gallon AQ salt. I noticed that she appears to have some soft white fuzz on her side, argh likely a fungal infection due to trauma.....She ate a little bit of flaked food and took a hikari (softened) pelette in her mouth but spit it out Shes still pretty lethargic. Would you all recommend some kind of anti fungal medication or continue as is ?? Thanks a million!! Xxxx
  15. Thanks Alexloo I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about Pierogi's situation now, I just hope in the next few days he/she will perk up and eat something. I've held a bit of soilant green gel food just under water (without my fingers showing) right close to his/her head and even tried flaked food seeing how he/she's bobbing mostly at the top of the water without much success. I will keep you all up to date
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