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  1. Ok... since writing my above... literally since I began writing it, one member checked in and explained she used salt with PraziPro and her fish are happy and healthy, too much to discuss here her exact dosage. Although this does not answer the final question of the efficacy of adding salt it does not show any adverse affects of its use with PraziPro. I am just a reading and learning newby.
  2. After all this discussion, does anyone know what Lizam ended up doing or the results. I am just a newby, but this is the 2nd thread I have read in the past couple months where this topic has been discussed at length and the end usage and results was not shared by the originator of the thread. Is it here and I am not able to view it?
  3. I hope her fish are ok. Not sure when she returns from her trip.
  4. Very nice pics. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing these.
  5. Not sure if this was already posted but just wanted to share.
  6. Rosegold, I am a newby here and the only thing I have to offer is my support and crossing my fingers for Pierogi. I think all the members pitching in here is very nice.
  7. Thanks for posting the video. If I knew pet stores did that, I would have had the tank done there before I brought it home. I tried that method twice but it was not "perfect". So I am painting the glass today. Fingers crossed for perfect!
  8. I saw a video about this pump. I am still new to all of this so I am just getting down the basics. I only have 1 medium Oranda in a 55 gal... so not much poop. I use a 5 ft syphon into a bucket to get up the minimal poop and the python for my 50% water changes. I too am not fond of wasting water either and will look closer at this down the road. Great thread here.
  9. Great, Joey is definitely a male. Glad he is not a Jennifer (Nothing wrong with that name, LOL).
  10. It is beautiful. Is that back painted black? If so, what kind of paint and gloss/flat did you use?
  11. Ok guys, I will stick with what I have. My Dad always said, when in doubt, don't. Thanks .
  12. Thank you. I guess I could try it and see. The room has 2 large windows, so a lot of daylight, no direct sunlight. It is in my office at home. I get to watch my fish while I work. YAY! With all the daylight, I could also keep light on for a couple less hours if need be. Is this being a dumb newby or can some of this be personal preference?
  13. I have a 55 gal tank with no plants. (No CO2 not that I know what that does, lol). Currently I have a 48" Marineland advanced LED strip light. It says 37.7 watts and 7500K (cool). The 48" Fluval Sea/Marine and Reef LED is 59 w and it says 25000k (25000 does not seem right but that is what the box says. The color spectrum chart on both is fairly similar, the marine one has a little more blue. How would this affect algae and if algae increases would plants reduce algae it if it grows? Do any goldfish keepers use Marine lights?
  14. This is a very helpful thread. I have been wanting to add either a Ranchu or Ryukin with my single Oranda, Joey.
  15. Wow. I love the rimless top concept and minimalist outlook. Will be watching!
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