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  1. Labors of love... SMK... Labors of love.
  2. Joey's fins have exploded with growth... all are like fans... for my buddy Oranda. Pics will come before the big date. I bought a Mirimo ball for him to push around... It has lightened in color in a week. The people at Petco said it would not need ferts or that gas I do not know about in a cycled tank. I may be too new to tackle plants.. It seemed so cool. Does anyone know if this algae ball will not work with goldfish or if it needs ferts or gas or something to keep it alive?
  3. Thanks everybody. Jeze's is also appreciative of the compliments. Hey guys, I have not been over to that place. I have lived all over FL. I used to live in West Palm, Newport Ritchie, Sarasota ... and I used to live right off of Hillsborough Ave in Tampa as well. Now I live in Brandon which is a suburb of Tampa. I get over to St Pete, mainly for the beach.
  4. I was on many online sites where you could pay well over $100 for a fish. I could do that but I kinda realized that I would not get to see my fishie grow up and not learn her personality from early on. At Petco including tax, I paid a whopping $4.40. Her body is about 2 inches long and she is a little plump in the middle. Her other side has different colors and some gray in her face. She is not uniform in color whatsoever, almost like one fish swimming one direction and another fish when swimming the other. I love her already and soon it will be "Joey loves Jeze" Oh, Valentine's Day will be their first date. How appropriate.
  5. Meet Jeze, short for Jezebel. She is a baby Calico Ryukin. Her fins are flawless, sometimes the pics do not show this. She is happy and healthy. Both Joey and Jeze are getting all Prazi'd up for their first date. I imagine there will be a lot of changes in her colors as she gets older.
  6. Ok, so I am new to understanding fish behavior. Sometimes he swims a little sideways, like leaning.. maybe a little floaty. It seemed a little weird as I don't recall him doing that on his prior food. Joey and I (both) are open to trying new foods... lol. Since you know plants .. what would be a good plant that could withstand any possible medications or salt? I was looking at one called something like Wisteria? Edit: Is it proper etiquette to ask you questions on your blog or should I only ask on mine? haha
  7. Bruce5


    Great looking fish. Seem so healthy!
  8. Hi, Glad your fishies seem well. I have no clue on plants...lol. You had mentioned someone/group does not like Hikari. That is Joey's main staple. May I ask who they are and what there thoughts are?
  9. SMK not doing 100% wc every day... LOL. That's not the girl I know! Haha. Glad your water is in great condition and I am sure your babies love it!
  10. Computer fixed. Joey wrapping up Prazi soon. Jeze (short for Jezebel) starting 2nd round of Prazi. Used media from 2nd 110 from Joey's tank for the QT. Both tanks 0/0/0. Their first date coming shortly. SO EXCITED!!! Jeze and Joey pics coming this weekend. I will master Photobucket!
  11. I am so frustrated... I got Joey a girlfriend... I have updated pics of Joey and Jezebel,, AKA Jeze...Between my computer having problems and Photobucket and uploading to this site... Putting my computer in the shop... Both are doing well... I am a great ex-professional photographer Arrrrrhhhh!!!!
  12. 0/0/0, 50 % wc. Round 3 of Prazi. Joey is doing well.
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