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  1. I thought I would give you all a final update, since you have been so helpful!!! Our fish is healthy and doing wonderful!! We had a friend of ours come over and see what else we could do for the ammonia. He told us to give her a dose of erythromycin. We mentioned that we had given her Maracyn 2 but nothing happened. He asked if we removed the charcoal before we gave her the Maracyn 2, we said no, because we didn't know to do that! Know that we have removed the charcoal, thanks to all of you, the erythromycin did the trick! She has been clear of red spots for 2 weeks and her ammonia has been at 0!! I can never thank you all enough for helping us! I learned so much more about our fish, we learned how to take better care of her. She is now healthy and happy!! Thank you!!!
  2. okay, thank you!! before we do our next water change this week, I will give you those numbers so you can guide me. We too are finding out more is better.
  3. just shows I should have read the instructions first , it says the 2nd slot is for another filter or other media device! I will get more ceramic rings and put them there. thank you!
  4. Okay, so I took out the charcoal in my filters and it did it like the videos that lizam posted. I also put the ceramic rings in the filter that does not have the bio wheel. My question is, should I put some of the ceramic rings behind the bio wheel, or does the bio wheel work like the ceramic rings? right now, she is looking great and her ammonia is between 0-.25%. We think part might have been the filter that came with the new tank. It broke 2 days ago, we put in our older filter and her ammonia has been doing better, fingers crossed. Thank you!!
  5. I just figured it out, I put the ceramic balls in the mesh bag and put that in my filter correct? I watched the videos that lizam posted and am doing that tomorrow.
  6. fantailfan1, we are doing that tomorrow! What do I put in them? thank you everyone for you help and support!
  7. Okay, we only feed her once a day. My husband did a huge water change, we will add the aquarium salt. Just frustrating because we haven't had this problem before. I appreciate all your help. I do every suggestion you tell me too!
  8. My husband is going to do a water change this afternoon. These are the numbers this morning, all were taken on an API stick. GH-120, KH-80, PH-7.0, Nitrite-3, Nitrate-40
  9. We have been removing 30 - 40% of her water every day. I don't know what else to add to the water. We have never had this problem up until 3 weeks ago.
  10. UPDATE: Before we left last weekend, we did a 100% water change, her ammonia was at 0. She was not fed for 2 days, when we came home her ammonia was at .50%, I put in some Prime and it went down. She looked much better when we came home. We have continued to battle with her ammonia all week. We are only feeding her once a day. Today her ammonia was at 1.0%, I put more Prime in. Today the redness has started to come back. Is there something else we could be battling with? Thank you!
  11. Thank you all very much!! Our ammonia is right around .25 - .50. We are giving her a 100% water change tonight before we leave in the morning. I will check out the videos when I get back. Thank you!!!!
  12. I understand what you are saying, is there a picture of how you set up the mesh bag, I am not getting a picture in my head
  13. thank you so much!!! We will do this, it will save money!! If I wanted to replace the carbon, how much would I put in? So my understanding is that the live bacteria lives on the filter and not in the carbon? I appreciate you all answering all my questions and guiding me to a healthy fish again!!!
  14. Shakaho, I saw your post just before I left for work, I was able to put in the old filter of the tank that is shown. I cleaned it off like you said. The other filter was unuseable. Right now, I just have the one filter in the tank, but will be putting the other one in tonight, it will have a new filter. Fantailfan1, my cartridge is the blue one. Yes, it has carbon in it. How do I remove the old carbon and put new carbon in? I appreciate all your help!! I feel more confident leaving this weekend knowing she will be okay. My husband is going to do a 100% water change tomorrow night, so she will be all set with clean water while we are gone. Her redness is disappearing the bloody streaks in her tail are gone! When we get this under control, how often and how much should we change the water? In the past, we just did about a 50% every 1 1/2 weeks.
  15. that is exactly what we have. Thank you, I had no idea that we just rinse off the crud and put it back in!! How often can you reuse a filter? How long does it take to get the good bacteria on a new filter?
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