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  1. Today, out of the blue, my goldfish started to show signs of dropsy. Extremely bloated and pinecone scales. This is the saddest day of my life and I know it's hard to save her.. But is there anything I can do or is it too late? [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22] [emoji22]
  2. I've read through it and the only thing I wasn't doing was the gravel. I'll fix it and thanks for the help!
  3. I have 2 extra 20 gallons and one 40 gallon. I quarantined the new fish in 2 separate 20 gallons
  4. Hey guys.. I went to the pet store again.. I saw 4 tiny baby feeder fish and took them home because they were just maybe a half an inch big. One of them is in really bad condition. Do you think he'll live? He hasn't been moving and is just floating around but when touched he'll rapidly swim away.
  5. Thank you! I only named the calico. His name is Dr. Fury because he has one black eye which makes it seem like an eyepatch [emoji1]
  6. Aww, thank you everybody!! Such a nice community. ????
  7. I recently went to a pet store and saw some poor Ryukin goldfish stuffed into a tiny tank. I rescued two of them and one of them have black tainted fins. I'm not sure if they're ammonia burns or just the goldfish changing colors since pictures online of ammonia burns seem pretty brutal and not as clean-looking as these. The other goldfish has red gills but I'm not sure if these are ammonia burns or just his gills showing through his really transparent skin. Please help! Let me know if they're ammonia burns and if they are how can I treat them?
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