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  1. Got bored on a Sunday so I made a video of the goldfish swimming around - kinda long (and very bad) but thought I'd post up. I'm using it also as a point of reference for hopefully many years later when they are much older
  2. Bit late now but there's a guy who is the importer in NZ who has a website and sells it in NZ. Maybe you could try and get it from him?
  3. Finally getting around to posting pictures of my setup after years of not keeping goldfish. Found this tank at the store after moving to New Zealand and giving up hope of having my dream tank - but there it was on a casual visit to the store! 220L with a 60L sump and a 3600L/hr pump I got my two Shamu's from a LFS they were so big and beautiful I couldn't resist - and cramped in tiny tanks with many other goldfish - apparently both about 3 years old - they also came with shocking care advice... The orange Shamu has already had some wen growth since going into the tank. Anyway here's some pictures
  4. I mentioned that to my partner and he checked it out and turns out it is a UV light and I did some research that says you should limit goldfish exposure to it as it can damage their eyes. Hmm
  5. Quick question; My tank setup came with a light; it's basically LED strips they have the usual white and then a separate switch for UV light (it's purple so I'm assuming that's what it is) the tank I'm pretty sure was meant for a marine setup. My question is; does this have any benefit to my goldfish? Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys, I thought as much - when I got in the car my boyfriend thought I was clueless about goldfish for disagreeing about what she said haha...and his family thinks I'm mad and believe in the old quarter a week water change mentality
  7. Hey guys, old member back again after many years having just started keeping goldfish again. I bought two beautiful big fantails yesterday from my lfs about 3 years old according to the resident goldfish expert and she told me a few things that I thought were...interesting and wanted to know your opinion about. 1. Big goldfish don't do well with big water changes, try to do only 10-15% a week or per day if you want to remove a huge amount of water. 2. Don't test your water all the time. Your nitrates will be high, just deal with it. She said "I used to go nuts trying to get them under control now I just leave them". 3. Keep the water salty - if you can't taste the salt in the water it's not doing its job. 4. Having big guys like this is great you can see the red streaking when they're stressed more easy. Note: one had streaking through her tail for the past 4 weeks I have been looking at her when I go in. She did mention about this particular one having it already. Correct me if I'm wrong but I always thought that yes, it's a sign of stress but also of poor water quality? So obviously I don't agree with the water changes - the salt I'm partial to as some people do keep their goldfish in salty water. I tested the water they came in and the pH was 6.0 and nitrates off the scale! But I acclimatized them to my new tank slowly. Now they are happy little munchkins. They were very cramped in their previous home. I'm just amazed at how big they are! But one does appear to be an oranda with very little wen growth. I'm glad she wsa passionate about her goldfish though I must admit and when I was able to get in that I have a 220L tank with a 60L sump that pumps 3600L per hour she seemed to calm down so maybe she's pretty tired of selling goldfish to people who don't care. Anyway - curious of your opinions!
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